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10 hours ago
Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera Berlinetta Lusso leaks out early
The first pictures of the Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera Berlinetta Lusso have surfaced online, ahead of its debut at the Geneva Motor Show.
Feb 20, 15
Ferrari 488 GTB photographed in Maranello during public event
The new Ferrari 488 GTB has been snapped during a premiere of the model in the company’s factory in Maranello
Feb 19, 15
Ferrari LaFerrari Spider gets rendered
Ferrari has been tight-lipped about the possibility of a LaFerrari Spider but that hasn't stopped Theophilus Chin from creating a rendering of what the car could look like.
Feb 17, 15
Ferrari envisions Formula 1 car of the future
Ferrari has released this morning a couple of renders depicting their vision of a future Formula 1 car.
Feb 13, 15
Sebastian Vettel takes the Ferrari FXX K out for a spin at Fiorano [video]
Ferrari has released a new video of Sebastian Vettel test driving the FXX K at the Fiorano Circuit.
Feb 10, 15
Lost Ferrari 250 SWB California Spyder owned by Alain Delon sells for $19M
A very rare Ferrari 250 SWB California Spyder from 1961 has been sold for $23M at Artcurial's Retromobile sale in Paris, France
Feb 09, 15
Ferrari 488 GTB Speciale digitally envisioned
Cavalino Design has sent us two renders depicting a potential Ferrari 488 GTB in the hotter Speciale guise.
Feb 08, 15
Rare Mansory Ferrari 458 Siracusa crashed heavily in China
A very rare Ferrari 458 Italia tuned by Mansory has been severely damaged in a crash that occurred in China
Feb 05, 15
Ferrari 488 GTB goes topless in new renderings
Following yesterday’s Ferrari 488 GTBX renderings, we have new computer drawings based on the recently introduced 488 GTB to share
Feb 04, 15
Sebastian Vettel drives the Ferrari FXX K and answers fan's questions [video]
Sebastian Vettel drove the Ferrari FXX K and at the same time answered several questions coming from fans.
Feb 04, 15
WCF reader envisions track-only Ferrari 488 GTBX
WCF reader Yasid Oozeear of Yasid Design has sent us a render with a track-only Ferrari 488 GTBX.
Feb 03, 15
Ferrari 488 GTB revealed with twin-turbo V8 engine
Following a series of elusive teasers, Ferrari has introduced the 488 GTB prior to a public debut set for next month at the Geneva Motor Show.
Feb 02, 15
Ferrari 458 M teased, debuts tomorrow [video]
Ferrari has released a new teaser video of what is believed to be the 458 M.
Feb 01, 15
Rowen International introduces its 458 Italia project [video]
Tuners from Rowen International have revealed their tuning kit for the Ferrari 458 Italia
Jan 31, 15
Ferrari teases new model, what could it be?
Ferrari has released a couple of elusive teasers that likely hint at a new model.
Jan 29, 15
2016 Ferrari FF spied in Lapland
The Ferrari FF has never been a looker but the company is hoping to improve things with a facelift for the 2016 model year.
Jan 29, 15
Meet the man who owns the hottest supercar trio: LaFerrari, McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 Spyder
Paul Bailey is an avid car collector and also one of the lucky ones to own the latest supercar trio: Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 Spyder.
Jan 28, 15
Ferrari 458 M spied showing new details
Two Ferrari 458 M prototypes have been spied undergoing testing ahead of a possible debut at the Geneva Motor Show.
Jan 27, 15
2016 Ferrari FF spied undergoing cold weather testing
The 2016 Ferrari FF has been spied undergoing cold weather testing Scandinavia.
Jan 23, 15
Ferrari reveals F12 Berlinetta Tour de France 64 during Dream Cars Show in Brussels
Ferrari has introduced the F12 Berlinetta Tour de France 64 special edition during the Dream Cars Show in Brussels, Belgium
Jan 11, 15
Ferrari FF test mule spied testing hard at Fiorano, sounds louder [video]
Our friend Marchettino has spotted what appears to be a test mule of the Ferrari FF undergoing intense testing at Fiorano.
Jan 09, 15
UK policeman raises suspicions after buying Ferrari 458, later discover to be criminal gang leader
A police officer from Birmingham, UK raised more than a few eyebrows after purchasing a Ferrari 458 Italia.
Jan 08, 15
Ferrari 458 Spider Golden Shark by Office-K redefines tackiness
Japanese tuner Office-K has obliterated the gorgeous design of the Ferrari 458 Spider.
Jan 05, 15
Porsche 918, McLaren P1, LaFerrari feature teased by Top Gear magazine [video]
Top Gear has released a teaser video depicting the much anticipated feature of the Porsche 918 Spyder, McLaren P1 and LaFerrari.
Jan 05, 15
Ferrari 458 Speciale Tiffany Blue shows up at Ferrari of Newport Beach gathering
A Ferrari 458 Speciale featuring a striking Tiffany Blue paint showed up at a gathering organized by Ferrari of Newport Beach.
Jan 05, 15
Ferrari probably planning a more hardcore FXX K Evoluzione version
According to a recent report, Ferrari could launch an even more hardcore Evoluzione version of the FXX K model
Dec 31, 14
Audi R8 V10 Plus, Porsche 918 Spyder and Ferrari F12 get lost on Italy's rural small roads [video]
What started as an exciting journey with three supercars on the backroads of Italy, proved in the end to be a rather frustrating ride.
Dec 30, 14
Ferrari reveals the most expensive models sold at auction in 2014
Ferrari has announced they have dominated the collector car market as nine out of ten of most expensive cars sold at auction in 2014 were from the Italian automaker.
Dec 28, 14
Ferrari 360 Modena burns in Hong Kong
A 2001 Ferrari 360 Modena was devoured by flames on Christmas Eve in Hong Kong but luckily the driver is ok.
Dec 26, 14
1 of 1 Mansory La Revoluzione spotted in Dubai [video]
The ultra rare Mansory La Revoluzione has been caught on camera in Dubai