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Jun 28, 15
Mahindra’s plan to buy Pininfarina falls through
Italian media is reporting India's Mahindra & Mahindra has failed to acquire troubled design house Pininfarina.
Apr 26, 15
SEM DX7 styled by Pininfarina revealed at Auto Shanghai 2015
South East Motor (SEM) has introduced the DX7 SUV designed by Pininfarina at Auto Shanghai 2015.
Mar 25, 15
Mahindra negotiating with Pininfarina for takeover
Reuters is reporting Mahindra is close to buying troubled design house Pininfarina.
Sep 28, 14
James Glickenhaus buys the spectacular Ferrari 512S Modulo from Pininfarina [video]
James Glickenhaus has recently purchased the Ferrari 512S Modulo concept developed by Pininfarina.
Jan 10, 14
One-off 1980 Ferrari Pinin concept up for grabs once again, costs 1.1M EUR
The one-off Ferrari Pinin concept by Pininfarina from 1980 is now on sale for an exorbitant price of 1.1M EUR.
Jun 13, 13
Pininfarina looking for Sergio Concept clients, could cost up to 1.3M GBP
Pininfarina is currently looking for customers who would be willing to purchase a production version of the Sergio Concept.
May 07, 13
Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe by Pininfarina looks like no other
A Luxury4Play forum member had the chance to take two photos of a Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe styled by Pininfarina.
Apr 02, 13
Pininfarina makes its first profit since 2004
Pininfarina announced recently that 2012 was the first profitable year since 2004.
Mar 29, 13
LaFerrari design created in-house, not by Pininfarina
The recently introduced 2013 LaFerrari was styled in-house at Maranello, not by Pininfarina.
Mar 18, 13
Pininfarina Sergio could enter limited production, might cost 3M EUR
Pininfarina chief executive reveals the Sergio Concept could enter limited production (5-6 cars).
Mar 05, 13
2013 Pininfarina Sergio Concept beautifies Geneva Motor Show [video]
Pininfarina has unveiled today in Geneva the Ferrari 458 Spider-based Sergio Concept.
Mar 04, 13
Pininfarina Sergio Tribute Speedster concept first photo published
Pininfarina has released the first photo with the Sergio Tribute Speedster concept which will be showcased starting tomorrow at the Geneva Motor Show.
Feb 05, 13
Pininfarina Sergio concept teased for Geneva
Pininfarina has announced plans to introduce the Sergio concept at the Geneva Motor Show. It will pay tribute to former chairman Sergio Pininfarina who passed away last summer at the age of 85.
Sep 25, 12
Rolls-Royce Hyperion is for sale once again [video]
The one-off, Pininfarina-designed Rolls-Royce Hyperion is available at Al Ain Class Motors.
Jul 03, 12
Sergio Pininfarina passes away at 85
Sergio Pininfarina has passed away in Turin, Italy at the age of 85. He oversaw the design of several important models including the 1961 Ferrari 250 GT, 1966 Alfa Romeo Spider and 2003 Maserati Quat...
Jun 18, 12
Pininfarina exhibition at London 2012 announced - transit concept debut
As part of London 2012 Olympic celebrations, famous Italian design firm Pininfarina has announced it will be displaying an exhibition to showcase Italian design ranging in scope from interior design a...
May 25, 12
Ferrari SP12 EC officially unveiled
Ferrari has officially unveiled the one-off SP12 EC. It is based on the 458 Italia and draws inspiration from the 512 BB.
Mar 13, 12
Pininfarina Cambiano concept headed for limited production?
The Pininfarina Cambiano concept turned a few heads at the Geneva Motor Show and now it could be headed for limited production.
Mar 06, 12
Pininfarina Cambiano Concept revealed in Geneva
The Pininfarina Cambiano concept has finally been revealed in detail at the Geneva Motor Show following a long teaser campaign and eventual leak.
Feb 27, 12
Pininfarina Cambiano concept leaked
The Pininfarina Cambiano concept has been leaked ahead of its debut at the Geneva Motor Show.
Feb 05, 12
Pininfarina Cambiano Concept - teaser no. 4 released [video]
Pininfarina continues with their Cambiano concept teaser campaign, this time with a video that shows a panning rear view in addition to the previous three partial shots.
Jan 19, 12
Pininfarina Cambiano Concept - teaser no. 3 released
The third teaser image for the new Pinifarina Cambiano Concept has been released. We have already seen partial shots from the front and from the side, we now get a partial look at the new model from a...
Jan 11, 12
Pininfarina Cambiano Concept teased
Pininfarina will be unveiling the new Cambiano Concept at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show in March. Leading up to the event, this first teaser image has been released showing part of the model from the fro...
Oct 05, 11
Ferrari Pinin concept headed for auction
Built to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Pininfarina, the bespoke Pinin concept was originally an engineless shell but eventually equipped with a 5.0-liter V12 that produces 360 hp (268 kW / 365 PS)...
Jul 12, 11
Ferrari blocks Lancia Stratos revival
The Lancia Stratos revival was set to enter limited production, but those plans have been put on hold because of Ferrari.
Jul 05, 11
Introducing the Camal Fiat 500 Marcia Corta
We have all the latest details and images about the Camal 500 Marcia Corta, a rally-inspired version of the Fiat 500, from the minds of two creatives at Pininfarina. The story inside.
May 31, 11
Pininfarina Coupe Concept design study
British designer Peter Norris imagines what a new creation by the famed Italian coach builder would look like.
May 17, 11
Entry-level Maserati sedan to feature a Chrysler engine - report
According to a recent report, the entry-level Maserati sedan will be powered by a turbocharged version of the Chrysler 3.6-liter Pentastar V6.
May 03, 11
Ferrari Super America 45 announced
BMW has announced the Ferrari Super America 45 will debut at the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este.