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32 hours ago
Next-gen Audi R8 rendered, looks like a bigger TT
Thanks to RM Design, we have one more vision for the next generation Audi R8
Jul 20, 14
2015 Mazda2 / Demio render shows subcompact sedans can look good
Theophilus Chin has envisioned the recently introduced 2015 Mazda2 (Demio in Japan) as a sedan.
Jul 17, 14
Porsche Cayman GT4 speculatively rendered
The highly anticipated Porsche Cayman GT4 has been speculatively rendered by Virtuel-Car from France.
Jul 16, 14
Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe rendered
A new Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe is still a ways off but that hasn't stopped Remco Meulendijk from creating a rendering of what the car could look like.
Jul 10, 14
Opel Corsa virtually receives the OPC treatment
X-Tomi Design has envisioned the new Opel Corsa in an OPC high-performance variant
Jul 09, 14
Nissan Vision Gran Turismo GT2020 concept digitally imagined
A WCF reader has sent us a render with a GT variant of the recently unveiled Nissan Vision Gran Turismo 2020.
Jul 08, 14
2015 Volkswagen Passat Coupe and Shooting Brake envisioned
The recently revealed eight generation Volkswagen Passat has been envisioned in coupe and shooting brake body styles.
Jul 03, 14
Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG facelift loses rear doors through render
The recently facelifted Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG was rendered without the rear doors by X-Tomi Design.
Jul 02, 14
2015 Volkswagen Touran speculatively rendered
"Automotive manipulator" Theophilus Chin has released a couple of renders with the 2015 Volkswagen Touran.
Jul 01, 14
2015 Ford Focus sedan and wagon rendered in ST flavor
X-Tomi Design is presenting hypothetical ST versions of the recently facelifted Ford Focus Sedan and Wagon.
Jun 27, 14
LaFerrari LMP1 race car rendered, previews rumored Ferrari Le Mans returning
Daniele Pelligra, a young architecture student from Syracuse, Italy, has envisioned a Le Mans LMP1 race car, based on the Ferrari LaFerrari
Jun 26, 14
Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG Shooting Brake render looks like an official image
Independent artist Remco Meulendijk (of RM Design) has speculatively rendered the Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake in AMG flavor.
Jun 23, 14
BMW M2 render illustrates potential styling
X-Tomi Design is showing us his vision of the BMW M2 set to come out most likely early 2016.
Jun 23, 14
Second generation Aston Martin Rapide imagined through render
WCF reader Lutz Valdeig has sent us a render with his vision of a potential second generation Aston Martin Rapide.
Jun 16, 14
Fiat 128 Sport Coupe resurrected through Dodge Challenger based rendering
The classic Fiat 128 Sport Coupe, manufactured from 1971 to 1975, was brought back to life by Malaysian “automotive manipulator” Theophilus Chin
Jun 13, 14
Next-gen Mitsubishi LS200/Triton speculatively rendered
The fifth generation of the Mitsubishi L200, known as the Triton in some markets, has been digitally envisioned by Theophilus Chin
Jun 13, 14
Mazda CX-3 rendered with Hazumi concept influences
Mazda's upcoming entry-level crossover has been rendered with styling influences from the Hazumi concept.
Jun 12, 14
2016 BMW X6 M speculatively rendered
The second generation BMW X6 has been digitally dressed in M clothing by independent designer X-Tomi.
Jun 11, 14
Next-gen Opel Corsa rendered based on spy photos
Photoshop artist Remco Meulendijk from RM Design has released new renderings, this time showing us a potential look for the next generation Opel Corsa
Jun 10, 14
Audi RS1 Sportback digitally imagined
Independent designer Remco Meulendijk from The Netherlands has created a potential look for the Audi RS1 Sportback.
Jun 09, 14
New BMW X6 rendered as a convertible SUV
Malaysian “automotive manipulator” Theophilus Chin has digitally imagined a convertible body style for the new BMW X6 SUV
Jun 05, 14
WCF reader envisions sleek McLaren P15
A long-time WCF reader has sent us several renders with his vision of McLaren’s rumored mid-range P15.
Jun 04, 14
Future Skoda four-door coupe rendered by X-Tomi
X-Tomi Design envisioned a future compact four-coupe from Skoda, dubbed the Garde
Jun 04, 14
2015 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG render sees into the future
The highly anticipated 2015 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG has been digitally illustrated ahead of an official online reveal expected before the end of the year.
Jun 03, 14
2016/2017 BMW Z2 speculatively rendered
Well-known "automotive manipulator" Theophilus Chin has envisioned a very appealing look for BMW's rumored Z2.
Jun 02, 14
2015 Skoda Fabia rendered based on recent spy shots
The third generation Skoda Fabia has been digitally imagined based on the styling cues showed by prototypes in recent spy photographs.
May 31, 14
2015 Audi TT RS speculatively rendered
A WCF reader has sent us his vision of the Audi TT RS likely to be introduced sometime next year.
May 30, 14
Porsche Cayman GT4 render shows what to expect
The Porsche Cayman has been envisioned in the flagship GT4 specification which is expected to arrive within the next three years.
May 29, 14
MINI Superleggera production version rendered
Theophilus Chin has rendered the MINI Superleggera Concept as a production model
May 29, 14
Porsche Cayman Safari render is not a bad idea
Independent car designer X-Tomi Design from Hungary has envisioned a rugged-looking Porsche Cayman dubbed "Safari."