Mercedes confirms CLS facelift for October, Smart ForFour debut in July

Mercedes Benz CLS Shooting Brake facelift spy photo
Mercedes Benz CLS Shooting Brake facelift spy photo / S.B. Medien

ForFour promises to offer class-leading interior room

Daimler CEO Dr. Dieter Zetsche has revealed some new details about Mercedes future product lineup.

Speaking at the company's annual press conference, Zetsche said "Having reworked the core members of E-Class family last year, we now plan to move further ahead in October. That's when the family will be joined by a new generation of CLS Coupe and CLS Shooting Brake." Despite saying they are part of a "new generation," they are actually just the facelifted models we've spotted countless times before.

Zetsche also confirmed the new Smart ForTwo will be 2.69m long and the ForFour will have "more interior space than any comparable competitor model despite a length of only 3.5m." The executive went on to say the ForFour will be unveiled in July and go on sale in the fourth quarter.

Zetsche also reaffirmed plans to introduce an all-new sports car and unveil the S-Class Coupe at the Geneva Motor Show.

Source: Mercedes-Benz via MB Passion

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Comments (3)

Benz Benz
I entirely agree with Katsudon88 and JohnMonopoly. It beggars belief that MB would even consider such an appalling retrograde step in design for the CLS. It destroys the clean lines of the interior and looks both crass and cheap. An unmitigated design disaster if they proceed and in the event, what a shame. Time I fear to give up this historic marque and go elsewhere.
Feb 16th, 2014 3:23am
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katsudon88 katsudon88
They've put in the cheapest looking element, the tab looking screen, from the A, B and C class into the CLS facelift... Why have they ruined the interior of a totally fine car???
Feb 11th, 2014 3:44am
0 1
JohnMonopoly JohnMonopoly
Why this "ipad" screen in the CLS?? :/
Feb 11th, 2014 2:02am
0 1