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45 hours ago
Mysterious Bentley Continental GT V8 prototype spied, could be a high-performance variant
A mysterious Bentley Continental GT V8 prototype has been spied undergoing testing on the Nürburgring.
Apr 09, 14
Bentley Hybrid Concept announced, arriving at Beijing Motor Show
Bentley has announced plans to show the Mulsanne-based Hybrid Concept later this month at the 2014 Beijing Motor Show.
Mar 22, 14
Bentley aiming at 200 mph top speed for 2016 SUV - report
British media is reporting Bentley is targeting a 200 mph top speed for its upcoming SUV.
Mar 20, 14
Bentley confirms plans to offer a plug-in hybrid in 2017
Bentley has officially announced plans to offer a plug-in hybrid powertrain. It will arrive in 2017.
Mar 19, 14
Bentley plans boosting production of W12 engine to 9,000 units, will be exported
Bentley has disclosed plans to increase production of the W12 engine from the end of 2014 onwards.
Mar 19, 14
Bentley teases first ever SUV, due in 2016
Bentley has released a teaser image for the company's first ever SUV slated to come out in 2016.
Mar 06, 14
Entry-level Bentley could arrive by 2020 - report
Bentley Sales and Marking Director Kevin Rose has revealed the company is considering another model.
Mar 05, 14
Mansory tunes the Bentley Flying Spur to 900 HP
Mansory has introduced their new tuning program for the Bentley Flying Spur. It features styling and performance upgrades.
Mar 03, 14
2014 Bentley GT Speed Coupe is the fastest production Bentley ever
Bentley has taken the wraps off the 2014 GT Speed Coupe and Convertible at the Geneva Motor Show.
Feb 25, 14
Bentley Flying Spur gains twin-turbo V8 4.0-liter engine with 500 bhp
Bentley has announced the Flying Spur will be offered with a V8 4.0-liter twin-turbo engine.
Feb 25, 14
2014 Bentley Continental GT Speed introduced with 626 bhp
Bentley has updated the Continental GT Speed for the 2014 model year by infusing even more power.
Feb 24, 14
Bentley crossover to have a modern design, could cost $200,000 - report
Bentley's crossover is inching closer to production and new details are starting to emerge about the highly-anticipated model.
Feb 05, 14
Bentley finally introduces the new Azure
Bentley has finally introduced a new Azure and unfortunately it has nothing to do with the Mulsanne Convertible concept.
Jan 24, 14
Bentley unveils their new... furniture collection
If the plebian Smart ForTwo BoConcept special edition made you swear off the high-end furniture company, you'll be glad to know there's a new competitor in the form of Bentley.
Jan 14, 14
Bentley Mulsanne Birkin limited edition announced for Europe
Bentley is introducing a special edition of the Mulsanne which pays tribute to "Bentley Boy" Sir Henry "Tiger" Tim Birkin, a well-known racer of the 20s and 30s.
Jan 13, 14
DMC unveils Bentley Continental GT DURO China Edition with 672 HP
DMC has murdered out a Bentley Continental GT and did some hardware upgrades to match the sinister looks.
Jan 08, 14
Bentley CEO confirms plans for a hybrid SUV, hybrid powertrain to be offered across the lineup
Bentley CEO Dr Wolfgang Schreiber has revealed some new details about the company's upcoming crossover.
Dec 10, 13
Bentley Continental GT3 to compete in the British GT Championship
The racing debut of the Bentley Continental GT3 is inching closer as David Appleby Engineering has announced they will become the first customer racing team to take delivery of the model.
Nov 14, 13
Five Bentleys worth 1M EUR stolen from biggest Bentley dealership in Europe
No less than five Bentleys were stolen last weekend from the company's largest showroom in Europe.
Nov 08, 13
Two-tone Bentley Mulsanne Shaheen unveiled at the Dubai Motor Show
Bentley has quietly introduced the Mulsanne Shaheen at the Dubai Motor Show. It features a number of unique and luxurious upgrades.
Oct 29, 13
Vorsteiner unveils their Bentley GT BR10-RS
Vorsteiner has introduced a new styling program for the Bentley Continental GT. It includes carbon fiber bumpers, extended side skirts, a carbon fiber rear diffuser and a carbon fiber deck lid spoile...
Oct 03, 13
Onyx Concept introduces their Bentley GTX
Onyx Concept has introduced their new Bentley GTX. It features a widebody kit and an upgraded twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 engine.
Oct 03, 13
Bentley four-door coupe speculatively rendered
Information recently surfaced that Bentley intended to introduce a new four-door coupe to their line-up which is naturally followed by speculative renderings by the talented artists in the world.
Sep 24, 13
Bentley four-door coupe planned for 2018 - report
A new report indicates Bentley officials have green-lighted a four-door coupe for a 2018 market release.
Sep 20, 13
Bentley Mulsanne Convertible axed - report
Bentley introduced a Mulsanne convertible concept at the 2012 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance and Bentley CEO Wolfgang Schreiber has just confirmed the model won't be headed into production.
Sep 18, 13
Bentley announces its 12-cylinder 650 bhp SUV will create a new segment
Bentley boldly states its high-end SUV due in 2016 will pave the way for a new segment.
Sep 09, 13
Bentley Continental GT V8 S coupe & convertible unveiled in Frankfurt [LIVE VIDEOS]
Bentley has introduced the Continental GT V8 S at the Frankfurt Motor Show. It has an upgraded twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 engine that produces 528 HP (389 kW).
Sep 03, 13
Bentley Continental GT V8 S revealed with 521 bhp [videos added]
Bentley has announced a more powerful "S" version of the Continental GT8 V packing an extra 21 bhp (16 kW).
Aug 13, 13
Bentley Mulsanne Le Mans Edition headed to Pebble Beach
Bentley has announced plans to stage the North American debut of the Mulsanne Le Mans Edition at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.
Aug 09, 13
Bentley Continental GT allegedly based on Rolls-Royce Phantom costs 300,000 EUR
This is reportedly a one-off Bentley Continental GT based on a Rolls-Royce Phantom which is currently available on sale in Marbella, Spain.