Ford Atlas concept

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zayak9 zayak9
The truck looks good. But much of the things shown are just that, "concept". Stop with the 5.5' box it looks silly and really serves no purpose in the truck world. Makes the truck(s) look goofy. Obviously the interior would not make it to production but get it close as it looks nice and functional. Add some space behind the rear seat so they can recline a little. Add a vertical rear window (like the Tundra CrewMax). Add lockers on both axles. Offer a manual tranny. Make a model that does not have chrome....my goodness how dated is the slathered in chrome.
Jun 25th, 2013 10:14pm
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MatthewKeys MatthewKeys
My 2 cents design-wise: add painted horizontal sheetmetal above bumper, redesign 90's fog lights, tone down the off road undercarriage, take the sheetmetal all across the headlights or not at all. The cab looks no different than an old truck if you can't revolutionize it add some chisels into the side like a luxury car, rear leds could use some work, a retro throwback with all chrome bumpers would look awesome, the fender flares are as bubbly as an old land cruiser.
Feb 1st, 2013 3:17am
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