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6 hours ago
Bentley designer calls out Lincoln over the Continental concept's styling
A number of our readers pointed out the Lincoln Continental concept bears a passing resemblance to the Bentley Flying Spur and it appears Bentley chief designer Luc Donckerwolke agrees as he has expre...
Mar 25, 15
Mahindra negotiating with Pininfarina for takeover
Reuters is reporting Mahindra is close to buying troubled design house Pininfarina.
Mar 19, 15
Lexus to introduce a bespoke design concept at Milan Design Week
Lexus has announced plans to introduce a bespoke design concept at Milan Design Week.
Mar 17, 15
Futuristic Camaro & Corvette make a surprise appearance at GM design studio [video]
Velocity's AMERICARNA recently went behind the scenes of General Motors' design studio and their cameras appeared to have captured a rendering of a mid-engine Corvette.
Mar 13, 15
Honda to continue to embrace practical styling, says that's what customers want
Honda's design department has finally shown some signs off life but it appears it could have been a fluke as COO Testsuo Iwamura has revealed the company will continue to embrace practical styling.
Feb 27, 15
Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera Berlinetta Lusso leaks out early
The first pictures of the Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera Berlinetta Lusso have surfaced online, ahead of its debut at the Geneva Motor Show.
Feb 26, 15
Hyundai i20 Active previewed in official design sketches
Hyundai India has released two design sketches, depicting the i20 Active crossover
Feb 25, 15
Italdesign Giugiaro GEA concept teased for a second time [video]
Italdesign Giugiaro has released the first teaser video of their upcoming GEA concept.
Feb 25, 15
MINI Clubman JCW Vision Gran Turismo design sketches published
GTPlanet has managed to obtain the first official design sketches with MINI’s Vision Gran Turismo concept.
Feb 19, 15
Nissan shows how the 2016 Titan was designed [video]
Nissan has released the third installment of their Titan Truckumentary which examines how the 2016 Titan XD was created.
Feb 19, 15
Alfa Romeo wants fans to help design their 4C safety car
Alfa Romeo has launched an international design contest which asks fans to help create a livery for the 4C Safety Car that will be used in the Superbike World Championship.
Feb 19, 15
Italdesign Giugiaro heading to Geneva Motor Show with new concept
Italdesign Giugiaro has sent us a teaser/invitation for their brand new concept scheduled to premiere in less than two weeks at the Geneva Motor Show.
Feb 17, 15
Ferrari envisions Formula 1 car of the future
Ferrari has released this morning a couple of renders depicting their vision of a future Formula 1 car.
Jan 04, 15
Next-gen Kia Optima to get sharper design
The second generation Kia Optima will reportedly feature a sharper design when it debut in the first quarter of 2015
Dec 31, 14
Local Motors announces their LITECAR Challenge [video]
Designed to see how light cars can become, the challenge asks designers and engineers to come up with a purely conceptual vehicle that uses advanced lightweight materials and innovative structural sol...
Dec 23, 14
GM showcases their PowerWall, helps bring future models to life [video]
General Motors is showcasing their PowerWall which helps designers and engineers develop vehicles faster than ever before.
Dec 18, 14
BMW takes a look back with former head designer Paul Bracq [video]
BMW has released a new video which examines the life and times of former head designer Paul Braq.
Dec 11, 14
Nissan turns kid's drawing into concept cars
Nissan Brazil recently celebrated Children's Day by conducting a unique design contest which asked their workers to submitted pictures of cars drawn by their kids.
Dec 05, 14
Audi Prologue concept shows up at Design Miami
Audi is currently showcasing their stylish Prologue concept at the Design Miami
Dec 05, 14
Gray Design Sidewinder envisioned as a high-end dune buggy [video]
Gray Design has sent us images and details concerning their latest project, a high-end dune buggy called Sidewinder.
Nov 17, 14
Porsche unveils their new 911 sculpture
Porsche has released the first renderings of their 911 sculpture that will be installed at their headquarters in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen.
Nov 13, 14
New BMWs to feature more distinctive styling cues
BMW design director Karim Habib has revealed the company's upcoming models will feature unique styling cues to help differentiate them for each other.
Nov 12, 14
Lazzarini Design teases their twin-turbo Alfa 4C Definitiva with 738 bhp
Lazzarini Design has been known to come up with some crazy ideas but their latest proposal takes the cake.
Nov 12, 14
Infiniti showcases their imaginative concept for the L.A. Auto Show Design Challenge
Infiniti has unveiled their entry for the Los Angeles Auto Show Design Challenge. Since this year's theme focuses on how technology will transform the human-to-machine interface (HMI), Infiniti Design...
Oct 27, 14
Detroit Electric shows off SP:01 final design
Following a teaser video released earlier this month, Detroit Electric has published two images with the SP:01's final design.
Oct 27, 14
BMW announces next-gen core models will get differentiated styling
BMW has announced plans to roll out different designs for its next generation of core models.
Sep 30, 14
SF-01 Street Fighter wins Local Motors Design Challenge, could go into production
Local Motors has announced the SF-01 Street Fighter has been named the winner of their Sports Car Platform Design Challenge.
Sep 23, 14
The 2015 Ford Mustang could have looked like this
The 2015 Ford Mustang has received nearly universal acclaim but things could have turned out differently if the company went with this particular proposal.
Sep 19, 14
Infiniti to expand lineup by 60 percent by 2020
Infiniti has announced plans to expand their "premium model range" by 60 percent by the end of the decade.
Sep 05, 14
Highly detailed Vapour GT by Gray Design renders look stunning [video]
Gray Design is back with the Vapour GT project which will soon be featured in a video game.