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Apr 11, 14
Paper-made Red Bull RB7 Formula 1 car is amazingly detailed [video]
Paul is the author of this exceptionally detailed Red Bull RB7 created almost entirely out of paper.
Apr 10, 14
Universal Studios Hollywood adding Fast and Furious Supercharged theme park next year
Universal Studios Hollywood has announced a Fast and Furious "Supercharged" theme park will be opened in 2015.
Apr 07, 14
Lexus GS commercial mocks German competitors [video]
Lexus has launched a new ad for the GS in which they mock the model's main German rivals.
Apr 02, 14
Replica KITT formerly owned by David Hasselhoff up for auction
A replica KITT car of the 80s hit show Knight Rider is now up for grabs and the current bid stands at 16,000 USD.
Apr 01, 14
This reckless driving video is no April Fools' Day joke
The driver of what appears to be a minivan is the author of one of the most dangerous driving clips in existence.
Mar 14, 14
Old lady uses Nissan GT-R to do her everyday shopping
What would you put in a Nissan GT-R commercial?
Mar 12, 14
Jeremy Clarkson's childhood home on sale for 595,000 GBP
Jeremy Clarkson's home where he grew up is now up for grabs in United Kingdom with a 595,500 GBP listed price.
Mar 06, 14
Transformers 4: Age of Extinction extended trailer released [video]
Michael Bay has released an extended trailer for Transformers: Age of Extinction.
Feb 27, 14
2014 Ford Mustang from Need For Speed movie going up for auction
Ford has announced the 2014 Mustang from the Need for Speed movie will go under the hammer at the Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach Auction on April 12th.
Feb 23, 14
Norwegian ten-year-old strikes again, steals a relative's car now
That ten-year old Norwegian kid we talked about last week has stolen yet another car.
Feb 22, 14
59 vehicles from James Bond movies on sale for 20M GBP
An impressive collection of 59 vehicles from various James Bond movies is now up for grabs for 20M GBP.
Feb 20, 14
Zenvo cries foul over Top Gear review of the ST1 [video]
The Zenvo ST1 was recently featured on Top Gear and the Danish automaker isn't exactly thrilled by how things turned out.
Feb 17, 14
Ten-year-old kid grabs family car, ends up stuck in snow and claims he's a dwarf
A ten-year-old boy from Norway decided to take his father’s car for a joyride but ended up stuck in snow.
Feb 03, 14
Transformers: Age Of Extinction trailer released [video]
Michael Bay has released the first trailer for Transformers: Age of Extinction.
Jan 23, 14
The Stig 'helps' Google put Top Gear track on Street View, now available [video]
Google and The Stig joined forces to upload the famous Top Gear circuit on Google Street View.
Jan 09, 14
244M GBP super luxurious yacht to mimic Monaco and include a go kart track replica of the circuit
Plans for a very luxurious yacht named "The Streets of Monaco" by UK-based ship designers at Yacht Island Design have been revived, promising to create a floating replica of the actual location.
Jan 03, 14
Paul Walker autopsy reveals the Porsche Carrera GT was traveling 100+ mph when it lost control
According to autopsy reports, the accident that killed Paul Walker was so severe that he suffered multiple fractures and other traumatic injuries.
Jan 03, 14
Porsche Panamera recreated from fire and ice [video]
"Fire and Ice" video by Ross Cohen managed to win a contest organized by Porsche and Spotlight Cinema Networks.
Dec 31, 13
V12 coffee machine looks great, but costs 9,000 GBP
If you are willing to part with 9,000 GBP (about 15,000 USD or 10,800 EUR), the Espresso Veloce Serie Titanio V-12 coffee machine could be the most interesting item in your kitchen.
Dec 18, 13
Jaguar mocks Mercedes-Benz’s chicken ad for Magic Body Control [video]
Jaguar's marketing department has come up with a rather clever commercial in which they make fun of Mercedes-Benz's Magic Body Control ad.
Dec 09, 13
Leonardo DiCaprio & Venturi announce plans for a joint Formula E team [video]
Leonardo DiCaprio and Venturi Automobiles have announced plans to form a Formula E racing team.
Dec 03, 13
Sony unveils the Red Bull X2014 and a variety of Vision Gran Turismo concepts for Gran Turismo 6
Sony and Polyphony Digital have unveiled the Red Bull X2014 for Gran Turismo 6. The companies have also released teaser images of upcoming Vision Gran Turismo concepts.
Dec 02, 13
Fast & Furious franchise in jeopardy following Paul Walker's death - report
The future of the Fast & Furious franchise is in doubt following the sudden death of Paul Walker this weekend.
Nov 27, 13
Ferrari Enzo power slides in slow motion [video]
YouTube user TaxTheRich100 has returned with a slow motion clip of a Ferrari Enzo.
Nov 25, 13
GTA-styled "Wheelman" video shows the dangers of texting and driving
"Wheelman" by Rory Nestor shows the dangers of texting while driving in an entertaining GTA V-like short film.
Oct 24, 13
Tom Cruise to play Carroll Shelby in upcoming Go Like Hell movie - report
Rush didn't have a podium finish at the box office but that hasn't stopped 20th Century Fox from developing a new movie called Go Like Hell.
Oct 18, 13
Check out this impressively small 45cc V8 engine [video]
A car enthusiast successfully built a very small 45cc V8 model engine from scratch.
Oct 09, 13
Former Stig Ben Collins reveals his Top Gear secrets
Ben Collins has revealed some new details about his experience as the Stig on Top Gear.
Oct 09, 13
Tether car hits an amazing 205 mph [video]
A toy tether car managed to reach an impressive speed of 205 mph (330 km/h) at Whittier Narrows Recreation Area in Los Angeles.
Oct 07, 13
Dodge selects Ron Burgundy to promote 2014 Durango [videos]
Dodge has pulled off an interesting marketing scheme by selecting Ron Burgundy to promote the 2014 Durango.