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9 hours ago
Nissan engineers marry LEAF and Frontier to build the Sparky [video]
Meet the Nissan Sparky – a project from two Nissan engineers from the brand's Technical Center in Stanfield, Arizona
Sep 16, 14
Next Nissan GT-R could resemble the Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo
Nissan has remained relatively tight-lipped about the next-generation GT-R but new details are starting to emerge about the upcoming model.
Sep 15, 14
Next-generation Nissan Micra due in late 2016
Renault has released some new details about the next-generation Nissan Micra.
Sep 11, 14
2015 Venucia e30 unveiled in China, based on the Nissan Leaf
Based on the Nissan Leaf, the e30 has a familiar design but adopts a restyled front bumper and a hideous 'grille' that covers the charging port. Additional changes are limited but the car features a r...
Sep 09, 14
Nissan Project Titan unveiled
Based on the 2014 Titan Crew Cab PRO-4X, the Project Titan is a one-off model that was created with the assistance Facebook fans who voted on ten different areas of customization.
Sep 04, 14
Nissan offers Deadmau5 a Nyan Cat-themed GT-R
Nissan has offered Deadmau5 a Nyan Cat-themed GT-R to replace his Ferrari 458 Spider following a dust up with the company's lawyers.
Sep 04, 14
Nissan considered buying a stake in Aston Martin
According to a recent report, Nissan Chief Planning Officer Andy Palmer was pushing the company to invest in Aston Martin.
Sep 02, 14
Nissan chief Andy Palmer named CEO of Aston Martin
Financial Times is reporting Andy Palmer has been appointed as Aston Martin's new chief executive officer (CEO).
Sep 01, 14
Only on Top Gear: Nissan GT-R races woman runner
The great thing about the boys at Top Gear is they “get” how the mind of us car enthusiasts work.
Aug 31, 14
2015 Nissan Rogue priced from 22,790 USD
Nissan has disclosed pricing details for 2015MY Rogue which is already available on order from 22,790 USD (plus 860 USD destination & handling).
Aug 26, 14
Nissan details updated Euro-spec 2015 370Z Nismo
Nissan has released information about the European version of the facelifted 2015 370Z Nismo
Aug 26, 14
Next-gen Nissan Leaf expected to have conventional styling and 186-mile range
Development of the second generation Nissan Leaf is in progress as new details are emerging about the model set to arrive in 2016.
Aug 22, 14
Nissan IDx to lose the retro styling cues - report
According to a recent report, the production version of the Nissan IDx concept will lose its retro styling cues.
Aug 14, 14
Mike Newman in Nissan GT-R tuned by Litchfield breaks blind driver world speed record [video]
Mike Newman has managed to take down the world speed record for a blind driver once again.
Aug 11, 14
2015 Nissan 370Z pricing announced (US)
Nissan has announced pricing for the 2015 370Z lineup in the United States.
Aug 10, 14
Nissan imagines Sentra 370Z Nismo and Maxima GT-R Nismo mashups
Nissan has released additional renders with their Nismo mashup illustrations. This time, the Maxima GT-R Nismo and Sentra 370Z Nismo
Aug 08, 14
Nissan 370Z successor will pack hybrid tech and Mercedes engines - report
Australian media has obtained some juicy details concerning the Nissan 370Z successor.
Jul 30, 14
Nisan Pulsar Nismo to go after the FWD 'Ring crown
Nissan's corporate vice president of product planning Keno Kato told CarAdvice a hot hatchback is in the works and will try to take the 'Ring crown.
Jul 28, 14
Nissan Navara-based SUV coming next year - report
Nissan Navara Chief Engineer Takashi Fukui has revealed the company is working on a Navara-based SUV.
Jul 29, 14
Nissan IDx still under development - report
Nissan North American Vice President of Product Planning Pierre Liong recently said a production version of the iDX concept might not be "worth it" but Nissan's Corporate Vice President of Product Pla...
Jul 29, 14
Nissan insider says 184 bhp 2.0-liter turbodiesel in the works, all models getting Nismo version
Our Nissan insider has shared additional details about the company's plans for the following period.
Jul 24, 14
Nissan Note Nismo revealed, goes on sale this fall
Nissan has revealed the sporty Note Nismo in first official pictures
Jul 23, 14
Nissan hints at 'something iconic' to fill the void of the Cube
Nissan chief planning officer Andy Palmer has revealed plans to offer "something iconic" to fill the void left by niche models such as the Cube and Murano CrossCabriolet.
Jul 21, 14
Nissan Juke 80th Special Color Limited Edition launched in Japan
Nissan is introducing a Juke 80th Special Color Limited Edition in Japan featuring an array of heritage colors.
Jul 17, 14
Nissan details their autonomous driving systems & launch dates
Nissan caused a stir when they announced plans to launch "multiple, commercially-viable Autonomous Drive vehicles by 2020" but it appears the hype was slightly unwarranted as the company has now confi...
Jul 16, 14
Nissan Qashqai Nismo and Pulsar Nismo getting 266 bhp 1.8-liter engine - report
A WCF tipster has sent us some juicy details about Nissan's plans for future Nismo-badged models.
Jul 15, 14
Nissan’s oddball Murano CrossCabriolet axed
Nissan has told Automotive News the Murano CrossCabriolet will be terminated after the 2014 model year.
Jul 14, 14
Nissan exec says the IDx might not be worth building - report
Nissan Chief Planning Officer Andy Palmer previously said the company would "definitely" build one of their IDx concepts but now it appears the company is changing their tune.
Jul 09, 14
Nissan Vision Gran Turismo GT2020 concept digitally imagined
A WCF reader has sent us a render with a GT variant of the recently unveiled Nissan Vision Gran Turismo 2020.
Jul 09, 14
Nissan Cube missing from 2015MY lineup, could be discontinued
Nissan has released details about its 2015MY lineup but surprisingly the Cube was not included.