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Mar 23, 15
Caterham launches three new Seven models
Caterham has introduced three new versions of the Seven sports car
Nov 28, 14
Caterham to launch three models next year
British media is reporting Caterham will add three new models to their lineup sometime next year.
Aug 13, 14
Caterham Seven 360 and 480 arrive at Monterey Car Week and enter US market
Caterham has introduced the Seven 360 and 480 at Monterey Car Week in California, thus signaling the availability of both models in United States.
Jul 02, 14
Caterham commited to car production following F1 sale
The Caterham Group has confirmed they have sold their F1 team to a consortium of Swiss and Middle-Eastern investors. Despite the move, the company is fully committed to car production.
May 27, 14
Caterham dismisses rumors of a sale
Caterham has dismissed reports that the company is up for sale. In a statement, the company called the reports "factually incorrect" and said Tony Fernandes is "wholly committed to the Caterham brand...
May 27, 14
Caterham Seven Kamui Kobayashi special edition announced for Japan
Caterham and Kamui Kobayashi have teamed up for a special edition of the Seven destined for Japan.
May 26, 14
Caterham Group on sale for 589M USD - report
Caterham Group owner Tony Fernandes has allegedly decided to sell the UK-based company, according to a Malaysian business journal.
Apr 22, 14
Caterham Seven spiritual successor virtually envisioned
The Caterham Seven is on the market for almost 60 years now, in which it underwent several updates
Mar 27, 14
Renault-Caterham joint venture officially canceled, both cars will live on
Renault has told union leaders in France the joint venture with Caterham will be terminated at the beginning of next month, thus confirming a rumor which emerged several days ago.
Mar 23, 14
Renault-Caterham sports car joint venture to be terminated - report
British media is indicating the joint venture between Renault and Caterham will be axed in the near future.
Mar 14, 14
Kamui Kobayashi hits the track in a Caterham Seven 620 R [video]
Caterham F1's newest team member, Kamui Kobayash, has taken a spin in the Caterham Seven 620 R.
Feb 12, 14
Renault Alpine delayed due to styling changes - report
According to a recent report, the Renault Alpine has been delayed due to a styling change.
Jan 10, 14
Caterham AeroSeven to be redesigned, production model delayed until fall 2015
Caterham has announced the production version of the AeroSeven concept has been delayed until fall 2015 due to an ongoing redesign.
Jan 06, 14
2014 Caterham Superlight R300 announced
Caterham has introduced an updated version of their Superlight R300 race car. It features a revised suspension and a new Sadev six-speed sequential transmission.
Jan 03, 14
Caterham Seven 480 & Seven 620R headed to the U.S. thanks to new distribution deal
Caterham and Superformance have signed an agreement which will make the latter company Caterham's new US distributor.
Nov 28, 13
Caterham says this SUV sketch doesn't belong to them
A design sketch allegedly depicting the forthcoming Caterham SUV has surfaced the web, but company officials have promptly denied releasing the drawing.
Nov 26, 13
Tony Fernandes suggests Alpine-Caterham tie-up could spawn a crossover & city car - report
Caterham Chairman Tony Fernandes has revealed some new details about the company's crossover and city car.
Nov 05, 13
Caterham launches motorcycle division with three products
Caterham has revealed its motorcycle division which will initially comprise three models: Classic E-Bike, Carbon E-Bike and Brutus 750.
Oct 22, 13
Caterham Seven 165 detailed, priced from 14,995 GBP
Caterham has released additional photos and info about its new entry-level model, the Seven 165.
Oct 04, 13
Caterham's future models to depend on partnerships - report
Caterham recently announced plans to offer city cars and crossovers and a new report is indicating those models depend on partnerships.
Oct 01, 13
Caterham Alpine launching in 2016 with 250 bhp - report
A new report sheds some light regarding Caterham's version of the Alpine revival which is being co-developed with Renault who will get its own version.
Sep 20, 13
Caterham Co-Chairman confirms plans for crossovers and city cars
Caterham Group Co-Chairman Tony Fernandes has revealed some new details about the company's future product lineup.
Sep 19, 13
Caterham AeroSeven concept leaked
Caterham recently teased a mysterious new concept on their F1 cars and the model has accidently leaked to the web ahead of its debut at the Singapore Grand Prix.
Sep 10, 13
Caterham Seven 165 races into Frankfurt
Caterham has introduced the Seven 165 today on the inaugural day of the Frankfurt Motor Show.
Sep 06, 13
Caterham teases a new concept on its F1 cars
Caterham has found a new way of teasing a car, by drawing its silhouette on the company's F1 racers for this weekend's F1 Italian Grand Prix.
Sep 02, 13
Caterham Seven 165 concept headed to Frankfurt with 80 HP
Caterham has announced plans to introduce their Seven 165 concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show.
Aug 05, 13
Entry-level Caterham Seven teased with a Suzuki engine
Caterham has announced their entry-level Seven will be powered by a Suzuki-sourced turbocharged three-cylinder engine that displaces 660cc.
Jul 19, 13
2015 Renault/Caterham Alpine disguised as Lotus Exige spied again
A prototype of the Lotus Exige-bodied Renault/Caterham Alpine has been spied testing once again at the Nürburgring.
Jul 17, 13
2015 Renault/Caterham Alpine spied wearing Lotus Exige body
The co-developed Renault/Caterham Alpine revival has been spotted testing while wearing a Lotus Exige body.