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Apr 09, 14
BMW Driving Experience visits icy Sweden, teaches how to control M3s [video]
The Driving Experience program of BMW features a lot of events, trying to teach owners of M Power cars how to use them right.
Feb 09, 12
Chris Harris drives new Toyota GT-86 [video]
The new Toyota GT-86 is measuring up to be an exciting car and as a result, You Tube's DRIVE channel test car specialist Chris Harris went out of his way to get just 20 minutes of seat time.
Jul 18, 11
BMW M3 GTS vs. Porsche 911 GT3 RS by Fifth Gear [video]
The two GT racers with exactly the same output go up against each other in a track challenge.
Apr 06, 11
Consumer Reports hammers the U.S.-market VW Jetta
Premiere U.S. consumer magazine calls the new Jetta "a shadow of the agile, well-finished car it once was."
Jul 01, 08
New VW Gol Aims To Keep And Expand Its Leadership
Built over the PQ24 platform, the new vehicle leads in Brazil and plans to conquer new countries.
May 23, 08
Porsche 993 Turbo Re-tuned by 9ff Test Drive
Even the most savage modern car sounds smooth, honed, tuned, this thing sounded like it was firing nails through the block and would probably bite your face off in a bar fight.
Mar 12, 08
2008 Range Rover Sport Supercharged Test Drive
Despite selling out a little with this mass-market, watered down version of the great Land Rovers of years gone by, the badge doesn't seem to have suffered one bit.
Feb 22, 08
Pagani Zonda F Roadster Test Drive
...it was just another day when you're driving a bright orange Pagani Zonda F Roadster.
Feb 08, 08
WCF Test Drive: Cargraphic Porsche 911 Turbo
With the gentle added push through the whole range this car feels like it would leave a confused and befuddle Turbo driver in its dust in a straight line and as a speck in the mirror on the twisting r...
Dec 21, 07
Mercedes C 63 AMG Test Drive
So quite what those folks will make of the 457bhp Mercedes C63 AMG is anyone's guess, but when it arced round the second gear hairpin at Paul Ricard in a cloud of acrid tyre smoke with the back end hu...
Dec 19, 07
Inside Line Tests Nissan GTR: 0-60mph in 3.3 sec!
Despite attempts at objectivity, the petrol-head junkie within can't help but reinsert eyeballs back into its sockets as Inside Line reports 0 - 60 mph in a pavement cracking 3.3 seconds and quarter-m...
Nov 30, 07
WCF Test Drive: Carlsson Aigner CK65 RS 'Eau Rouge'
This is a Maybach for those that aren't yet ready for the chauffeur driven life. It's opulent, outrageously flamboyant and as clear an indication of wealth as a solid gold house.
Nov 23, 07
Bentley Continental GT Speed Test Drive
For the traditional Bentley man that would be the way they'd like it, but the Continental GT is not a traditional Bentley, it's part of the new breed of new money, new looks and new attitude.
Nov 16, 07
WCF Test Drive: Porsche Carrera 4S
We asked a lot of our steed as we hunted for a de-restricted Autobahn to truly unleash the full 355bhp and chase the horizon like bloodthirsty devil dogs.
Nov 09, 07
Hartge H50 V10 Coupe Test Drive
With a track to play on, the H50 V10 could have neatly toasted its rear tyres in the space of minutes in a full orgy of opposite lock, obscene speeds and ear-splitting noise.
Nov 02, 07
Nothelle Audi TT Test Drive
It might not be able to cure an infection, or even slice bread, but the base TT was one of the big headline grabbers of recent times and Nothelle has only made it better.
Oct 12, 07
Cargraphic GT3 RSC 4.0 Test Drive
Dunlop tailored its SportMaxx GT tyres to the car, too, presenting Cargraphic with so much grip that mountain goats would nod their heads in approval.
Oct 05, 07
Mercedes C-Class Estate and C 63 AMG Test Drive (UK)
For: Superb performance, impeccable handling, race-proven quality engineering, distinctive AMG styling, option of Saloon and Estate models, competitive prices. Against: Sports setting provides a ride...
Sep 21, 07
Edo Porsche 997 Shark Test Drive
It felt like the start of a catastrophic moment, before the genius of this simple conversion kicked in at the same time as the Deep Blue-style Porsche computers.
Aug 31, 07
Edo Competition Maserati MC12 Corse Test Drive
Seeing it was good, but driving it, well this might just be the ultimate test drive of the fastest weapon on the road today.
Aug 17, 07
MTM RTT Test Drive
Fewer cars have launched to a larger fanfare than the Audi R8, with a presidential-style tour of the world followed by a new religion formed at the hands of the motoring press. But take the lowly TT V...
Aug 10, 07
RUF 3400 K Cayman Test Drive
...the 25th Anniversary Edition 3400K marks a new direction for Ruf, a move to the lower end of the market with a car that costs just €75,000 for the Cayman based creation.
Aug 03, 07
TechArt 997 GT Street Test Drive
...despite the lairy green colour scheme and brooding sense of violence, this is actually the most sophisticated machine to emerge from the Leonberg firm.
Jul 20, 07
Lexus GS 450h Test Drive
The reality is that going green generally involves some form of hardship, from rooting through your rubbish to separate plastics, waiting in driving rain for that bus or driving a car that looks like ...
Jul 13, 07
Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet Test Drive
The loss that once marked the Cabriolet out as the hairdresser's choice is now only on paper, a theoretical margin we never get to explore.
Jul 06, 07
Cargraphic Q7 Test Drive
All these small steps combine to transform the Q7 from a woolly and frankly overweight brick of jello in the bends into a precise tool.
Jun 29, 07
Caparo T1 Test Drive
A Formula One car for the road
Jun 15, 07
HAMANN Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Test Drive
Even Lamborghini calls this car the Devil of the line-up, whereas the Gallardo is the 'lady'. It's a beautifully apt description and Lamborghini lost six out of 10 press demonstrators as this four-whe...
Jun 08, 07
Test Drive: TechArt Widebody
With its haunches blown-up like a racehorse, those vicious fangs and a rear wing that belongs in a young child's imagination, the TechArt Widebody could easily serve as the villain's transport in some...