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Jul 09, 14
Vilner applies Chinese dragon theme on a yellow Hummer H2
Aftermarket specialists from Vilner have recently restyled a Hummer H2 by applying a Chinese dragon theme.
Mar 03, 14
GMC working on Hummer-like model - report
A new report indicates GMC is working on a Hummer-like model set to be launched in the years to come.
Aug 26, 12
Prindiville introduces Electric Hummer
The Prindiville Electric Hummer customized EV is priced at 25,000 pounds.
Aug 05, 12
AM General will soon launch a build-your-own Humvee kit
AM General is preparing a road-legal version of the Humvee which wil be priced at approximately $59,000.
Apr 07, 10
Hummer Shut Down Begins After No Buyer Found
The end of Hummer is officially here, with GM choosing to close the brand. More details ahead.
Mar 25, 10
GeigerCars Unleashes Hummer H2 Bomber
GeigerCars has unveiled the H2 Bomber, an off-road vehicle with Mattracks 88M1-A1 rubber tracks.
Mar 08, 10
Hummer H2 Gets Chrome Wrap - Art or Abomination?
German tuner CFC makes a pimped-out version of the Hummer H2. The H2 by CFC comes in a chrome film lamination and an interior with a couch, mini-bar and a massive multi-media system.
Feb 25, 10
Hummer sale to Chinese collapses, liquidation begins
Why did yet another GM brand sale collapse? Find out what happened to Hummer, and what will happen to its 3,500 employees, inside.
Nov 03, 09
Hummer Goes Off-Road at SEMA
Four HUMMER H3-based vehicles will bulldoze their way into SEMA this year. All feature V8 engines and specific target markets such as outdoor enthusiasts and racing fans.
Oct 12, 09
GM and Sichuan Tengzhong Finalize HUMMER Sale
General Motors has finalized a deal to sell HUMMER to the Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Company.
Aug 04, 09
GeigerCars Hummer H2 supercharged - Latte Macciatto
Power comes from a supercharged 6.2-liter V8 engine that produces 547 PS and 763 Nm of torque.
Jun 03, 09
Potential Hummer buyer identified as.... Chinese-based Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery
GM has officially announced they’ve reached a tentative agreement to sell Hummer to China’s Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Company.
Jun 02, 09
GM Announce Preliminary Agreement To Sell HUMMER to Mystery Buyer
No details are available yet on who the new owners are or how much they've paid for the HUMMER brand. The deal will keep alive about 3,000 jobs dependent on Hummer at GM and at the brand's dealerships...
Feb 13, 09
Interest Gains as GM Look to Offload Hummer
GM, looking to get rid of Hummer since last summer, may have found a buyer.
Feb 02, 09
Hummer H2 Cabrio Spotted in Abu Dhabi
Photos of a customized Hummer H2 convertible popped up online. The ridiculous machine has seven leather seats and various other "necessities."
Jan 28, 09
AM General Stops HUMMER H2 Production
Production will halt on the Hummer H2, at least temporarily. GM has expressed desire to keep the plant shuttered for five months.
Jan 03, 09
Geiger Present Supercharged Hummer H3 V8
German tuner Geiger slaps a Kompressor on the Hummer H3 V8 to the tune of 423 hp and 502 lb-ft (680 Nm) of pure power.
Nov 06, 08
HUMMER Adds Muscle to 2008 OZ Strongman Contest
OZ Strongman Contest receives a boost when HUMMER got involved with the competition
Oct 23, 08
HUMMER Concepts To Debut at SEMA 2008
Hummer is planning to unveil a trio of concept H3’s at SEMA to show how a few weekends of work and a host of HUMMER and GM accessories can turn a standard H3 into an off-road beast.
Oct 16, 08
Hummer H3 Gets Wagon Wheels - Literally
"Hummer," a wagon-wheeled Hummer H3, created by artist Matthew Harrison, is on display 17-20 October as an East London art gallery installation.
Aug 14, 08
HUMMER Attempt to Rescue Sales Slide with 2009 H2 Black Chrome Edition
The special model features a new set of 21 inch wheels and a whole bunch of additional “black chrome” touch ups.
Jul 14, 08
Hummer H3T Pricing Announced
It isn't long until the anticipated launch of the HUMMER H3T and today General Motors confirmed the pricing will start at $31,495 including the $745 destination charge.
Jun 06, 08
Tata or Mahindra to buy HUMMER?
GM bankers are known to be talking to both Tata and Mahindra. After pronouncements of a 'strategic review' of HUMMER, them bean counters can't be discussing cake bake-offs.
Jun 03, 08
Chevrolet Announce Restructuring Plan Along with New Compact Car
General Motors will unveil a Chevrolet compact car at an auto show this fall, with production slated to begin early next year, say sources familiar with GM's product program.
Mar 31, 08
2009 E85 Capable H2 SUT Revealed
HUMMER revealed the 2009 E85-capable H2 SUT at Classic Hummer on Friday, one of more than 15 FlexFuel models GM will offer for the 2009 model year.
Mar 17, 08
Full Size Remote Control HUMMER H3
With less than two weeks to go until April, you could be forgiven for thinking this crazy modifcation of a full size HUMMER H3 into a fully working remote control car is nothing more than an April foo...
Feb 27, 08
HUMMER Adventure 2008 in Morocco
Today General Motors-owned HUMMER announced the 2008 Adventure trip to Morocco, giving European Hummer owners the chance to "get to know the Moroccan desert in a special way" in their very own Hummer.
Feb 27, 08
Hummer H3 V8 Euro Debut at Geneva
For the launch of the H3 V8 a limited edition has been produced, the Granite Edition. Only one hundred vehicles will be painted in the special Granite Black metallic colour
Feb 14, 08
Six-Wheeled Stretch Hummer
With enough room inside for a mechanic to work on a Fiat 500, this stretched six-wheel Hummer is as big as my old college dorm room.
Feb 13, 08
Hummer H3 Championship Edition Details Emerge
The new H3 Championship Edition will launch later this year with an expected base price of under $40,000. It features numerous off-road improving upgrades.