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Oct 28, 13
In-depth video tours with production McLaren P1
These are the first in-depth video tours with a production McLaren P1, only several days after the supercar started to arrive at its rightful owners.
Jun 18, 13
McLaren P1 could get full carbon fiber option - report
McLaren is reportedly taking into consideration offering a full carbon fiber option for the P1 supercar.
Jun 13, 13
Photo appreciation: McLaren P1 pre-production
Today we bring a small photo gallery of two pre-production McLaren P1s. The car will be shown next month at Goodwood Festival of Speed.
Jun 07, 13
McLaren P1 arrives in United States [video]
The McLaren P1 has landed in United States at the firm's dealership in Newport Beach, California.
May 24, 13
McLaren still aims sub-seven minute lap for P1 at Nurburgring
McLaren still wants the P1 to lap the Nürburgring Nordschleife in less than seven minutes.
Apr 16, 13
McLaren P1 'online interactive experience' arriving in May [video]
McLaren announced on its official Facebook account an "online interactive experience" with the P1 is due next month.
Apr 04, 13
McLaren P1 to make dynamic debut at Goodwood Festival of Speed
McLaren has announced plans of bringing the 2013 P1 production version at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.
Mar 08, 13
Ron Dennis says McLaren P1 will lap Nordschleife in less than 7 minutes [video]
Ron Dennis made some bold statements this week in Geneva during the presentation of the McLaren P1.
Mar 05, 13
McLaren P1 completes long awaited arrival
The extremely long road towards the P1's arrival has ended as McLaren publicly unveiled today its F1 successor at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show.
Mar 04, 13
McLaren P1 video recorded at Geneva Motor Show
This P1 footage was recorded at McLaren's stand at the Geneva Motor Show while the staff was getting ready for the car's public launch tomorrow.
Feb 26, 13
McLaren P1 officially revealed, full details inside
McLaren has officially revealed the P1 production version, ahead of the car's debut scheduled for next week in Geneva.
Feb 26, 13
This is the McLaren P1 production version
The first official images with the 2013 McLaren P1 production version have surfaced the web ahead of the supercar's debut set for next week in Geneva.
Feb 21, 13
Ferrari 458 Spider chases McLaren P1 [video]
The driver of a Ferrari 458 Spider decided to "stalk" a McLaren P1 on its way back to the McLaren Technology Center.
Feb 20, 13
McLaren P1 confirmed with 916 HP
McLaren has confirmed the P1's hybrid powertrain will be able to produce 916 HP (674 kW).
Feb 14, 13
McLaren P1 concept photo appreciation in Bahrain
GFWilliams was asked by McLaren to do a photo shoot with the upcoming P1 supercar.
Feb 12, 13
McLaren reveals P1 interior
McLaren has published three photos with the P1's minimalist interior cabin which features a "shrink wrapped" design theme.
Feb 06, 13
McLaren P1 digital dash revealed - production version confirmed for Geneva debut [video]
McLaren has confirmed the production version of the P1 will debut in Geneva next month. Digital dash revealed.
Jan 24, 13
McLaren shows the P1 in motion [video]
McLaren has released video footage with a P1 prototype, ahead of an official unveiling slated for later this year.
Jan 22, 13
McLaren P1 filmed in Beverly Hills [video]
A YouTube user was able to record footage with a McLaren P1 in Beverly Hills while it was being airlifted to the SLS hotel.
Jan 19, 13
McLaren P1 limited to 500 units, to cost around 1.2M USD
McLaren organized a private showing of the production-ready P1 in Beverly Hills where they revealed more details about the supercar.
Dec 24, 12
McLaren P1 production version previewed at private event [video]
During a private event McLaren revealed a preview for the P1 production version scheduled to come out sometime next year.
Nov 06, 12
McLaren P1 spied with less camouflage
These are the latest spy photos of the upcoming McLaren P1. The production version should be out towards the end of next year.
Sep 27, 12
McLaren P1 debuts in Paris, late 2013 launch confirmed [video]
At its first presence at an international motor show, McLaren has brought the P1 concept.