NCE has received 100 orders for Tesla Model S cabrio conversion from Chinese investor

Tesla Model S Cabriolet by Newport Convertible Engineering
Tesla Model S Cabriolet by Newport Convertible Engineering

Available with both soft and hard tops

Newport Convertible Engineering announced this week they received 100 orders to turn the Tesla Model S into a convertible.

You probably know NCE is not a big fan of fixed metal roofs since they are willing to chop it off if the check clears. They recently received one very fat check from an unknown Chinese investor who wants to turn a whopping 100 Tesla Model S units into convertibles.

NCE has been working on a Tesla Model S cabrio conversion for the last six months and have created not only a soft top (29,000 USD) but also a hard roof (49,000 USD). Needless to say, these price tags do not include the costs of donor vehicle.

The conversion process for these 100 cars will begin in July and is going to be simultaneously conducted at NCE's headquarters in California, as well as in Dubai, UAE and Barcelona, Spain.

Source: Newport Convertible Engineering

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Comments (2)

SirLukkas SirLukkas
Seems like a clever busines move - there is no doubt more than adequate demand for a cabrio but Tesla has failed to respond as quickly as this guy. Easy money.
Apr 9th, 2014 6:06am
1 3
odysseus odysseus
Well this guy is doing easy money, but it'll end up in a nightmare when it comes to a car accident. A four door convertible is a huge challenge for every serious engineer to make it as stable and safe like any normal car. Even Mercedes decided to stop developing the four door S-Class convertible and stick with the conventional solution based on the C217 coupe. The guys at Tesla meanwhile have enough homeworks to do like release of the upcoming Model X, develop the long awaited Model C, build superchargers all over the world, improvements on battery technology to stay ahead of the competition etc. etc.
Apr 9th, 2014 2:34pm
3 0