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Apr 17, 15
Alpha Phoenix unveiled, based on the Mercedes G63 AMG
Based on the Mercedes G63 AMG, the Phoenix has been stretched by 45 centimeters (17.7 inches) and features a luxurious rear passenger compartment with two individual rear seats.
Apr 16, 15
LARTE Design unveils their Tesla Model S at Top Marques Monaco
LARTE Design has unveiled their new styling program for the Tesla Model S at Top Marques Monaco.
Apr 16, 15
Toroidion 1MW concept electrifies Top Marques Monaco with 1,341 bhp
After a teaser published in February, Finnish specialty marque Toroidion has unveiled the 1MW electric concept at 2015 Top Marques Monaco.
Feb 09, 15
Larte Design previews their Tesla Model S
Larte Design has announced plans to introduce their new tuning program for the Tesla Model S at Top Marques Monaco.
May 19, 14
Tushek&Spigel TS 600 unveiled with 620 PS
Tushek&Spigel Supercars has quietly unveiled their new TS 600 at Top Marques Monaco.
Feb 10, 14
David Brown Automotive teases their first car, will be based on the Jaguar XKR
David Brown Automotive has released the first teaser images of their upcoming sports car.
Apr 19, 13
Mazzanti Evantra V8 unveiled at 2013 Top Marques Monaco
Mazzanti Automobili has finally revealed the production version of the Evantra V8 at 2013 Top Marques Monaco.
Oct 01, 12
TopCar Porsche 911 Carrera 4 / 4S previewed
TopCar has released the first details about their upcoming styling package for the Porsche 911 Carrera 4 and 4S.
May 29, 12
Alfa Romeo 12C GTS Concept by Ugur Sahin previewed [video]
As their Anadi build design moves into limited production, Dutch specialty coachworks and design firm, Ugur Sahin Design, has sent WCF a rendered preview of their next project, the Alfa Romeo C12 GTS ...
Apr 24, 12
Pam Anderson visits Gemballa at Top Marques show in Monaco [video]
Hollywood glamour girl Pamela Anderson made an appearance at the Top Marques show in Monaco for German tuning company Gemballa on Sunday.
Feb 16, 12
Savage Rivale GTR headed to Top Marques Monaco
Based on the Roadyacht GTS, the GTR is a high-performance coupe which has a top speed in excess of 360 km/h (224 mph).
Dec 06, 11
Dartz Jo-Mojo revealed [video]
Gray Design has released the first renderings of the Dartz Jo-Mojo. It is an electric roadster with aggressive styling and a sunroof-like cover.
Apr 14, 11
USD Soleil Anadi teased for Top Marques Monaco
Based on the Corvette Z03 concept, the Soleil Anandi has an aggressive styling and a center-mounted four-tailpipe exhaust system.
Apr 13, 11
Melkus RS 2000 GT and GTS set for Monaco debut
Specialty German marque Melkus will bring the lightweight sport coupe RS2000 GT and GTS models to the Top Marques show in Monaco next weekend.
Mar 31, 11
Spada Codatronca Monza leaked
Official information is still pending, but the CM is reportedly based on the Corvette Z06 and features a supercharged 7.0-liter V8 engine with 700 PS (515 kW / 690 hp).
Mar 23, 11
SVS Codatronca Monza coming to Top Marques Monaco
Spada Vetture Sport has announced plans to introduce the new Codatronca Monza at Top Marques Monaco.
Apr 07, 09
PPI R8 Razor GTR to Make Final Production Debut at Top Marques Show
The production version of the PPI R8 Razor GTR will make its debut at the Top Marques Show in Monaco on April 16. Carbon fiber has been used extensively to achieve lower overall body mass and improve ...