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13 hours ago
Bentley Hybrid Concept officially unveiled in Beijing
Bentley is providing a preview of its greener lineup with the Hybrid Concept currently being showcased at the 2014 Beijing Motor Show.
Apr 18, 14
Mercedes Intelligent HYBRID system maximizes performance and fuel efficiency
Mercedes has announced the development of an Intelligent HYBRID system that can analyze the road ahead to maximize the car's performance and fuel efficiency.
Apr 17, 14
BMW i8 malfunctions during Nurburgring testing due to possible defective braking system [video]
A pre-production prototype of the BMW i8 had a technical problem during some last-minute testing around the Nürburgring.
Apr 16, 14
Jay Leno talks about his new McLaren P1 with fans [video]
In late March Jay Leno became the proud owner of the very first U.S.-spec McLaren P1 supercar
Apr 16, 14
Volvo prepares S60L Petrol Plug-in Hybrid for Beijing Motor Show
Volvo has announced plans to showcase starting Sunday at Beijing Motor Show the S60L Petrol Plug-in Hybrid concept.
Apr 15, 14
Porsche releases POV video with 918 Spyder at Circuit of the Americas
Porsche has released a point-of-view on-board video with the Porsche 918 Spyder in Austin, Texas at Circuit of the Americas.
Apr 10, 14
BMW unveils the updated Concept X5 eDrive
BMW has unveiled the updated Concept X5 eDrive, ahead of its debut at the New York Auto Show.
Apr 09, 14
Audi A6 L e-tron gets green-lighted, will be built in China
Audi has announced plans to offer an A6 e-tron plug-in hybrid in China.
Apr 09, 14
Bentley Hybrid Concept announced, arriving at Beijing Motor Show
Bentley has announced plans to show the Mulsanne-based Hybrid Concept later this month at the 2014 Beijing Motor Show.
Apr 07, 14
LaFerrari trio tackles Monza during Ferrari Corse Clienti event [video]
Three units of the LaFerrari were present last weekend in Monza during a Ferrari Corse Clienti event.
Apr 04, 14
BMW bringing updated X5 eDrive concept to New York
BMW has announced plans to introduce an updated version of the X5 eDrive concept later this month at the New York Auto Show.
Mar 28, 14
Mercedes to offer a three-cylinder hybrid engine on MFA-based models - report
Daimler's head of powertrain development has revealed the company will offer hybridized three-cylinder engines in their MFA-based models.
Mar 28, 14
BMW X7 announced, will be built at their Spartanburg plant
Afters years of rumor and speculation, BMW has confirmed plans to build an X7 crossover.
Mar 27, 14
Ford mocks Cadillac's horrible ELR ad [videos]
Cadillac's Poolside commercial bombed with critics and consumers but apparently Ford was a fan as they've decided to make a mockery of it.
Mar 26, 14
Jay Leno receives first US-spec McLaren P1 [video]
Jay Leno is the proud owner of the very first U.S.-spec McLaren P1 supercar which is being built in a limited series of 375 units.
Mar 25, 14
Jay Leno gets behind the wheel of Porsche 918 Spyder [video]
Jay Leno had the great chance to drive one of the very first production-spec Porsche 918 Spyder and showcased it in the latest episode of his web series
Mar 25, 14
Onboard look from BMW i8 accelerating to 130 km/h [video]
We already have a lot of information about the BMW i8, but there's one piece still missing – what does the engine sound like?
Mar 24, 14
BMW-Toyota hybrid sportscar to use supercapacitors - report
New details have emerged about the highly anticipated hybrid sportscar co-developed by BMW and Toyota.
Mar 20, 14
Bentley confirms plans to offer a plug-in hybrid in 2017
Bentley has officially announced plans to offer a plug-in hybrid powertrain. It will arrive in 2017.
Mar 17, 14
Infiniti working on 700 bhp flagship hybrid sedan based on Essence concept - report
Infiniti is allegedly working on a powerful hybrid sedan based on the Essence concept which will serve as the company's flagship model.
Mar 14, 14
2014 Toyota TS040 HYBRID Le Mans prototype teased [video]
Toyota has released a teaser video recorded at Paul Ricard circuit in France with the TS040 HYBRID set to take part in this year's World Endurance Championship (WEC).
Mar 13, 14
Ferrari hints at special LaFerrari-based model
A Ferrari representative has announced a LaFerrari-based model is currently in the works.
Mar 13, 14
Next-gen Nissan GT-R to have 800 HP - report
New details are emerging about the next generation Nissan GT-R (R36) set to come out towards the end of next year as a 2016MY.
Mar 11, 14
Lamborghini CEO dismisses hybrid electric super cars, says they're compromised
Hybrid electric supercars are all the rage but Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann isn't convinced they're perfect.
Mar 10, 14
BMW i8 goes into production next month, final specifications announced
BMW has announced the plans to begin i8 production in April, ahead of the first deliveries in June.
Mar 07, 14
Rolls-Royce CEO confirms plans for plug-in hybrids - report
Rolls-Royce CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös has confirmed the brand will offer models with plug-in hybrid powertrains.
Mar 05, 14
Volkswagen Golf GTE plug-in hybrid unveiled in Geneva [video]
Volkswagen has unveiled the Golf GTE plug-in hybrid at the Geneva Motor Show.
Mar 04, 14
Subaru Viziv 2 Concept presents future SUV philosophy [video]
Subaru has presented its next generation Viziv concept at the 84th Geneva Motor Show
Mar 04, 14
Porsche 919 Hybrid fully revealed in Geneva with turbocharged V4 2.0-liter engine
Porsche has officially unveiled the 919 Hybrid this week in Geneva, thus signaling Porsche's return at Le Mans.
Mar 03, 14
FAB Design McLaren P1 shows some extra aerodynamics while being covered [video]
FAB Design is the first tuning company to do its work on the McLaren P1 hypercar