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Jan 22, 15
Cadillac details CT6 manufacturing process; rumored to debut on March 31 [video]
Cadillac has released details about how the CT6 flagship model will be built. Rumored to debut on March 31.
Jan 20, 15
Jaguar Land Rover shows off their Bike Sense safety system [video]
Jaguar Land Rover has unveiled their new Bike Sense system which warns drivers about nearby bicycles and motorcycles.
Jan 15, 15
Audi dealers to use virtual reality to help customers configure their cars
Audi has announced plans to begin using virtual reality to give customers an "unprecedentedly realistic way" to view their cars months before they are built.
Jan 14, 15
BMW announces new engines for 2-Series, 3-Series and 4-Series, upgrades for 5-Series, M3/M4 and i8
BMW has announced additional engines and equipment options will be available for a wide range of models from March this year
Jan 09, 15
Nissan & NASA team up to test autonomous vehicles and technology
Nissan and NASA have announced a five-year research and development partnership that is designed to "advance autonomous vehicle systems and prepare for commercial application of the technology."
Jan 09, 15
BMW announces OLED technology coming to new M model 'in the near future'
BMW has disclosed plans to launch a new M model with OLED technology "in the near future."
Jan 08, 15
BMW M4 Iconic Lights concept shows off laser headlights and OLED taillights at CES [video]
BMW has put on quite a show at CES for demonstrating their laser headlights and OLED taillights implemented in the M4 Iconic Lights concept.
Jan 06, 15
Ford says fully autonomous vehicles are in development, will be accessible to the masses
Ford has used the Consumer Electronics Show to announce they are developing fully autonomous vehicles.
Jan 06, 15
Audi execs confirm semi-autonomous A8, will be able to drive itself at speeds up to 37 mph
udi Research & Development boss Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg confirmed a semi-autonomous A8 is “very close to production" and will arrive by the end of next year.
Jan 06, 15
BMW shows off new iDrive & TouchCommand systems, should debut on the 2016 7-Series
BMW has used the Consumer Electronics Show to introduce two new systems which could debut on the 2016 7-Series.
Jan 06, 15
BMW i3 self-parking and collision avoidance systems demonstrated [video]
BMW has introduced at 2015 CES a special i3 concept featuring self-parking and collision avoidance systems.
Jan 06, 15
Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion concept new images and details released
Following a preview from a few hours ago, Mercedes-Benz has released more images and details with the F 015 Luxury in Motion concept.
Jan 05, 15
GM showcases the Dynamic Skip Fire system, promises to improve fuel economy by up to 15% [video]
General Motors has revealed some new details about the Dynamic Skip Fire system that is described as a "revolutionary new fuel economy technology" that could be deployed in future petrol-powered model...
Jan 05, 15
Hyundai to show an Augmented Reality Head Up Display at CES
Hyundai has announced a variety of new systems, ahead of their debut at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
Jan 05, 15
GM vehicles to predict breakdowns before they occur
General Motors has developed a new system which will help to predict breakdowns before they occur.
Jan 02, 15
Hyundai Blue Link smartwatch app announced [video]
Jointly developed with Station Digital Media, the smartwatch app will enable users to remotely lock / unlock doors, start the engine and find their vehicle in a crowded parking lot.
Dec 31, 14
Tesla is working on a charger that automatically connects to the Model S
Tesla CEO Elon Musk has just revealed the company is working on an advanced automatic charging system.
Dec 31, 14
2015 Ford Edge 2.0 EcoBoost petrol engine detailed
Ford has released additional information about the 2.0-liter EcoBoost turbo petrol unit that will be offered in the 2015 Ford Edge
Dec 29, 14
BMW ConnectedDrive Store headed to the US, will be shown at CES
BMW has announced plans to showcase the ConnectedDrive Store at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
Dec 24, 14
Audi details tablet inside 2015 Q7 [video]
After detailing the 3D sound systems inside the all-new Q7, Audi is now providing a quick look at the tablets inside their flagship SUV.
Dec 23, 14
Google reveals its self-driving car in production form
Google has taken the wraps off its self-driving vehicle in production guise
Dec 19, 14
Volvo to introduce a cyclist anti-collision warning system at CES [video]
Volvo's obsession with safety continues as the company has teamed up with POC and Ericsson to develop a new two-way communication system for cars and cyclists.
Dec 19, 14
Google is reportedly working on a new Android infotainment system
Google has high hopes for Android Auto but a new report is indicating the company is developing a new system which won't require users to connect their smartphones.
Dec 18, 14
2016 Cadillac CT6 streaming video mirror unveiled
Cadillac has announced the 2016 CT6 will become the company's first model to feature a "streaming video mirror."
Dec 18, 14
Volkswagen showcases their Race App [video]
Volkswagen has released new details about their LogBox and Race App.
Dec 18, 14
Hyundai to unveil new infotainment system at CES, works with Apple CarPlay & Android Auto
Hyundai has announced plans to introduce their new Display Audio system at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
Dec 17, 14
Alfa Romeo developing new range of petrol and diesel engines
Alfa Romeo is reportedly working on a new lineup of diesel and petrol engines that will be offered for the future models of the brand
Dec 16, 14
1987 Buick Riviera touchscreen display demonstrated [video]
We stumbled upon an old video in which the owner of a 1987 Buick Riviera plays around with the car's touchscreen.
Dec 15, 14
BMW to showcase Remote Valet Parking at CES, could debut on the next 7-Series
BMW has announced plans to introduce a couple of new technologies at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.