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1 hour ago
Nissan Maxima Coupe and Wagon digitally envisioned
The recently unveiled 2016 Nissan Maxima has been transformed into a coupe and wagon through a couple of renders from independent artists.
Apr 17, 15
Lamborghini Huracan rendered as Star Wars-themed Huracan J
JONSIBAL has developed a Star Wars-influenced render based on the Lamborghini Huracan.
Apr 15, 15
Honda Civic Type R Coupe renders show stunning design
Independent artist Wild Speed has turned the Honda Civic Coupe concept into a fully-fledged Type R model.
Apr 14, 15
2016 Audi A4 speculatively rendered inside and out
Car illustrator Julien Jodry has digitally imagined for French magazine Auto Moto the upcoming Audi A4 (B9) set to be unveiled in the following months.
Apr 13, 15
Jaguar XF Sportbrake renders show very probable design
Theophilus Chin has released a couple of renders with the second generation Jaguar XF Sportbrake.
Apr 11, 15
Next generation BMW M5 speculatively rendered
RM Design has speculatively rendered the next generation BMW M5 set to come out before the end of the decade.
Apr 10, 15
Mercedes pickup gets ready for production in new rendering
The recently confirmed first Mercedes-Benz model has been virtually envisioned by Theophilus Chin
Apr 10, 15
WCF reader envisions next-gen Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe and Convertible
A WCF reader has sent us several digital interpretations of the next generation Mercedes-Benz E-Class (W213).
Apr 09, 15
Kia Optima Wagon render shows what we won’t get
X-Tomi Design decided to render a wagon version of the new Kia Optima to show us what we're missing.
Apr 07, 15
Jaguar C-XJ flagship model rendered with Giugiaro GEA influences
Theophilus Chin combined the F-Type and Giugiaro GEA concept to create the C-XJ, a hypothetical concept of a future XJ model.
Apr 07, 15
Mercedes GLB previews a CLA-based crossover
Auto Projecoes has imagined a new Mercedes-Benz crossover, based on the CLA sedan and called the GLB
Apr 05, 15
Renault Ondelios rendered as a future flagship SUV
Theophilus Chin has virtually envisioned a future 7-seat flagship SUV from Renault
Apr 04, 15
Audi R8 V10 Plus Spyder renders show what to expect
The second generation Audi R8 V10 Plus has received the digital treatment from Theophilus Chin who decided to chop off the roof to create a Spyder version.
Apr 03, 15
McLaren 570S Spider speculatively rendered prior to probable 2017 launch
X-Tomi Design has decided to turn the recently unveiled McLaren 570S Coupe into a Spider.
Mar 30, 15
Honda S1000 Type R digitally imagined
Hungarian independent artist X-Tomi Design decided to render a hotter version of the Honda S660.
Mar 27, 15
Jaguar XF Sportbrake will probably look a lot like this render
The recently unveiled second generation Jaguar XF has received a Sportbrake makeover from RM Design.
Mar 26, 15
Apple car digitally envisioned with Tesla influences
The rumored Apple car has been digitally imagined by carwow with a Tesla-influenced design.
Mar 26, 15
Jaguar XFR-S rendering previews a very possible look
Independent designer Khalil Bouguerra has envisioned a flagship sporty version of the recently unveiled Jaguar XF
Mar 23, 15
McLaren 570S speculatively rendered based on spy shots
Independent artist Wild Speed has speculatively rendered the McLaren 570S based on the recent spy shots and teasers.
Mar 22, 15
Next generation Opel Astra Sports Tourer speculatively rendered
The next generation Opel Astra Sports Tourer has been digitally imagined by Theophilus Chin.
Mar 21, 15
Skoda Superb Convertible rendered as a classic Felicia successor
Theophilus Chin has created a virtual successor for the classic Skoda Felicia convertible model, based on the recently introduced Superb
Mar 20, 15
Aston Martin Thunderbolt Volante digitally imagined
X-Tomi Design transformed the Aston Martin Thunderbolt concept into a convertible worthy of the "Volante" suffix.
Mar 20, 15
Toyota reportedly planning hot Yaris with 235 bhp
New reports from Japan and Australia are indicating Toyota is plotting a hot version of the Yaris.
Mar 19, 15
Next generation Nissan Micra rendered based on Sway concept
The 2016 Nissan Micra/March has been speculatively rendered based on the recently unveiled Sway concept.
Mar 18, 15
Ford Mondeo RS renders show great potential
The not-so-new Ford Mondeo has received an RS digital makeover from Hungarian artist X-Tomi Design.
Mar 18, 15
BMW 1-Series FWD sedan rendered
RM Design has released a rendering project for the next-gen BMW 1-Series in sedan guise
Mar 17, 15
Aston Martin DBX Shooting Brake rendered
Theophilus Chin decided to transform the Aston Martin DBX into a shooting brake.
Mar 16, 15
Bentley EXP 10 Speed 6 concept rendered into a shooting brake
Theophilus Chin decided to turn Bentley's EXP 10 Speed 6 concept into a sleek shooting brake.
Mar 14, 15
Next-gen Volkswagen CC rendered based on Sport Coupe Concept GTE
Designer X-Tomi has envisioned the Volkswagen Sport Coupe Concept GTE as a production model
Mar 14, 15
Honda Civic Type R rendered without rear doors
The recently unveiled Honda Civic Type R has been digitally imagined as a three-door model by X-Tomi Design.