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Mar 26, 15
Police investigating Clarkson fracas incident; US work ban theoretically possible but unlikely
North Yorkshire Police has announced they will be investigating the fracas scandal involving Jeremy Clarkson and Top Gear producer Oisin Tymon.
Mar 23, 15
Drunk driver pulls over and calls police to turn himself in
An intoxicated driver decided to pull over and call 911 to turn himself in to the police.
Mar 09, 15
Driver receives €54,024 fine for speeding in Finland
Millionaire Reima Kuisla received a whopping €54,024 fine for speeding in Finland.
Mar 08, 15
Traffic sign in France says "there are still children to crush, you can accelerate"
Authorities in Burgundy, France have installed a rather peculiar traffic sign saying "there are still children to crush, you can accelerate."
Feb 11, 15
Study commissioned by NHTSA says drivers smoking marijuana don't cause significantly more crashes
A study commissioned by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says smoking marijuana does not greatly increase the risks of crashing.
Feb 11, 15
United Kingdom legally approves driverless car testing
Authorities in United Kingdom have approved a plan for testing autonomous vehicles on public roads.
Dec 31, 14
WCF Asks: What was the most important model of 2014?
As we're preparing to close out another year, we thought we'd leave it up to our readers to help us determine the most important model to be introduced in 2014.
Dec 29, 14
Documents show Gabonese presidency spent €7.84 million in one day on high-end cars in 2010
FRANCE 24 has managed to obtain an interesting document that shows how much money the Gabonese presidency spent in one day on cars.
Dec 09, 14
White is the most popular color choice in 2014
A study conducted by PPG Industries has revealed white is once again the most popular color of the year.
Oct 21, 14
1.2M GBP stolen vehicles recovered by UK authorities [video]
A total of 44 stolen cars have been seized by the UK authorities
Aug 06, 14
British businessman builds private toll road to avoid 14-mile detour
62-year-old British businessman Mike Watts opened a private toll road allowing drivers to avoid (at a cost) a 14-mile detour.
Aug 04, 14
U.S. senator proposes life sentence for auto executives who ignore defects leading to deaths
U.S. senator Claire McCaskill is promoting a bill that includes lifetime imprisonment for auto executives who ignored recalls that led to deaths.
Jul 16, 14
UK learner driver fails theory test 110 times and spends 3,410 GBP
A 28-year-old woman from Southwark, southeast London has failed her driving theory test for no less than 110 times.
Jul 16, 14
Indian government wants mandatory ABS, airbags and crash tests
The Indian government has announced its intentions to enforce mandatory ABS, airbags and crash tests for local automakers.
Jul 11, 14
TomTom names most traffic-jammed cities in the world
Amsterdam-based traffic and navigation services company TomTom has announced results from its annual global traffic survey
May 28, 14
China trying to fix smog problem by getting 11 million older cars off the road
Authorities in China have announced drastic measures to try and diminish pollution levels.
May 15, 14
Drivers caught texting & driving in Ireland twice could face three-month jail
Authorities in Ireland have implemented tougher laws for those caught texting and driving.
Apr 08, 14
NHTSA releases graphic public service announcement videos about distracted driving
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has released a couple of violent public service announcement clips regarding the dangers of distracted driving.
Mar 18, 14
Paris car ban ends after one day and 3,859 fined drivers, pollution level drops below safe limit
The car ban in Paris has ended after just one day and local authorities say that it was a success.
Mar 17, 14
Paris initiates partial car ban amid high pollution
Authorities in Paris have implemented a temporary car ban as a method to lower pollution levels.
Feb 13, 14
Two-car parking space in London on sale for a whopping 400,000 GBP
A double underground parking bay located in the nearby vicinity of Royal Albert Hall in London is now on sale for no less than 400,000 GBP (about 665,000 USD or 487,000 EUR).
Jan 08, 14
Saudi Arabia categorizes drifting as a criminal offense, spectators considered accomplices
Saudi Arabia government is creating new laws to put a stop to an increasing number of dangerous drifting sessions on public roads.
Dec 23, 13
U.S. Department of Energy predicts gasoline will still dominate by 2040
A report published by the United States Energy Department says gasoline will continue to be the fuel of choice by 2040.
Oct 16, 13
Australia will have 120 miles of highway without speed limits
Australia's Northern Territory transport minister Peter Styles announced 120 miles of the Stuart Highway will not have a speed limit.
Sep 27, 13
Running a red light on a motorcycle will be legal starting October in Nevada [video]
Nevada authorities will allow motorcyclists, moped, cyclists and tri-wheel riders to legally run a red light.
Apr 07, 13
Daydreaming more dangerous than phone use according to U.S. police data
U.S. police data shows more fatal car crashes are caused by "lost in thought" drivers compared to those using a mobile phone.
Jan 02, 13
NHTSA delays rear visibility rules
The NHTSA did not meet its December 31 deadline to establish new rear visibility rules that could possibly lead to rearview cameras.
Dec 26, 12
EU insurers can't use gender anymore to calculate premiums
EU's Gender Directive is now in full effect, following last year's EU Court of Justice ruling.
Nov 15, 12
Paris mayor wants to ban cars over 17-years old - report
Recent report indicates that Paris mayor wants to ban cars over 17-years old in a move to reduce pollution.
Nov 14, 12
Number of vehicles will double to 1.7 billion by 2035 - report
The International Energy Agency estimates that by the year 2035 there will be 1.7 billion cars on the road.