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16 hours ago
Hong Kong Customs officials find 71 iPhone 6s hidden in a car
Apple recently unveiled their latest iPhones and the demand has been unprecedented. Unsurprisingly, this has given rise to a blackmarket that that thrives on Apple products.
25 hours ago
Steel barrier developed to stop speeding trucks is brutally efficient [video]
The Texas A&M Transportation Institute conducted a test with a steel barrier stopping a speeding truck.
Sep 16, 14
Safety group says death & destruction will rain down on Britain because of the Apple Watch
The Institute of Advanced Motorists has issued a dire warning following the introduction of the Apple Watch.
Sep 08, 14
Cadillac semi-autonomous driving system coming in two years
General Motors CEO Mary Barra has revealed Cadillac will launch their Super Cruise semi-autonomous driving system on an all-new 2017 model.
Aug 23, 14
Volvo confirms three-cylinder engine lineup for 2016
Volvo has confirmed a new three-cylinder engine range will go into production before the end of the decade
Aug 22, 14
Wireless charging for vehicles could come in 2017 - report
The first electric vehicles to feature a wireless charging may be launched as early as 2017
Aug 21, 14
2015 Ford Mustang to receive 10-speed gearbox - report
A new report is indicating the Ford Mustang will soon get a 10-speed automatic transmission
Aug 20, 14
New Skoda Fabia half based on MQB platform – report
A new report coming from Czech Republic sheds some light regarding the architecture of the 2015 Skoda Fabia
Jul 30, 14
Audi A7 semi-autonomous prototype suffers an embarrassing setback
Audi has big plans for their Traffic Jam Pilot semi-autonomous driving system but the technology suffered an embarrassing setback with Florida's Governor Rick Scott behind the wheel.
Jul 27, 14
China-spec Tesla Model S lacks navigation support because Google Maps not supported
Tesla Model S owners in China are facing lack of support for navigation services but a fix is in the works.
Jul 18, 14
Bosch says EVs will soon get multi-gear automatic transmissions
Bosch is confident electric vehicles will soon be equipped with an automatic transmission featuring multiple gears.
Jul 17, 14
Nissan details their autonomous driving systems & launch dates
Nissan caused a stir when they announced plans to launch "multiple, commercially-viable Autonomous Drive vehicles by 2020" but it appears the hype was slightly unwarranted as the company has now confi...
Jul 17, 14
Three-cylinder engines with cylinder deactivation tech are on their way
In the following years, automakers are going to offer three-cylinder engines equipped with cylinder deactivation technology.
Jul 16, 14
Ferrari patents new electronic steering technology - report
According to a recent report, Ferrari has patented an innovative electric steering technology
Jul 10, 14
Jaguar shows off their new virtual windscreen [video]
Jaguar Land Rover has introduced their new Virtual Windscreen system that promises to improve driving on the road and track.
Jul 10, 14
Tesla Model S hacking contest planned for next week, winner gets 10,000 USD
Next week (July 16-17) in Beijing, China there will be a hacking contest to crack the Tesla Model S.
Jul 09, 14
Jaguar Land Rover shows off their self-learning assistance system [video]
Jaguar Land Rover has introduced a self-learning system that will offer a personalized driving experience for each individual owner.
Jul 07, 14
Bentley & Vertu team up to produce luxury smartphones
Bentley and Vertu has announced plans to produce a series of luxury smartphones. The first model is due in October.
Jul 07, 14
New Ford Mondeo to share its platform with future Lincolns
Ford has quietly announced the 2015 Ford Mondeo will share its platform with several new models from Lincoln
Jun 25, 14
Google introduces Android Auto [video]
Google's I/O Developer Conference is underway and the company has just taken the wraps off Android Auto.
Jun 25, 14
Audi developing power-generating suspension system - report
UK media is reporting Audi is currently developing a high-tech power-generating suspension system.
Jun 20, 14
2015 Ford Mustang features industry-first active glove box knee airbag [video]
Ford has announced the 2015 Mustang will be equipped as standard with an industry-first active glovebox knee airbag.
Jun 17, 14
Audi unveils their ART robot, promises to improve dealership repair jobs [video]
Audi has announced plans to begin using an advanced communications robot to help dealership technicians quickly diagnose and troubleshoot problems.
Jun 16, 14
Google Auto Link to be unveiled later this month - report
We haven't heard much about Google's Open Automotive Alliance since it was announced in January but a new report is indicating the company will unveil their Google Auto Link system at the I/O conferen...
Jun 12, 14
Tesla will allow other automakers use their patents
Tesla CEO Elon Musk wants to world to drive electric vehicles so he has revealed the company will allow other automakers to use their patents and will "not initiate patent lawsuits against anyone who,...
Jun 10, 14
Mazda introduces new SKYACTIV-D 1.5-liter diesel engine, debuts on next-gen Mazda2
Mazda has revealed online today a newly developed four-cylinder, 1.5-liter SKYACTIV-D clean diesel engine which will premiere in the upcoming next generation Mazda2.
Jun 04, 14
Ford Lightweight Concept Car revealed as a 1,195 kg Fusion/Mondeo [video]
Ford in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Energy have revealed the Fusion-based Lightweight Concept Car.
May 28, 14
Google introduces self-driving car prototype, lacks steering wheel and pedals [video]
Google has unveiled an in-house designed self-driving prototype that aims to improve road safety.
May 25, 14
BMW highlights the technologies of i8 [video]
BMW has released a new video, highlighting the lightweight construction of the i8 hybrid sports vehicle
May 14, 14
Opel highlights their UR:BAN safety systems
Opel has revealed some new details about their safety systems which are being developed as part of Germany's UR:BAN (user oriented assistance systems and network management) research project.