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Jun 29, 15
Smart turns the forfour into a tiny train called forrail [video]
Smart has transformed the latest generation forfour into the world’s smallest train.
Jun 08, 15
Unique Ferrari Superamerica 45 photographed in United States
The one-off Ferrari Superamerica 45 has been caught on camera roaming the streets of Greenwich, Connecticut.
Jun 07, 15
Stretched Ford Excursion monster truck on sale for $1 million [video]
Big Toyz Racing (BTR) Motors is selling a one-off stretched Ford Excursion monster truck for a cool $1 million.
Jun 06, 15
One-off Hyundai Santa Fe Convertible is the new Popemobile
The latest Popemobile is a specially made Hyundai Santa Fe turned into a convertible.
Jun 05, 15
Jaguar’s advanced design director previews Lotus Super Elise
Jaguar advanced design director Julian Thomson has released a couple of renders of his upcoming Lotus Super Elise.
Jun 03, 15
Quantum GP700 revealed with 1:1 power to weight ratio [video]
Australian specialty marque Quantum Performance Vehicle has introduced the GP700 track-focused car.
May 11, 15
AeroMobil prototype crashes during a test flight
The AeroMobil flying car has crashed during a test flight near the city of Nitra in west Slovakia
May 07, 15
Toruk and Ugur Sahin Design envision the electric car of the future [video]
Toruk Group in association with Ugur Sahin Design has sent us several renders depicting their vision of a future electric vehicle.
May 02, 15
1994 Corvette C4 transformed into a limousine to be auctioned
A unique Chevrolet Corvette C4 limousine is going to be auctioned by Mecum Museum
Apr 22, 15
McLaren P1 GTR road-legal conversion allegedly in the works
UK specialty company Lanzante is reportedly planning to turn the McLaren P1 GTR into a road-legal model.
Apr 16, 15
Skoda 130 RS reborn as the R200 Non-Fiction, based on Audi R8
Meet the R200 Non-Fiction, a modern interpretation of the Skoda 130 RS rally car based on the first generation Audi R8 V8.
Apr 06, 15
Contera MD1 detailed; central driving position and up to 600 bhp [video]
The Contera MD1 was designed and built by David Halford and Michail Papastergiou who took their inspiration from Group C racecars.
Apr 03, 15
Maybach 57 S Coupe back from the dead thanks to coachbuilder
The Maybach 57 S Coupe has been resurrected by Austria coachbuilder DC Dream Cars and two cars are up for grabs on mobile.de.
Apr 02, 15
Jon Olsson’s Audi RS6 DTM unveiled with 950 HP
Professional alpine skier Jon Olsson has revealed his latest car, a one-off Audi RS6 DTM.
Mar 05, 15
Touring Superleggera Berlinetta Lusso beautifies Geneva Motor Show [video]
Italian coachbuilder Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera is displaying these days in Geneva their exquisite Ferrari F12-based Berlinetta Lusso.
Mar 03, 15
Ferrari Sergio by Pininfarina debuts in Geneva
Pininfarina is celebrating its 85th anniversary in Geneva by showcasing the Ferrari Sergio limited edition.
Feb 11, 15
2016 Ford Police Interceptor Utility goes official [videos]
Following last week's teaser, Ford has taken the wraps off the 2016 Police Interceptor Utility.
Feb 03, 15
2016 Ford Police Interceptor Utility teased ahead of Chicago Auto Show reveal
Ford has announced plans to bring an updated version of the Police Interceptor at next week's Chicago Auto Show.
Jan 30, 15
Nissan creates Juke Nismo RSnow with tracks [video]
Nissan has prepared a special Juke Nismo RS equipped with tracks suitable to tackle snowy roads.
Nov 13, 14
Armored Mercedes-Benz GL protection tested against an AK-47 [video]
Texas Armoring Corporation released a video in which they showcase their windshield can resist to an AK-47 fire assault.
Nov 01, 14
Funeral service commissions Rolls-Royce Phantom hearse
A.W.Lymn The Family Funeral Service has taken delivery of a Rolls-Royce Phantom converted into a hearse.
Oct 30, 14
AeroMobil 3.0 is a functional flying car from Slovakia [video]
Slovakian company AeroMobil has unveiled the third generation of its flying car which is currently undergoing testing in real flight conditions.
Oct 21, 14
Restored Lotus Esprit submarine from The Spy Who Loved Me on eBay for $1 million
A Lotus Esprit S1 from the 1977 The Spy Who Loved Me movie is available on eBay for a cool $1 million.
Oct 19, 14
Binz shows off the six-door Mercedes-Benz E-Class facelift
German coachbuilder Binz has released a stretched six-door conversion for the Mercedes-Benz E-Class facelift.
Oct 11, 14
Mercedes-Benz S-Guard W222 gets crocodile leather from TopCar
The first Mercedes-Benz S-Guard W222 in Russia has been modified by local tuner TopCar.
Sep 27, 14
Ferrari F12 SP America one-off spotted once again, looks like a modern 250 GTO
The unique Ferrari F12 Berlinetta-based SP America has been photographed once again in United States.
Sep 24, 14
Tesla Model S four-door convertible spotted on the road
A Tesla Model S transformed into a four-door convertible has been photographed in United States.
Sep 20, 14
Italdesign Aztec up for grabs for $750,000
A rare Italdesign Aztec designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro is for sale on eBay with a "buy it now" price of $750,000.
Aug 31, 14
Ferrari 458 Spider-based Pininfarina Sergio considered for production
A new report indicates Pininfarina will build six units of the Sergio concept based on the Ferrari 458 Spider.
Aug 07, 14
Lamborghini 5-95 Zagato with pearl yellow paint heading to customer
Zagato has finished work on another Lamborghini 5-95 but this time the car is wearing a pearl yellow paint.