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May 22, 15
Opel Adam gets new automated manual gearbox
Opel has announced their Adam model is receiving an Easytronic 3.0 automated manual gearbox
May 18, 15
Mitsubishi introduces their new Android-based infotainment system
Mitsubishi Electric has introduced their new Android-based FLEXConnect infotainment system in a Cadillac prototype.
May 18, 15
Mercedes introduces their MB Companion App for the Apple Watch
Mercedes has unveiled their new MB Companion App for the Apple Watch.
May 15, 15
Google's self driving cars will hit the street this summer [video]
Google has announced their autonomous driving prototypes have progressed far enough that the company will begin testing a handful of them on the roads outside their headquarters in Mountain View, Cali...
May 15, 15
Next generation Peugeot 508 getting self-driving technology
Peugeot has disclosed plans to implement self-driving features on the next generation 508.
May 12, 15
BMW 1-Series, 2-Series, 3-Series, 4-Series and X5 get new engines, upgrades for other models
BMW has announced a massive model upgrade that will be effective from the summer of this year
May 10, 15
Volkswagen introduces high-performance 3-cylinder 1.0 engine with 272 PS
Following the new twin-turbo 6.0-liter W12 TSI engine, Volkswagen has also revealed a new 1.0-liter TSI unit at the Vienna Motor Symposium
May 05, 15
Volkswagen unveils their Apple Watch app
Volkswagen of America has introduced their new app for the Apple Watch.
May 05, 15
Porsche working on cornering cruise control
Porsche is reportedly developing a new advanced cornering cruise control that can reduce fuel consumption with up to 10 percent
Apr 28, 15
Audi Matrix Laser headlights announced
Audi has announced the development of new Matrix Laser headlights.
Apr 24, 15
Renault-Nissan CEO says fully autonomous cars are at least a decade away
Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn has revealed new details about his company's plan autonomous driving systems.
Apr 24, 15
BMW & Porsche unveil their apps for Apple Watch
BMW and Porsche have unveiled their new apps for the Apple Watch.
Apr 22, 15
Mercedes-Benz says autonomous technology is imminent, could debut on 2016 E-Class
Mercedes-Benz used the word "imminent" when talking about the launch of their autonomous driving technology.
Apr 14, 15
Valeo says electric supercharger can cut fuel consumption by up to 20%; almost eliminate lag
French automotive supplier Valeo is providing additional details on the upcoming electric supercharger technology.
Apr 13, 15
BMW shows off OLED taillights of M4 Iconic Lights concept [video]
BMW has released a new video featuring the OLED taillights fitted onto the M4 Iconic Lights concept.
Apr 12, 15
Study says autonomous vehicles will increase risk of motion sickness
A study conducted by the students of University of Michigan says autonomous vehicles will increase the risks of motion sickness.
Apr 11, 15
Ford gets patent for 11-speed automatic gearbox
Ford has been granted with a patent for an 11-speed automatic transmission which could find its way inside a model sooner or later.
Apr 10, 15
Audi A7 piloted driving concept tackles the Autobahn [video]
Germany's Minister of Transport, Alexander Dobrindt, has taken a test drive in an Audi A7 piloted driving concept.
Apr 10, 15
MINI Augmented Vision technology to debut in Shanghai
MINI has announced plans to introduce their Augmented Vision concept at the Shanghai Motor Show.
Apr 06, 15
Audi highlights their autonomous driving tech, says it will learn as it drives
Audi has revealed some new details about their autonomous driving system.
Apr 05, 15
Mercedes-AMG says they will embrace autonomous vehicle tech
The newly established Mercedes-AMG division will eventually offer models featuring autonomous driving technology.
Apr 03, 15
China’s first ever 3D printed car unveiled, looks shoddy [video]
The first 3D printed car from China has been recently unveiled after a five-day printing process.
Mar 26, 15
Mercedes takes a look back at their original autonomous driving system
Autonomous driving systems are all the rage these days but might surprise you to learn that Mercedes first starting developing the technology 30 years ago.
Mar 26, 15
Toyota reveals new TNGA global arhitecture
Toyota has unveiled the new TNGA global vehicle platform
Mar 24, 15
BMW highlights the predictive gear shift technology in 1-Series [video]
BMW has released a new video in which the company showcases the predictive gear shift technology in the facelifted 1-Series
Mar 20, 15
2016 Chevy Malibu getting Teen Driver system for parents to keep an eye on their kids [video]
Chevrolet has released a new video about the 2016 Malibu, this time talking about a new system called Teen Driver.
Mar 19, 15
Nissan introduces 190 HP 1.6-liter turbo petrol engine for Pulsar
Nissan has launched a 1.6-liter turbo unit for the Pulsar model
Mar 18, 15
Elon Musk says human driving will eventually be banned
Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk declared during a tech industry conference this week that human driving will eventually be outlawed.
Mar 16, 15
Delphi's autonomous Audi S Q5 will embark on a coast-to-coast trip [video]
Delphi has announced plans to conduct the "longest automated drive ever attempted in North America."
Mar 13, 15
Opel is developing headlights that shine where you look
Opel has announced they are developing a new generation of adaptive headlights that shine where the driver is looking.