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17 hours ago
2016 Chevrolet Volt spied undergoing testing in Michigan
The 2016 Chevrolet Volt has been spied undergoing testing in Michigan. See the pictures inside
Apr 21, 14
Mercedes & BYD unveil the Denza electric vehicle at Auto China
Daimler and BYD have officially unveiled the Denza electric vehicle at the Beijing Motor Show.
Apr 17, 14
MG Dynamo concept unveiled, has a 70 bhp electric motor
MG is celebrating their 90th anniversary by introducing the Dynamo concept.
Apr 14, 14
Tesla Model S by Saleen design sketches released
Saleen Automotive has released several design sketches with their modified Tesla Model S, following an announcement made at the beginning of the month.
Apr 11, 14
Mercedes-Benz begins B-Class Electric Drive production at Rastatt factory
Mercedes-Benz has kicked off this week production of the B-Class Electric Drive at the Rastatt factory in Germany.
Apr 08, 14
Tesla announces Model S business leasing for the US
Tesla Motors has announced on its blog the launch of a leasing program for business owners
Apr 08, 14
NCE has received 100 orders for Tesla Model S cabrio conversion from Chinese investor
Newport Convertible Engineering announced this week they received 100 orders to turn the Tesla Model S into a convertible.
Apr 07, 14
Opel to launch a battery electric vehicle in 2016 or 2017 - report
Citing company insiders, Automobilwoche is reporting Opel is planning to launch a battery electric vehicle in 2016 or 2017. Little is known about the model but it will reportedly be smaller and more a...
Apr 01, 14
Saleen Automotive to preview their Tesla Model S based EV on April 12th
Saleen Automotive has released some new details about their upcoming electric vehicle.
Mar 31, 14
Detroit Electric SP:01 slated for production later this year - report
The Detroit Electric SP:01 was slated to go into production last August but after a series of delays the company has reportedly targeted production for later this year.
Mar 28, 14
Tesla Model S upgraded to prevent fires
Following several high-profile fires, Tesla has equipped the Model S with a titanium underbody shield and aluminum deflector plates.
Mar 25, 14
Fomm Concept One unveiled as floating EV targeting areas vulnerable to flooding [video]
Coming from the Land of the Rising Sun, the interesting Fomm Concept One is an electric vehicle with floating capabilities.
Mar 21, 14
Toyota i-Road prototypes to begin testing in Japan [video]
Toyota will soon begin conducting consumer trails of the i-Road in Tokyo, Japan.
Mar 21, 14
Daimler and BYD's Denza EV spotted on the streets ahead of next month's official reveal
The Denza EV production version has been caught on camera ahead of an official reveal set for next month's Auto China in Beijing.
Mar 20, 14
BMW to produce more than 100,000 i models annually by 2020 - report
BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer has revealed plans to build more than 100,000 i models annually by 2020.
Mar 19, 14
Porsche CEO says the company is still considering an EV - report
Porsche CEO Matthias Müller has confirmed the company is considering an electric vehicle.
Mar 17, 14
Local Motors to build a 3D printed vehicle at the International Manufacturing Technology Show
Local Motors has announced plans to build and deliver the first "direct digital manufactured vehicle" at The International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) in Chicago.
Mar 15, 14
Checking out a modified Tesla Model S priced at 205,820 USD [video]
T Sportline took a 123,770 USD Tesla Model S Performance 85 kWh and installed aftermarket parts which raised the car's price to 205,820 USD.
Mar 12, 14
Land Rover is keeping a close eye on the Tesla Model X - report
Jaguar Land Rover engineering director Wolfgang Ziebart has revealed some new details about the company's future lineup.
Mar 11, 14
Audi reconfirms R8 e-tron for production, next-gen Q7 and A8 coming this year
Audi board member for technical development, Ulrich Hackenberg, said the R8 e-tron will eventually go into production as a build to order model.
Mar 04, 14
Nissan BladeGlider demonstrates innovation and excitement in Geneva
First unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show, Japan, in November 2013, the Nissan BladeGilder has been presented at the Geneva Motor Show, making its first official European appearance
Mar 03, 14
Italdesign Giugiaro Clipper concept is Volkswagen's Model X
Italdesign Giugiaro has introduced their new Clipper concept at the Geneva Motor Show.
Feb 25, 14
Copenhagen Wheel turns any bicycle into a smart electric hybrid [video]
Copenhagen Wheel, developed by students at MIT’s SENSEable City Lab, quickly transforms ordinary bicycles into hybrid e-bikes.
Feb 17, 14
Apple eyeing a Tesla takeover?
According to a recent report, Apple's head of mergers and acquisitions had a meeting with Tesla CEO Elon Musk.
Feb 17, 14
Burnout battle: 2013 Tesla Model S vs. 1968 Pontiac Firebird - which one is better? [video]
As crazy as it sounds, smoky burnouts can happen with no engine roar.
Feb 16, 14
Volkswagen e-Golf goes on sale in Germany, starts at 34,900 EUR
Volkswagen has announced the electric version of the Golf VII is now effectively on sale in Germany, with prices starting at 34,900 EUR.
Feb 10, 14
Tesla Model S to gain AWD and larger battery packs
Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk has disclosed a few interesting details about the future of the Model S during a meeting in Amsterdam.
Feb 06, 14
2015 Kia Soul EV charges up the Windy City [video]
Kia has officially unveiled the 2015 Soul EV at the Chicago Auto Show. Full details inside
Feb 04, 14
Audi Q8 e-tron to compete with Tesla Model X - report
Senior sources within Audi have revealed the Q8 will receive an e-tron variant to take on the upcoming Tesla Model X.
Feb 03, 14
Kia Soul EV spied as company confirms the model will debut in Chicago
The Kia Soul EV has been spied ahead of its debut at the Chicago Auto Show.