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Jun 27, 15
Morgan EV3 prototype debuts at Goodwood; goes on sale late 2016
Following an announcement made last week, Morgan has introduced the EV3 prototype at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.
Jun 19, 15
Morgan EV3 announced for Goodwood
Morgan has announced plans to introduce their new EV3 concept at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.
May 05, 15
Vilner turns Morgan Plus 8 cabin into work of art
Bulgarian interior cabin wizards at Vilner are back with their latest project based on a Morgan Plus 8.
Mar 03, 15
Morgan Aero 8 officially unveiled in Geneva [video]
After a lengthy teaser campaign, Morgan has taken the wraps off the Aero 8 in Geneva.
Feb 27, 15
Morgan's latest teaser reveals Aero 8 name
Morgan has released another teaser for their Geneva-bound model which will be called "Aero 8".
Feb 24, 15
Morgan teases new sports car again
Morgan has released an additional teaser image of its new model set for Geneva premiere next week
Feb 16, 15
Mysterious Morgan sports car roars to life ahead of Geneva [video]
Morgan has released a new teaser video for their upcoming sports car.
Feb 04, 15
Morgan teases a new model for Geneva
Morgan has announced plans to introduce to introduce a new model at the Geneva Motor Show.
Nov 03, 14
Morgan repotedly considering an electric Three Wheeler
The Morgan Three Wheeler was designed to be a simplistic throwback to the early days of motoring but a new report is indicating the company is considering an electric variant.
Sep 03, 14
Morgan SP1 unveiled at Salon Prive [video]
Morgan has introduced the one-off SP1 (Special Project 1) at Salon Prive. It features a handcrafted aluminum body which draws inspiration from the LifeCar concept.
Apr 19, 14
Morgan Plus 8 Speedster limited edition announced, celebrates 100 years of manufacturing
Morgan has taken the wraps off a Plus 8 Speedster limited edition created to celebrate 100 years of vehicle manufacturing at its Pickersleigh Road factory in UK.
Mar 06, 14
More powerful Morgan Plus 4 arrives in Geneva with 154 bhp
Morgan has introduced at 2014 Geneva Motor Show the most powerful ever Plus 4. Duratec engine now delivers 154 bhp.
Feb 27, 14
More powerful Morgan Plus 4 heading to Geneva Motor Show
Morgan has announced a more powerful variant of the Plus 4 will be introduced next week at the 84th Geneva Motor Show.
Nov 25, 13
2014 Morgan 3 Wheeler revealed with an improved chassis & new steering system
Morgan has introduced the 2014 3 Wheeler. Modestly revised, the updated model benefits from a number of improvements which promise to make the car safer and more fun to drive.
Oct 15, 13
Charles Morgan ousted from Morgan, will appeal the decision - report
Morgan has announced Charles Morgan "is no longer part of the management team or Board of Directors" of the company. However, Charles Morgan is appealing the decision.
Jul 24, 13
Morgan Roadster and 3 Wheeler Brooklands Edition announced
Morgan has introduced Brooklands editions of the Roadster and 3 Wheeler. They feature unique styling and an upgraded interior.
Jun 27, 13
Morgan 3 Wheeler lineup could expand with new engines & body styles - report
The Morgan 3 Wheeler has an undeniable charm and that has struck a chord with buyers who are snapping up the model at an unprecedented rate. This has spurred debate about new variants with different ...
Apr 13, 13
XCAR takes Morgan 3 Wheeler for a spin [video]
XCAR had the opportunity to drive a Morgan 3 Wheeler near the company's factory in Malvern.
Mar 14, 13
Charles Morgan kind of, sort of replaced as managing director
Charles Morgan has apparently been replaced as Morgan's managing director, but he still contends he has control over the company.
Nov 26, 12
Morgan 3 Wheeler Gulf Edition announced
If you needed any more evidence to prove that Gulf livery can be applied to just about anything, Morgan has announced plans to offer a 3 Wheeler Gulf Edition.
Mar 05, 12
Morgan Electric Plus E concept revealed
Morgan has officially unveiled the Plus E concept at the Geneva Motor Show. It features a 160 bhp (120 kW / 162 PS) electric motor which allows it to accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 6.0 seconds.
Feb 12, 12
Morgan Plus 8 ready for Geneva debut
Utilizing aircraft industry construction technology, unladen weight of the modern day classic is only 1100 kg (2425 lbs) making the Plus 8 the lightest V8 passenger car in the world.
Feb 10, 12
Morgan Electric Roadster coming to Geneva - report
Morgan will reportedly unveil an electric roadster at the Geneva Motor Show. It will feature an aluminum chassis, a lithium-ion battery and manual transmission.
Feb 06, 12
2013 Morgan Aero Coupe headed for Geneva
Morgan are planning to hit the Geneva Motor Show pretty hard with a few new models. One of which will be the Aero Coupe and the first pictures and details have risen from the deep for your enjoyment t...
Jan 02, 12
Morgan 4/4 75th Anniversary Edition announced
Morgan has announced plans to launch a 4/4 75th Anniversary Edition. It features a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with 145 hp (108 kW / 147 PS) and 187 Nm (140 lb-ft) of torque.
Dec 16, 11
Morgan EvaGT delayed two years to develop magnesium technology
Problems with the development of magnesium alloy technology has forced Morgan to reschedule the debut for Geneva 2014.
Aug 18, 11
Morgan confirms EV development
Morgan is developing a high-performance electric sportscar prototype which will be unveiled in early 2012.
Feb 25, 11
Morgan 3 Wheeler outed before Geneva debut [video]
Perfectly road-legal in Europe and the United States, the 3 Wheeler is a modern reinterpretation of the classic model that was built between 1909 and 1953.
Nov 05, 10
Morgan Threewheeler returns for 2011
As automakers are spending billions on hybrid technology, Morgan has decided to go green by going retro.
Aug 25, 10
Morgan LIFECar2 diesel-electric hybrid announced
Morgan has announced plans to introduce a production version of the LIFECar concept. Full coverage inside.