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Nov 12, 14
Tesla celebrates Veterans Day with army camo wrapped Model S
Tesla Motors and SS Customs have applied a custom wrap on a Model S as a method to celebrate this year's Veterans Day.
Nov 10, 14
Lexus mocks the BMW i3 [video]
The Lexus CT200h might be a tad underwhelming but that hasn't stopped the company from mocking the BMW i3 in a new promotional video.
Nov 10, 14
BMW Light & Charge prototype unveiled, is a street light with an integrated EV charging port
Essentially a street light with an integrated charging port, the prototype attempts to kill two birds with one stone.
Nov 08, 14
BMW i3 gets flashy makeover from 3D Design and Studie Thailand
3D Design in collaboration with Studie thailand have developed a flashy cosmetic package for the BMW i3.
Nov 06, 14
Tesla Model X delayed yet again, this time until Q3 2015
Tesla Motors has announced the Model X has been delayed until the third quarter of 2015.
Nov 03, 14
Morgan repotedly considering an electric Three Wheeler
The Morgan Three Wheeler was designed to be a simplistic throwback to the early days of motoring but a new report is indicating the company is considering an electric variant.
Nov 03, 14
Mercedes-Benz G-Code concept unveiled with hydrogen electric setup
Mercedes-Benz has taken the wraps off an interesting concept called G-Code, a very compact crossover destined for urban use.
Oct 30, 14
All-electric Range Rover considered to rival Tesla Model X
A new report indicates Land Rover is working on a pure electric Range Rover model to compete with the forthcoming Tesla Model X.
Oct 28, 14
2016 Volt powertrain teased, initial specs released [video]
Following a preview earlier today, Chevrolet has released preliminary powertrain information for the 2016 Volt.
Oct 27, 14
Detroit Electric shows off SP:01 final design
Following a teaser video released earlier this month, Detroit Electric has published two images with the SP:01's final design.
Oct 25, 14
Tesla considering Model III estate and crossover derivatives
Tesla Motors has announced the Model III sedan could spawn derivatives such as a wagon and a crossover.
Oct 24, 14
Porsche Pajun to reportedly spawn a Tesla Model S competitor
According to a recent report, Porsche is developing an electric vehicle to battle the Tesla Model S.
Oct 24, 14
After Daimler, Toyota also sold some of its shares in Tesla Motors
Japanese financial daily Nikkei has announced Toyota has sold some of its shares in Tesla Motors.
Oct 23, 14
2015 Volkswagen e-Golf is the most efficient small EV in the US
Volkswagen has announced the 2015 e-Golf will become the most efficient compact electric vehicle in the United States.
Oct 22, 14
Daimler sells off their stake in Tesla, says they will still cooperate
Daimler has announced they have reorganized their partnership with Tesla and sold off their roughly four percent stake in the automaker.
Oct 21, 14
2015 Ford Focus Electric gets a $6,000 price cut
The Focus Electric is barely a blip on the automotive radar but Ford is hoping to change that with a substantial $6,000 price reduction.
Oct 17, 14
Detroit Electric SP:01 final design teased [video]
Detroit Electric's SP:01 is two years behind schedule but the company has just released a teaser video that provides a "hint of the final exterior design" of the production model.
Oct 13, 14
Electric Chevrolet Sonic rumored to come in 2017
General Motors is reportedly working on a new electric vehicle set for a 2017 market launch with the Chevrolet badge.
Oct 12, 14
Tecnicar Lavinia should become Italy's first electric supercar
Italian company Tecnicar is currently working on an electric supercar, capable of reaching 300 km/h
Oct 10, 14
BMW i3 REX bombs with Consumer Reports, can experience a sudden loss of power
The BMW i3 REX has largely been overshadowed by its full-electric counterpart but the model is back in the news for less than stellar reasons.
Oct 10, 14
Cadillac approves ultra-luxury flagship, could be called the CT8 or CT9
We've been hearing about the Cadillac CT6 for years but it appears the company has just approved an even more luxurious flagship sedan.
Oct 10, 14
691 bhp Tesla Model S P85D unveiled with all-wheel drive and 3.2s 0-60 mph sprint [video]
Tesla Motors has taken the wraps off the range-topping Model S P85D which brings a wide array of massive improvements.
Oct 07, 14
Audi confirms second generation R8 getting plug-in hybrid and electric versions
Speaking at Paris Motor Show, Audi board member for R&D Ulrich Hackenberg has disclosed additional details about the forthcoming second generation R8.
Oct 06, 14
Volkswagen’s latest ad puts Captain Kirk in E-Golf and Mr. Spock in XL1 [video]
The Volkswagen e-Golf and XL1 are being showcased in a new ad that has a Star Trek theme.
Oct 04, 14
MINI Superleggera Vision concept beautifies Paris Motor Show
MINI has brought the stunning Superleggera Vision concept at this year's Paris Motor Show edition.
Oct 04, 14
Venturi America electric buggy brings 400 HP to Paris
French specialty marque Venturi has introduced the America electric buggy at the 2014 Paris Motor Show.
Oct 03, 14
Tesla Model S P85D photographed in USA
The Tesla Model S P85D has been spied somewhere in the USA, prior to official debut on 9 October
Sep 24, 14
Tesla Model S four-door convertible spotted on the road
A Tesla Model S transformed into a four-door convertible has been photographed in United States.
Sep 23, 14
Nissan e-NV200 gets the VIP treatment for Hannover Motor Show
Nissan is showcasing at the Hannover Motor Show an e-NV200 concept developed as a VIP passenger shuttle.
Sep 13, 14
Inaugural Formula E race ends with serious crash between Prost and Heidfeld [video]
Nick Heidfeld and Nicolas Prost were involved in a serious crash in the first race of the Formula E championship.