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Oct 25, 06
Ascari World Debut of the 625bhp A10
Designed, engineered and hand built in Banbury, England the A10 has 625bhp and weighs in at around 1200kg, thanks to its lightweight carbon fibre bodywork. Reaching 60mph in just 2.8 seconds and 100m...
Jul 14, 06
WCF Test Drive: Ascari KZ1
Supercars used to be savage, one-dimensional beasts.Not anymore, now even the warp-speed hypercars are iron fists wrapped in the velvet gloves and the Ascari KZ1 has the softest touch of the current b...
Jun 07, 06
Ascari KZ1 Heads for Tinsel town via Cannes
Ascari's Chris Burton sees the movie tie-in as the perfect opportunity to introduce the 500bhp Ascari to a global audience.
May 04, 06
Ascari KZ1 to Feature in Persuaders
Banbury based supercar manufacturer, Ascari, has topped a public vote to find the star car for the forthcoming Hollywood adaptation of the 70's crime caper, the Persuaders.
Feb 09, 06
Ascari Takes to the Catwalk with Attitude
For London Fashion Week