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May 26, 15
Porsche 911 goes to a paint shop, goes out with misspelled logo
A Porsche 911 owner has been unpleasantly surprised when he took his car to a paint shop in Dubai
Apr 24, 15
Man finds seven bundles of cash hidden in his recently purchased used car
An American driver has found a surprising gift in his recently purchased second-hand Jeep
Apr 23, 15
Chinese woman buys new BMW with small change, employees count for six hours
A Chinese customer has bought a brand new luxury BMW making the payment with small change
Apr 13, 15
Drunk woman wanders into traffic, cars almost hit her vehicle [video]
A popular new YouTube video shows an intoxicated woman wandering and relieving herself on the I-15 highway in San Diego
Jan 08, 15
DMC Lamborghini Aventador photographed with a giant teddy bear on the roof in China
A Lamborghini Aventador tuned by DMC has been recently spotted in the city of Dalian, China, wearing a giant teddy bear on its roof
Dec 19, 14
Indian Fiat owner has been driving his car backwards since 2003 [video]
A funny new video shows us a man in India that has been driving his old Fiat backwards since 2003
Dec 16, 14
Tractor Girl finishes 2500 km ice-journey at the South Pole [videos]
Manon Osservoort or Tractor Girl has reached the South Pole after a 2,500 km (1,550 miles) ice-journey with the Antarctica2 expedition
Nov 15, 14
Crazy truck driver makes U-turn on busy UK highway [video]
A truck driver in the United Kingdom has been filmed while making an illegal U-turn on the M6 Toll
Nov 10, 14
Angry Italian destroys his own Fiat 500 after it failed to start
It was only last week when Consumer Reports named the Fiat 500 L the least reliable car on sale today and now we have the living proof for that
Oct 28, 14
UK's 'nightmare' car has the engine of BMW M5 and the suspension of Audi RS6
UK-based company Warranty Direct has revealed which is the UK’ “nightmare” car
Oct 24, 14
First Koenigsegg One:1 registered in Germany causes a computer glitch
The first production Koenigsegg One:1 has arrived in Germany and has caused a computer glitch in the country’s car registration system
Oct 13, 14
Volvo Amazon owner claims he has the fastest car in Britain
TV host and racing driver Guy Martin has claimed his 1967 Volvo is the fastest car in the UK
Oct 09, 14
Neiman Marcus is offering a $300,000 slot car track [video]
If the Neiman Marcus Maserati Ghibli S Q4 didn't quite tickle your automotive fancy, perhaps this $300,000 (€236,565) slot car track will do the trick.
Oct 07, 14
Ferrari F430 Spider used as delivery vehicle in Melbourne
A red Ferrari F430 Spider delivery car has been spotted on the streets of Melbourne, Australia
Oct 04, 14
The average Bugatti owner has 84 cars, 3 jets and one yacht
Wolfgang Durheimer, Bugatti and Bentley CEO and president, has recently commented that the average Bugatti owner has a quite expensive car collection
Aug 27, 14
'Drive-in Brothel' hailed a success in Switzerland
Switzerland is known for their banks and chocolate but their new 'sex drive thru' is being hailed as a success following a yearlong experiment.
Aug 21, 14
Audi welcomes Tesla in Hamburg through a billboard
Audi has surprisingly welcomed Tesla in the city of Hamburg, Germany
Aug 20, 14
Man drives his car into pool as flip flops get tangled [video]
A man from Los Angeles, believed to be in his 80s, has accidentally driven his car into a swimming pool after getting his sandals tangled up in the pedals
Aug 20, 14
15-year-old boy gets brand new Pagani Huayra as a birthday gift
A stunning brand new yellow Pagani Huayra has been delivered to what is believed to be the youngest Pagani owner in the world
Aug 19, 14
Moneyless student lives in old Ford Focus for a year
A penniless student from Texas, the USA, was forced to sleep in his old Ford Focus sedan from first generation for a whole year
Aug 14, 14
Lincoln tries to hide the old people smell with new dealership perfume
Lincoln has announced some of their dealerships will feature an original scent called the "Essence of Lincoln."
Aug 05, 14
Driverless Infiniti Q50 hits 100 km/h on the highway [video]
In a new YouTube video, the driver of a new Infiniti Q50S Hybrid lets his car drive itself on a highway in Austria at a constant speed of 100 km/h (62 mph)
Jul 11, 14
TomTom names most traffic-jammed cities in the world
Amsterdam-based traffic and navigation services company TomTom has announced results from its annual global traffic survey
May 30, 14
Nervous man throws a rock at black Lamborghini Aventador [video]
We have no idea what caused the man from the video above to do it, but he threw a rock on a moving Lamborghini Aventador
May 18, 14
Former F1 star drives A1 GP race car on public roads [video]
Jos Verstappen, a former Formula 1 driver for Minardi, Ford and etc., drove an FA1 racecar (former A1 GP) through the traffic in the city of Lelystad, the Netherlands
May 18, 14
Pink lady-friendly parking spots in Seoul
The Metropolitan Government of Seoul, South Korea, started an ambitious project to turn the capital into a more female-friendly place
May 16, 14
Little kid takes Ferrari 458 Italia for a ride in Libya [video]
The Fast and Furious YouTube channel has uploaded a rather controversial video, in which a young boy takes a red Ferrari 458 Italia for a spin in a dirt filled empty lot somewhere in Libya
May 14, 14
Cartoon review: What it's like to own a Tesla Model S?
If you ask any competent auto site, blog, newspaper or magazine what the Tesla Model S is, you will probably be told this is an all-electric high-performance luxury sedan from the USA
May 10, 14
Enter the amazing world of RC cranes and trucks [video]
This crazy video by YouTuber Tom Bikonkav takes us into the world of mini RC cranes, trucks and other specialized machines
Apr 24, 14
Ferrari FF spotted carrying lumber in Virginia
The Ferrari FF is best known for its impressive driving experience, offering a potent 6.3-liter V12 engine and 0-100 km/h (0-60 mph) acceleration in 3.7 seconds