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Mar 20, 15
Fiat 500XL reportedly coming in 2016
According to a recent report, Fiat and Jeep are developing two new crossovers to slot above the 500X and Renegade.
Mar 19, 15
Jeep unveils seven new concepts for the 2015 Moab Easter Jeep Safari
Following a preview last week, Jeep has unveiled seven new concepts for the 2015 Moab Easter Jeep Safari.
Mar 10, 15
Dodge highlights their role in Fast & Furious 7 [video]
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has announced several of their products will be prominently featured in the upcoming Furious 7 movie.
Mar 02, 15
2015 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Rocks Star unveiled ahead of Geneva debut
Jeep has taken the wraps off the Wrangler Rubicon Rocks Star set to premiere tomorrow at the Geneva Motor Show.
Feb 27, 15
Jeep Renegade Hard Steel concept unveiled for Geneva
Jeep has unveiled the Renegade Hard Steel concept, ahead of its debut at the Geneva Motor Show.
Feb 24, 15
Jeep Wrangler Black Edition II unveiled for Geneva
Set to go on sale in Europe this summer, the special edition is based on the Wrangler Sahara and features black grille inserts, black headlight surrounds and black 18-inch alloy wheels.
Feb 16, 15
2017 Jeep Wrangler will reportedly have solid axles
It looks like the Jeep faithful can breathe another sigh of relief as a new report is indicating the next-generation Wrangler will keep its solid axles.
Feb 10, 15
Jeep rules out coupe-styled next-gen Grand Cherokee to rival BMW X6
A Jeep representative has announced the next generation Grand Cherokee will not get a coupe-styled derivative.
Feb 09, 15
Jeep considering an entry-level model to slot below the Renegade
According to a recent report, Jeep is considering a new entry-level model for emerging markets such as India and Brazil.
Feb 09, 15
Jeep Compass & Patriot replacement still a ways off
The Jeep Compass and Patriot are set to be replaced by a single crossover next year and new details are starting to emerge about it.
Jan 28, 15
Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT Red Vapor Limited Edition priced from £64,999
Following an introduction last September, Jeep has announced the Grand Cherokee SRT Red Vapor Limited Edition costs £64,999 in UK.
Jan 22, 15
Jeep Renegade U.S. pricing leaked, costs more than the Patriot
The pricing leaks continue as Chrysler accidentally released a new video which confirms the Jeep Renegade will be priced from $17,995 in the United States.
Jan 18, 15
Jeep could build sub-Renegade crossover
Jeep has announced they are currently analyzing the prospects of coming out with an even smaller crossover to slot below the subcompact Renegade.
Jan 16, 15
Jeep admits next-gen Wrangler could get hybrid setup
Jeep CEO Mike Manley says they are considering a hybrid system for the next generation Wrangler.
Jan 15, 15
Jeep CEO says he's a 'big advocate' for a Wrangler-based pickup
The Jeep Gladiator concept was introduced a decade ago and it appears the brand hasn't given up hope of eventually offering a production variant.
Jan 14, 15
Jeep Wrangler gets 356 HP and other upgrades from Geiger Cars
German tuner Geiger Cars has developed a comprehensive upgrade kit for the Jeep Wrangler.
Jan 09, 15
Mopar tricks out two Jeep Renegades for NAIAS
Mopar has developed two custom versions of the Jeep Renegade which will be showcased at NAIAS next week in Detroit.
Dec 12, 14
Jeep Renegade pricing announced in the U.K.
Jeep has announced the 2015 Renegade will be priced from £16,995 OTR in the United Kingdom.
Nov 25, 14
All-new Jeep Wrangler will feature eight-speed ZF automatic transmission
A filing this month with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) shows the 2018 Jeep Wrangler will get an eight-speed automatic transmission.
Nov 10, 14
Jeep says 2018 Grand Wagoneer will sit on top of the range and rival the Range Rover
Jeep global brand director Michael Manley has released preliminary details about the resurrected Grand Wagoneer.
Oct 28, 14
UK's 'nightmare' car has the engine of BMW M5 and the suspension of Audi RS6
UK-based company Warranty Direct has revealed which is the UK’ “nightmare” car
Oct 24, 14
Jeep & Ram show their concepts for SEMA
The SEMA news continues as Jeep and Ram have unveiled a handful of concepts for the annual tuning show.
Oct 23, 14
Jeep Wrangler to stay body-on-frame according to sources
Sergio Marchionne sent the Jeep faithful into a tizzy when he suggested the 2017 Wrangler could adopt an aluminum unibody but it looks like the fears could be unfounded.
Oct 20, 14
Jeep Renegade Trailhawk tackles the Silver Lake sand dunes [video]
The Jeep Renegade won't be tackling the Rubicon anytime soon but that hasn't stopped the company from trying to prove its off-road prowess by releasing a video of the model on the Silver Lake sand dun...
Oct 14, 14
Chrysler teases 11 MOPAR-ized vehicles for SEMA
Chrysler has announced plans to introduce a variety of MOPAR-ized models at SEMA.
Oct 09, 14
Jeep CEO hints at more SRT variants
Jeep CEO Mike Manley has revealed the company could offer SRT variants of the Cherokee and Renegade.
Oct 06, 14
2018 Jeep Grand Wagoneer to target high-end SUVs, possibly even the Range Rover
Jeep CEO Mike Manley has revealed the 2018 Grand Wagoneer will "very, very effectively compete with premium SUVs."
Oct 03, 14
2017 Jeep Wrangler could have an aluminum unibody & turbo engines
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles CEO Sergio Marchionne has revealed some new details about the 2017 Jeep Wrangler.
Oct 02, 14
Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT Red Vapor special edition bows in France
Jeep has unveiled the Grand Cherokee SRT Red Vapor special edition at the Paris Motor Show.
Oct 02, 14
Jeep Wrangler Stealth concept is ready to storm the beaches of France
Jointly developed by Jeep, Mopar and Centro Stile, the one-off model features a textured "Iron Peltrox Iron" exterior with a ventilated hood and extended fender flares.