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May 07, 15
Toruk and Ugur Sahin Design envision the electric car of the future [video]
Toruk Group in association with Ugur Sahin Design has sent us several renders depicting their vision of a future electric vehicle.
May 04, 15
PSA launching second-gen EVs in 2020 with longer range and lower prices; plug-in hybrid due 2019
PSA has announced plans to roll out its second generation of electric vehicles starting 2020.
Apr 30, 15
900 PS Tesla Model S P85D planned by LARTE with weight reduction included
The aftermarket specialists from LARTE Design have announced they are working on a 900 PS Tesla Model S P85D.
Apr 29, 15
BMW i3 transformed into mobile ATM for Idea Bank clients in Poland
Idea Bank from Poland has transformed a quartet of BMW i3s into mobile automated teller machines.
Apr 27, 15
Elon Musk announces Tesla Roadster 3.0 update available likely in August
Elon Musk revealed on his Twitter account the Tesla Roadster 3.0 update will likely be available in August.
Apr 27, 15
Volkswagen says single battery design could cut costs by 66%
Volkswagen has announced battery costs could be reduced by 66% by adopting a single configuration applicable on all models.
Apr 23, 15
BMW considering butterfly doors on the i5?
The rumor mill is back in action as new details are starting to emerge about the upcoming BMW i5.
Apr 22, 15
Audi says Q6 will be sexy and sporty; confirmed for 2018 release
Audi has characterized the fully electric Q6 as "sexy" and "sporty" while being "packed with utility."
Apr 20, 15
Chevrolet-FNR autonomous electric concept shows its futuristic body in Shanghai
The Chevrolet-FNR concept has been unveiled today on the dawn of Auto Shanghai 2015.
Apr 16, 15
Chevrolet Bolt to keep its name for production version
Chevrolet's marketing chief Tim Mahoney has announced the production version of the Bolt concept will keep the same name.
Apr 16, 15
Toroidion 1MW concept electrifies Top Marques Monaco with 1,341 bhp
After a teaser published in February, Finnish specialty marque Toroidion has unveiled the 1MW electric concept at 2015 Top Marques Monaco.
Apr 14, 15
Chevrolet lowers the base price of the 2015 Spark EV
Chevrolet has lowered the base price of the 2015 Spark EV by $1,650.
Apr 08, 15
Zotye E01 from China is a Land Rover, i3, ForTwo, Model S mashup
Zotye Auto has released a couple of images with the E01 which as you can see combines styling cues from several models.
Apr 08, 15
Tesla Model S 70D entry-level version announced with all-wheel drive and 514 bhp
Tesla Motors is introducing a new entry-level version Model S 70D which comes with all-wheel drive.
Apr 06, 15
BMW i3 goes up for sale on Amazon in Japan
Amazon has helped to change the way we shop and BMW is looking to tap into that by listing the i3 for sale on the popular website.
Apr 03, 15
Aston Martin Rapide EV in the works, could have up to 1000 bhp
Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer has revealed the company could offer an electric vehicle based on the Rapide.
Apr 03, 15
China’s first ever 3D printed car unveiled, looks shoddy [video]
The first 3D printed car from China has been recently unveiled after a five-day printing process.
Apr 03, 15
Next generation Volkswagen Camper likely to be all-electric
Volkswagen has shed some light about the next generation Camper which will likely be out before the end of the decade.
Mar 27, 15
Renault Zoe range extended by 30 km to 240 km
Renault has quietly announced the Zoe electric vehicle has gained an extra 30 km of range.
Mar 27, 15
Longer Yuelang X1 EV is a mini Chinese Range Rover Evoque with BMW wheels
The new Chinese company Longer has revealed its Yuelang X1 low-speed electric vehicle (LSEV) at the Shandong EV Expo in Jinan City
Mar 26, 15
Tesla Model X spied testing in California
A thinly camouflaged Tesla Model X prototype has been spied undergoing final testing in northern California.
Mar 24, 15
Tesla Model X spotted wearing minimal camouflage [video]
A near-production prototype of the Tesla Model X has been caught on camera around Palo Alto, California.
Mar 24, 15
VIDOEV shamelessly copies Volkswagen Beetle but adds rear doors and electric powertrain
Chinese low-speed electric vehicle manufacturer VIDOEV has copied the Volkswagen Beetle without any signs of remorse.
Mar 23, 15
Renault Twizy now available for the 14-year-olds
Renault has announced the Twizy EV can now be driven by 14-year-olds
Mar 19, 15
Richard Branson hints at a Tesla competitor
illionaire Richard Branson has revealed he could eventually build electrics vehicles to rival Tesla.
Mar 18, 15
BMW highlights their first electric vehicle [video]
BMW has released a new video which highlights their first electric vehicle.
Mar 18, 15
Elon Musk says human driving will eventually be banned
Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk declared during a tech industry conference this week that human driving will eventually be outlawed.
Mar 18, 15
Tesla Model S Convertible listed on eBay for $125,000
A Tesla Model S transformed into a four-door convertible has appeared on eBay. Based on 2014MY P85+ with performance package.
Mar 17, 15
Chinese automaker blatantly copies the Kia Picanto
The Kia Picanto/Morning has been shamelessly duplicated in China where it's known as the Yogomo 330.
Mar 15, 15
Elon Musk vows to end Tesla Model S range anxiety via software update
Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk has announced through Twitter the Model S is about to get a software update which will "end range anxiety."