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41 hours ago
Wakeboarding behind a Ferrari F50 prompts UK police [videos]
YouTube user TaxTheRich100 is back with another spectacular video but their actions could have legal repercussions.
Nov 25, 14
Stig and Darth Vader spotted riding in a Porsche 550 Spyder [videos]
Stig and Darth Vader were spotted while driving a Porsche 550 Spyder on a chilly day.
Nov 17, 14
Universal Studios says at least three additional Fast and Furious movies are being considered
A Universal Studios representative has announced they are considering at least three more movies for the long-lasting Fast and Furious franchise.
Oct 31, 14
Jeremy Clarkson under fire for suggesting he was drinking & driving
Jeremy Clarkson is back in the spotlight as he has drawn ire for a tweet which suggests he was drinking and driving.
Oct 28, 14
Top Gear The Perfect Road Trip 2 trailer released [video]
Top Gear is back in action with the second installment of "The Perfect Road Trip" available exclusively on DVD and Blu-ray.
Oct 27, 14
Jim Carrey spoofs Lincoln's ads with Matthew McConaughey [video]
Jim Carrey together with the team from Saturday Night Live have a released a series of videos making fun of Matthew McConaughey's Lincoln ads.
Oct 23, 14
Eleanor from 'Gone in 60 Seconds' to be auctioned in December
One of eleven Eleanor Ford Mustangs ever made will go under the hammer at Mecum’s Austin event, scheduled for December 12-13
Oct 20, 14
Jeremy Clarkson gets busted for speeding
Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson has revealed he was caught speeding in the United Kingdom.
Oct 19, 14
Ford prepares for Halloween with car wash prank [video]
Ford is getting into the Halloween spirit with a prank organized at a car wash.
Oct 15, 14
Jay Leno to host a new car show on CNBC
Jay Leno is returning to television as CNBC has announced the former Tonight Show host will have a new series on the business-centric network.
Oct 15, 14
Reversing truck takes down tree, falls on pick-up truck [video]
A truck driver "managed" to take down a tree while reversing and that tree fell on an innocent pick-up truck.
Oct 10, 14
Kangaroos fighting redefine road rage in Australia [video]
The term "road rage" just got a whole new meaning in Australia after footage emerged with fighting kangaroos.
Oct 09, 14
Ferrari California T splattered with UV paint in wind tunnel [videos]
Ferrari USA in collaboration with artist Fabian Oefner joined forces to prove the California T is an art form.
Oct 06, 14
Volkswagen’s latest ad puts Captain Kirk in E-Golf and Mr. Spock in XL1 [video]
The Volkswagen e-Golf and XL1 are being showcased in a new ad that has a Star Trek theme.
Oct 03, 14
Nissan ZEOD RC tackles the Top Gear test track [videos]
Nissan has released two videos which show their ZEOD RC on the Top Gear test track. See the footage inside
Oct 03, 14
Top Gear hosts forced to flee Argentina following Falklands War dustup [video]
Jeremy Clarkson and his Top Gear cohorts are back in the spotlight as the trio has been forced flee Argentina.
Sep 11, 14
Batmobile from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice revealed
Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice movie director Zack Snyder uploaded a revealing image with the new Batmobile, following a teaser published back in May.
Sep 03, 14
Mickey Mouse & friends attack driver in funniest road rage incident EVER!!
Is this the funniest road rage incident we have ever seen? Highly likely.
Sep 02, 14
Taking the concept of speeds bumps way too far [video]
Oversized speed bumps installed in a local community are the perfect example of taking exaggerated safety measures.
Sep 01, 14
BMW Welt visit ends with marriage proposal [video]
BMW's marketing department thought of an ingenious way to promote the brand and the BMW Welt complex in Munich, Germany.
Sep 01, 14
Only on Top Gear: Nissan GT-R races woman runner
The great thing about the boys at Top Gear is they “get” how the mind of us car enthusiasts work.
Aug 27, 14
17-year-old boy does a burnout in Ferrari F40 [video]
This new video from YouTuber Sam Howell shows us a 17-year-old boy performing a burnout in a red Ferrari F40
Aug 23, 14
Police catch 140mph street racer, lets him go free
Usually, the writing is on the wall as soon as you are caught hitting 140MPH (225kph) on public roads. However that doesn't seem to the case for one lucky racer.
Aug 21, 14
Kia hamsters return for comical Soul EV commercial [video]
Kia have brought the big guns back for the advertising campaign promoting the launch of the brand's first all-electric vehicle – the Soul EV.
Aug 21, 14
Audi welcomes Tesla in Hamburg through a billboard
Audi has surprisingly welcomed Tesla in the city of Hamburg, Germany
Aug 15, 14
The Stig goes bungee jumping with Lotus F1 car [video]
After stealing a 2013-spec Lotus Formula 1 car, The Stig decided to try out bungee jumping.
Aug 07, 14
Driver and passenger blocked in Volkswagen Polo by very friendly elephant
A male elephant in musth got up close and personal with a Volkswagen Polo in South Africa.
Aug 05, 14
Toyota hires Busta Rhymes to promote 2015 Sienna aka Swagger Wagon [video]
Toyota is presenting the 2015 Sienna through a hilarious music video featuring rapper Busta Rhymes.
Jul 28, 14
3-year-old boy crashes Jeep Wrangler in USA
A three-year-old boy from Oregon, the USA, managed to get out of his house and jump in a Jeep Wrangler for a ride