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Jun 17, 15
Fisker to build the updated Karma in California
Fisker Automotive has announced plans to open a new manufacturing facility in Moreno Valley, California.
May 04, 15
Fisker announces new customer support program as it gears up for a relaunch
Fisker has arisen from their slumber to announce a new customer support program (CSP) for owners of the ill-fated Karma.
Apr 01, 15
Updated Fisker Karma teased, debuts later this month
It looks like Wanxiang has finally ironed out all the kinks in the ill-fated Fisker Karma as the company has released the first teaser image of the revamped sedan.
Feb 23, 15
Wanxiang will reportedly rebrand Fisker as Elux
According to a recent report, Wanxiang has decided to rebrand Fisker as Elux.
Sep 19, 14
New Fisker Karma to be virtually identical to the 2012 model
Wanxiang is trying to get the Fisker Karma back into production as soon as possible so it comes as little surprise that a new report is indicating the car will look virtually identical to the one that...
Jul 27, 14
Fisker working to resume Karma production, second model due in three years
Wanxiang Group Chairman Lu Guanqiu has revealed plans to introduce a second Fisker model within three years.
Apr 23, 14
Fisker Karma could be relaunched in mid-2015 - report
Fisker's interim president, Roger Brown, has revealed the Karma could be relaunched in mid-2015.
Feb 19, 14
Fisker Karma production to resume shortly, company will partner with VL Automotive - report
Now that Fisker has finally been sold to China's Wanxiang Group, new details are starting to emerge about the company's future.
Feb 16, 14
Fisker saga finally ends after Wanxiang wins asset auction with 149M bid
China's Wanxiang Group agreed to pay a 149.2M USD bid to buy the remaining assets of Fisker Automotive.
Jan 03, 14
Fisker sale stalls as creditors want company auctioned following Wanxiang bid
Fisker recently filed for bankruptcy and entered into a purchase agreement with Hybrid Tech Holdings LLC. Everything seemed like a done deal but creditors are now pushing for the company to be auction...
Dec 31, 13
Fisker sued for misleading investors and making "materially false and misleading statements"
The fallout from the Fiskerpocalypse continues as Atlas Capital Management has filed a lawsuit against Henrik Fisker and the company's former directors.
Nov 23, 13
Fisker finally files for bankruptcy as it is bought by a new investment group
After months of uncertainty, Fisker Automotive has filed for bankruptcy and been sold to investment group Hybrid Tech Holdings LLC.
Oct 18, 13
Fisker bought by an Asian investment group - report
According to a recent report, the U.S. Department of Energy has decided to sell Fisker to Asia's Pacific Century Group.
Sep 16, 13
Fisker defaults on government loan, sale or auction likely - report
The Fiskerpocalypse appears to be coming to a close as The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the company has defaulted on their U.S. government loan.
Jul 17, 13
BAIC tours Fisker headquarters, possible deal in the works?
We haven't heard much from Fisker lately, but a new report is indicating a delegation from Beijing Automotive Group (BIAC) has visited the company's headquarters in California.
Jun 17, 13
Fisker lost $35,000 on each Karma - report
Fisker's future remains in doubt but new details are starting to emerge about what brought the eco-friendly startup to the edge of bankruptcy.
May 22, 13
VL Automotive & Wanxiang team up for Fisker bid - report
Fisker's future has looked pretty bleak ever since partnership talks with Dongfeng and Geely broke down in March. However, a new report is indicating VL Automotive and the Wanxiang Group have submitte...
May 17, 13
Fisker Karma prices plummeting - report
As Fisker inches closer to the financial abyss, prices for used Karmas have tumbled to less than $50,000 which is nearly half of what they originally sold for.
Apr 24, 13
Fisker Automotive yanks website as Henrik Fisker testifies before U.S. Congress
Fisker Automotive has apparently shut down their press and consumer websites ahead of a U.S. House Oversight and Government Reform committee meeting to examine the $529 (€407) million loan that was gi...
Apr 14, 13
Fisker Karma modified by Ultimate Auto
Orlando-based aftermarket specialist Ultimate Auto has decided to give the Fisker Karma a makeover.
Apr 09, 13
Fisker bankruptcy could come later this week - report
According to a recent report, Fisker Automotive could file for bankruptcy later this week.
Apr 07, 13
Fisker sued because workers did not receive advance notice of layoff
Just a few hours after Fisker announced a major layoff, a new problem occurred as the company is now facing a federal lawsuit.
Apr 05, 13
Mass layoffs underway at Fisker - report
Fisker is inching closer to collapse as the company has reportedly begun mass layoffs which include eliminating their whole PR team.
Mar 29, 13
Fisker partnership talks breakdown, company eyeing bankruptcy - report
Fisker has reportedly hired lawyers from Kirkland & Ellis in preparation for a possible bankruptcy filing.
Mar 28, 13
Fisker furloughs workforce, trying to save cash - report
Fisker has furloughed their entire U.S. workforce in an effort to save cash.
Mar 18, 13
Henrik Fisker purchased a Karma after leaving the company
After leaving the company which he founded, Henrik Fisker acquired a blue Karma from a Santa Monica dealership.
Mar 13, 13
Henrik Fisker resigns from Fisker Automotive - report
Henrik Fisker has reportedly resigned from the company he founded over several major disagreements with executive management.
Feb 15, 13
Dongfeng Motor Corp looking to takeover Fisker - report
According to a recent report, the Dongfeng Motor Corp has offered Fisker $350 (€261) million for an 85 percent stake in the company.
Feb 01, 13
Wanxiang offers to help Fisker, tie-up possible?
Fisker hasn't built a Karma in over six months and the company's financial status is reportedly dire. However, China's Wanxiang Group has offered to assist the company with a possible strategic allia...
Jan 19, 13
Fisker hasn't built a Karma in six months
Troubled automaker Fisker hasn't built a car in the last six months. Seeking inventors from China.