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Feb 11, 15
Dubai police fleet showcased in Fast and Furious-styled video
The Dubai, UAE police has released yet another video showcasing their impressive fleet of supercars.
Feb 05, 15
Audi releases a hilarious 50 Shades of Grey knockoff [video]
Audi has released a hilarious new video which mimics the "infamous" elevator scene from Fifty Shades of Grey.
Feb 05, 15
Furious 7 returns in action-packed trailer prior to April 3 release [video]
Universal Studios has released a new trailer for Furious 7 scheduled to hit theaters and IMAX on April 3.
Feb 02, 15
Furious 7 latest trailer features the Lykan Hypersport [video]
A new trailer for Furious 7 aired last night during the Super Bowl XLIX. Move airs April 3.
Jan 28, 15
Report says Top Gear show to live on until at least 2018
British media is reporting BBC2's Top Gear show will solider on for at least another three years.
Jan 26, 15
Big Stig is a 9 meter / 30 foot tall statue heading to Warsaw, Poland
BBC has built a huge statue of The Stig as part of a promotional campaign for a new global channel.
Jan 16, 15
Lego-themed Top Gear series 22 video trailer released, first episode airs January 25
The Top Gear crew have released a Lego-themed video announcing series 22 is on its way.
Jan 15, 15
Temperamental elephant starts destroying cars in Thailand [video]
A rather temperamental elephant started destroying cars near Bangkok in Thailand.
Jan 08, 15
Mercedes GLE Coupe to star in Jurassic World [video]
Mercedes has announced several of their vehicles will be prominently featured in Jurassic World.
Jan 05, 15
Porsche 918, McLaren P1, LaFerrari feature teased by Top Gear magazine [video]
Top Gear has released a teaser video depicting the much anticipated feature of the Porsche 918 Spyder, McLaren P1 and LaFerrari.
Jan 04, 15
Man steals bus and then parks it in front of a cocktail bar
A man decided to steal a bus and take a short joy ride before parking in front of a cocktail bar.
Jan 02, 15
103 cars gather in Australia to establish new world record for simultaneous burnout [video]
No less than 103 cars gathered in Australia on December 31 to establish a new Guinness World Record for a simultaneous burnout.
Jan 02, 15
Top Gear Series 22 details released, 'coming soon'
Following a teaser released several days ago, Top Gear has provided preliminary details concerning series 22.
Jan 01, 15
Dodge pitchman & Automobiles host Ed Herrmann passes away at 71
Noted actor and car collector Ed Herrmann has passed away in New York at the age of 71.
Dec 30, 14
Honda CR-V driver fails to correctly position car at gas station, ultimately gets it right [video]
The driver of an older generation Honda CR-V failed miserably to correctly position her car at the gas station.
Dec 29, 14
Top Gear Series 22 teaser video released [video]
Top Gear has released a teaser video announcing series 22 is "coming soon" and one of the cars tested is a Jaguar F-Type R Coupe.
Dec 29, 14
Armored military vehicle now used as taxi in Russia [video]
Tourists visiting Russia are able to take a joyride in an armored reconnaissance vehicle now being used as a taxi.
Dec 16, 14
Jeremy Clarkson says Top Gear Patagonia Special will show what really happened
Jeremy Clarkson has revealed the Top Gear Patagonia Special will tell the real story as to what really happened during filming.
Dec 14, 14
Top Gear Patagonia Special video trailer released
BBC has released a video trailer for the upcoming Top Gear Patagonia Special set to air on Christmas.
Dec 11, 14
BBC theme park in the works, could feature Top Gear inspired rides
According to reports out of the United Kingdom, BBC Worldwide has stuck a deal with Paramount Pictures and a property developer to create a massive theme park in Kent.
Dec 09, 14
The original 1963 Batmobile grabs $137,000 at auction
The original Batmobile managed to fetch $137,000 at an auction organized by Heritage Auctions.
Dec 09, 14
Jeremy Clarkson denies plan to burn the cars used in Patagonia Special
Jeremy Clarkson has denied wanting to burn the cars used in the upcoming Patagonia Special.
Dec 09, 14
Ford launches Snowkhana Three just in time for the holidays [video]
Ford of Europe has released the third part of the Snowkhana series which once again puts Ken Block at the forefront of the clip.
Dec 07, 14
Top Gear wanted to make their escape from Argentina more dramatic by burning the cars
An official police report indicates the Top Gear crew wanted to burn the three cars as a method to make their exit from Argentina more dramatic.
Dec 06, 14
Top Gear Patagonia Special previewed
Top Gear UK has released preliminary details about the Patagonia special programmed to air this Christmas.
Nov 30, 14
German police releases picture with Audi A4 wearing "ACAB" license plate
The German police in North Rhine-Westphalia have released a press image depicting an Audi A4 featuring the letters "ACAB" in the license plate.
Nov 29, 14
The original Batmobile up for grabs
The first officially licensed Batmobile is being sold by Heritage Auctions and the starting bid stands at $90,000.
Nov 27, 14
Wakeboarding behind a Ferrari F50 prompts UK police [videos]
YouTube user TaxTheRich100 is back with another spectacular video but their actions could have legal repercussions.
Nov 25, 14
Stig and Darth Vader spotted riding in a Porsche 550 Spyder [videos]
Stig and Darth Vader were spotted while driving a Porsche 550 Spyder on a chilly day.
Nov 17, 14
Universal Studios says at least three additional Fast and Furious movies are being considered
A Universal Studios representative has announced they are considering at least three more movies for the long-lasting Fast and Furious franchise.