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11 hours ago
Jaguar Land Rover to open new factory in Poland or Slovakia
Poland and Slovakia are the two finalists for a new factory from Jaguar Land Rover.
Jul 02, 15
Jaguar E-Pace could be built in Austria
A new report indicates Jaguar's smallest crossover will be assembled in Austria.
Jul 01, 15
Jaguar unveils F-Pace prototype as Team Sky support vehicle for Tour de France [video]
Jaguar has revealed a prototype of the F-Pace which will be performing duties as a support vehicle for Team Sky at Tour de France.
Jun 30, 15
2016 Jaguar F-Type SVR believed to receive AWD setup
It seems next year's range-topping SVR version of the Jaguar F-Type will benefit from an all-wheel drive setup.
Jun 26, 15
JLR says they will never make an autonomous car because drivers and passengers are not cargo
Jaguar Land Rover's R&D chief Wolfgang Epple has announced the company won't ever launch a fully autonomous car.
Jun 25, 15
Jaguar F-Pace spied stretching out on a rainy day
The Jaguar F-Pace is continuing its slow march to production as another camouflaged prototype was caught on camera testing on a wet Nordschleife.
Jun 23, 15
Jaguar F-Pace teased [video]
Jaguar has released a new teaser video of the F-Pace.
Jun 22, 15
Jaguar F-Pace front fascia revealed in latest spy photos
The camouflage is starting to come off the 2016 / 2017 Jaguar F-Pace as the latest spy photos have revealed the crossover's aggressive front fascia.
Jun 18, 15
Jaguar XJR Rapid Response Vehicle unveiled for Goodwood
Jaguar has announced plans to introduce their XJR Rapid Response Vehicle at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.
Jun 17, 15
JLR Mind Sense system aims to keep you safe by reading your brainwaves
Jaguar Land Rover has revealed they are developing a number of new high-tech safety systems which aim to reduce the number of accidents caused by drivers who are distracted, stressed or not concentrat...
Jun 15, 15
Jaguar F-Type R Coupe tests the parachute deployment for the Bloodhound SSC [video]
World land speed record holder Andy Green has tested the Bloodhound SSC's parachute deployment system on a Jaguar F-Type R Coupe.
Jun 15, 15
Jaguar F-Type R Coupe receives makeover from Piecha Design
Piecha Design is back with another cosmetic package for the F-Type, this time for the R Coupe model.
Jun 15, 15
2016 Jaguar XJ facelift revealed with new flagship Autobiography version
Jaguar has introduced the 2016 model year XJ full-size sedan which comes with a series of updates.
Jun 15, 15
Jaguar F-Type Project 7 spotted in Spain
A rare Jaguar F-Type Project 7 has been caught on camera in Sant Vicenç de Calders, Spain.
Jun 11, 15
Jaguar Land Rover planning SV-badged versions positioned below SVR
Jaguar Land Rover's Special Vehicle Operations division has announced plans to roll out warm SV-badged models.
Jun 10, 15
Jaguar C-X75 concept gets scorched in latest SPECTRE spot [video]
The Jaguar C-X75 concept never made it into production but it will be facing a trial by fire in the upcoming James Bond flick SPECTRE.
Jun 10, 15
JLR developing a Pothole Alert system [video]
Jaguar Land Rover has announced plans to develop and test a unique Pothole Alert system.
Jun 05, 15
Jaguar & Pinarello team up to create a bike to break the UCI Hour Record
Jaguar and Pinarello have teamed up to create a high-performance bicycle which will attempt to break the UCI Hour Record this weekend.
Jun 05, 15
Jaguar F-Pace continues its slow march to production
Set to debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the F-Type follows in the footsteps of the C-X17 concept and adopts a rectangular grille that is flanked by large air intakes and familiar looking headlights....
Jun 04, 15
Jaguar's smaller crossover believed to be called E-Pace
Jaguar has already dropped a hint about a new crossover and now CAR is reporting the model will be sold with the "E-Pace" moniker.
May 29, 15
New report says J-Pace is set for 2019 release, despite Jaguar's denial
A new report indicates Jaguar is cooking up a larger SUV called J-Pace set to come out in 2019.
May 20, 15
Jaguar officially rules out J-Pace model
Jaguar has announced a larger SUV called "J-Pace" is not in the works. Original report said it was due in 2019.
May 20, 15
Jaguar F-Type R Bloodhound SSC Rapid Response Vehicle unveiled
Jaguar has introduced the F-Type R Bloodhound SSC Rapid Response Vehicle that will make its first official appearance during the Coventry MotoFest
May 14, 15
Jaguar hints at smaller crossover to slot below F-Pace
Jaguar has announced they are analyzing the prospects of coming out with additional crossovers following the F-Pace's launch.
May 13, 15
David Brown Automotive Speedback GT to be offered in the U.S.
David Brown Automotive has announced plans to offer their Speedback GT in the United States.
May 12, 15
Jaguar F-Pace spied tackling the Nurburgring [video]
The Jaguar F-Pace has been caught on camera on more time, this time stretching in Germany around the Nürburgring.
May 11, 15
Jaguar believed to plan XE-R with 488 bhp to take on the Germans
UK media is reporting the Jaguar XE will spawn an R version with a V8 engine borrowed from the F-Type.
May 09, 15
Jaguar F-Pace prototype spotted in Europe
A fully camouflaged prototype of the Jaguar F-Pace has been photographed conducting final testing on public roads.
May 06, 15
Piecha Design presents Jaguar F-Type Evolution 3.0 V6 Coupe
After last month's kit for the Jaguar F-Type V8 Roadster, Piecha Design is back with a similar kit for the V6 Coupe.
May 02, 15
Jaguar axes R-S and R-S GT badges; will use SVR for most hardcore version
Jaguar has announced the demise of the R-S and R-S GT badges after the company has discovered these are confusing customers.