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11 hours ago
SCG 003 starts for the first time and hits the track [videos]
The SCG 003 has returned in two fresh clips showing the car's engine being started up for the first time and then heading to the track.
Dec 17, 14
SCG 003 returns in new teasers ahead of 2015 reveal
Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus (SCG) has dropped two additional teasers of the SCG 003 scheduled to be launched in 2015.
Dec 11, 14
EDAG Light Cocoon concept announced for Geneva
Billed as a compact sports car, the Light Cocoon has a "bionically optimized vehicle structure" and a"weatherproof textile outer skin panel."
Dec 09, 14
Fahlke Larea GT1 S12 is a German 1242 HP road-legal racer
German company Fahlke has revealed the Larea GT1 S12 vehicle during the Essen Motor Show
Dec 08, 14
Rinspeed Budii autonomous concept revealed ahead of 2015 Geneva Motor Show
Rinspeed has released images and preliminary details for their Budii concept set to premiere at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show.
Dec 05, 14
2015 Willys AW 380 Berlinetta revealed with retro-flavored styling
Maggiora in collaboration with Carrozzeria Viotti have unveiled the 2015 Willys AW 380 Berlinetta at the Bologna Motor Show.
Dec 03, 14
Dubuc Motors previews their 2017 Tomahawk
Dubuc Motors has announced their intention to become the first Canadian manufacturer to offer an electric vehicle.
Nov 25, 14
Saleen in rough financial shape, has substantial doubts about their future
If you were thinking about putting in an order for the 2015 Saleen 302 Mustang, you might want to hold off as documents filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission show the tuner is in roug...
Nov 20, 14
Mitsuoka Orochi Evangelion Edition is the last Orochi ever
The Japanese company Mitsuoka has released their last special edition for the Orochi sports car, dubbed the Orochi Evangelion Edition
Nov 11, 14
Galpin Auto Sports Rocket teased, was designed by Henrik Fisker
Henrik Fisker and Galpin Auto Sports have released the first teaser image of their new Rocket.
Nov 03, 14
Florida-based Exotic Rides to launch the W70 supercar in 2015
Exotic Rides, a company for custom cars and bikes from Florida, the USA, will introduce its first ever model next year
Oct 31, 14
Radical SR8 RSX unveiled with 440 bhp
Radical has unveiled their new SR8 RSX at the Circuit de Barcelona in Spain.
Oct 31, 14
Revived British marque Lister teases V12 7.8-liter £2 million hypercar
Resurrected British automaker Lister Motor Company has released two sketches of their forthcoming hypercar.
Oct 29, 14
Radical to introduce two new models on October 31st
Radical has quietly announced plans to introduce two new models on October 31st at the Circuit de Barcelona in Spain.
Oct 27, 14
Detroit Electric shows off SP:01 final design
Following a teaser video released earlier this month, Detroit Electric has published two images with the SP:01's final design.
Oct 23, 14
ATS introduces their steet-legal Sport 490 Stradale
Automobili Turismo Sport (ATS) has introduced their new street-legal Sport 490 Stradale.
Oct 22, 14
Trion Nemesis detailed in 19 photos, goes on sale in 2016
American supercar producer Trion SuperCars has released additional information and new pictures for its first model – the Nemesis
Oct 17, 14
Detroit Electric SP:01 final design teased [video]
Detroit Electric's SP:01 is two years behind schedule but the company has just released a teaser video that provides a "hint of the final exterior design" of the production model.
Oct 17, 14
1,500 bhp Dartz Prombron Black Shark officially revealed
Following the teaser image from earlier this week, Dartz has officially presented the Prombron Black Shark
Oct 15, 14
SCG 003 confirmed with twin-turbo V12 engine, race version getting twin-turbo V6
James Glickenhaus has released more details about the SCG 003 set to come out in 2015.
Oct 15, 14
1,500 bhp Dartz Black Shark teased, debuts on 19 October
Latvian specialty marque Dartz has released the first teaser image for its next model – the Black Shark, scheduled for a 19 October debut
Oct 14, 14
1200 bhp Minerva J.M. Brabazon supercar detailed
The Minerva J.M. Brabazon supercar that was announced for the first time last year has been fully detailed
Oct 13, 14
Ariel Atom 3S revealed with 365 HP 2.4-liter turbo engine [video]
Ariel and TMI AutoTech, the exclusive North American manufacturer of the Atom, have officially presented the Atom S
Oct 10, 14
Undisguised DC Avanti spotted on public roads
The DC Avanti has been spotted testing on open public roads in India
Oct 10, 14
SCG 003 by Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus teased again ahead of 2015 Geneva Motor Show debut [video]
Road & Track has published a teaser clip with the SCG 003 currently being developed by Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus.
Oct 09, 14
Dartz Kombat Gold Russian China Edition looks atrocious
The awkward-looking Dartz Kombat Gold Russian China Edition has been photographed in Tangshan, China.
Oct 04, 14
Venturi America electric buggy brings 400 HP to Paris
French specialty marque Venturi has introduced the America electric buggy at the 2014 Paris Motor Show.
Sep 30, 14
SF-01 Street Fighter wins Local Motors Design Challenge, could go into production
Local Motors has announced the SF-01 Street Fighter has been named the winner of their Sports Car Platform Design Challenge.
Sep 24, 14
Iveco Vision concept unveiled with a Dual Energy powertrain
Iveco has unveiled the futuristic Vision concept at the IAA Commercial Vehicles show in Hannover, Germany.
Sep 19, 14
2015 Vencer Sarthe production version goes official with 622 HP
Dutch automaker Vencer has revealed the 2015 Sarthe production version which starts at €270,882 (without VAT).