2014 BMW i3

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Dec 13, 13
BMW i3 Electronaut Edition in the works - report
BMW is reportedly preparing to launch an i3 Electronaut Edition. It could have an exclusive paint job and special equipment.
Dec 06, 13
Tesla Chief Designer says the BMW i3 is like a piece of IKEA furniture
Tesla must be feeling the pressure from the BMW i3 as the company's chief designer, Franz von Holzhausen, has likened the model to a piece of IKEA furniture.
Nov 27, 13
BMW i3 gets only a four star rating in Euro NCAP crash tests [videos]
The 2014 BMW i3 managed to obtain only a four star rating in Euro NCAP's crash tests.
Nov 15, 13
BMW officially enters the electric era as the first i3s are delivered
BMW is about to find out if their electric gamble is going to pay off as the company has just delivered the first i3s to German customers.
Oct 15, 13
BMW i3 preorders exceed expectations, production could be increased
BMW is currently analyzing the prospects of increasing i3 production after a high number of preorders which have exceeded the company's expectations.
Sep 19, 13
2014 BMW i3 production starts in Leipzig
BMW has announced production of the 2014 i3 electric / hybrid has started in Leipzig, Germany.
Jul 29, 13
2014 BMW i3 officially unveiled
BMW has officially unveiled the 2014 i3 at a series of simultaneous events in New York, London and Beijing.
Jul 23, 13
2014 BMW i3 leaks to the web
The first pictures of the 2014 BMW i3 have leaked to the web, ahead of its debut on July 29th.
Jul 22, 13
BMW i3 officially priced in U.K., Germany, U.S.
BMW has announced the i3 will cost 25,680 GBP (including 5,000 GBP government grant) once it goes on sale this October in UK. In Germany deliveries start in November from 34,950 EUR. In U.S it will be...
Jul 10, 13
2014 BMW i3 full specifications released
BMW has released complete details about the upcoming i3 which will be revealed on July 29.
Jul 08, 13
BMW i3 returns in more spy shots
The BMW i3 has been spied once again ahead of an official launch programmed for July 29.
Jul 01, 13
2014 BMW i3 teased, debuts on July 29th [video]
BMW has released the first teaser video of the 2014 i3. It will be unveiled on July 29th.
Jun 12, 13
BMW already has 100,000 requests for an i3 test drive - report
The 2014 BMW i3 won't be unveiled until the Frankfurt Motor Show, but that hasn't stopped the company from receiving a "significant numbers of deposits" and nearly 100,000 requests for a test drive.
Apr 30, 13
BMW i3 buyers to receive extra perks like home fast-charging system installation
BMW is making significant efforts to lure clients into buying the i3 which will be available as an electric vehicle and also with a range-extending engine.
Mar 19, 13
BMW promises ten all-new models by the end of 2014
BMW has confirmed plans to launch ten all-new models by the end of 2014. This likely includes the 2-Series Coupe / Convertible, 4-Series Coupe / Convertible / Gran Coupe, i3 and i8.
Mar 04, 13
BMW's cure for range anxiety? Give i3 owners a proper BMW
Range anxiety has been blamed for limited sales of electric vehicles, but BMW appears to have found a cure as they are promising to let i3 owners have a conventionally-powered BMW on a "given number o...
Feb 26, 13
BMW releases official spy photos of the i3
BMW has decided to give our spy photographers a break as they have released several new pictures of an i3 prototype undergoing cold weather testing.
Feb 07, 13
BMW i3 with range-extending engine specs announced
BMW has revealed partial specifications for the BMW i3 fitted with the range-extending engine.
Jan 21, 13
BMW exec confirms a range-extended engine for the i3 - report
BMW has always hinted at the possibility of adding a range-extending engine to the i3 and the company's head of research and development has just confirmed it.
Dec 19, 12
BMW i3 spied with new range-extending engine
Our spies have already caught the BMW i3 on numerous occasions, but now they have managed to snap the first photos of the range-extended REx variant.
Feb 09, 12
BMW i3 MegaCity Vehicle spied winter testing
This latest prototype is still wearing a large amount of camouflage that is doing its best to hide the aerodynamic and styling lines across its bodywork.
Nov 25, 11
BMW looking for new ways to sell i sub-brand cars
BMW's U.K. boss says the automaker is considering using a mobile sales force for the i sub-brand that can more flexibly address customer needs.
Sep 15, 11
BMW i3 & i8 concepts debut in Frankfurt [video]
BMW's eco-friendly future is inching closer to reality as the company has unveiled the i3 and i8 concepts.
Sep 06, 11
BMW i3 to be priced below 40,000 euros - cheaper than the Opel Ampera
BMW CEO says the i3 urban-dwelling electric compact car will be priced cheaper than a 5-Series in Germany.
Aug 12, 11
BMW i3 and i8 concepts spied live in Chicago on a photoshoot [videos]
BMW is prepping the i3 and i8 concept vehicles for a full-on introduction at the Frankfurt show next month
Aug 09, 11
BMW i3 and i8 in motion [video]
Video shows the i3 compact city car and the i8 highly-efficient supercar driving the streets for the first time.
Jul 29, 11
BMW i8 and i3 concepts revealed [videos]
BMW-i brand is introduced with the first two vehicles which will make up its lineup when it launches in 2013.
May 17, 11
New details emerge on BMW i3 MegaCity vehicle
Electric BMW i3 MegaCity will have a range of over 250 km (160 miles) and a top speed of around 160 km/h (100 mph).
Mar 08, 11
BMW i3 MegaCity vehicle first spy photos in Scandinavia
These are the very first photos of the new BMW i3 caught during the filming of BMW-TV production in Scandinavia.
Feb 28, 11
BMW aims for 30,000 unit sales per year for the i3
Premium automaker wants to make the new 'i' sub-brand a volume marque for electric vehicles.