2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 / GT500 spied wearing less disguise

2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 / GT500 spy photo
2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 / GT500 spy photo / SB-Medien

Could be unveiled later this year

The 2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 / GT500 has been spied wearing less camouflage than ever before.

Looking virtually identical to the Mustang GT, the high-performance variant is distinguished by a hood scoop and a new four-tailpipe exhaust system. Our spy photographer also says the prototype could be equipped with ventilated front fenders but the camouflage makes it hard to be certain.

There's no word on what will power the car but previous reports have indicated it could eschew the supercharged 5.8-liter V8 - that develops 662 bhp (494 kW) and 631 lb-ft (854 Nm) of torque - for a new engine that is derived from the 5.0-liter V8 that resides in the Mustang GT. Little is known about the rumored engine but it could produce "substantially more" than 450 bhp (335 kW).

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Comments (6)

haji haji
interesting to see that they are hiding the wheels? carbon fiber brakes maybe??
Feb 5th, 2014 10:37am
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Swifty Swifty
GT350 will be 500hp, 50 more than GT, but it will have everything else different as well! GT500 will have 600hp from a new supercharged engine. 550hp is for the Bullit version and Mach 1 and there will be also some other legendary names in the future. For the first time the 2.3ECOboost will be offered as the LPG Autogas, so the gas powered car. Then it is electric version upcoming, probably a hybrid as well. At last there will be turbocharged diesel available, they just don't know if it will be 3.0 V6 turbo or twin-turbo V8.
Feb 4th, 2014 11:59pm
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hitar_potar hitar_potar
I'm not sure if they will produce a GT 350 AND a GT500 at the same time. But that's just me! :) As for the gas-powered/electric/hybrid/diesel variants - tough call. Probably won't happen like that, the Mustang is an icon and they won't ruin it with a diesel engine, despite diesels becoming very interesting options with the technologies going the way they're going. :)
Feb 5th, 2014 2:22am
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Swifty Swifty
of course not, first the GT350 and later the GT500.....diesel will happen, in Europe especially, it is not the question of the ruining the Mustang name, it is simple if it would be diesel European will buy it, if not they won't care about heritage, the same hard-core Mustang fans are banging about 4-cylinder engine, but now it's here, and diesel will be as well, the next generation Mustang will have diesel in USA too.
Feb 5th, 2014 4:04pm
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HermanCampbell HermanCampbell
I feel the GT is going to make around 450hp so this will be prob 550-600. Dont think will be as powerful as current GT500, doesnt need to be if it does a better job of putting the power to the ground. Hopefully they put wider meats on the back of this since current Shelby has skinny little 285's
Feb 4th, 2014 9:57pm
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NYyanks NYyanks
http://mylolface.com/assets/faces/happy-cuteness-overload.jpg so. awesome.
Feb 4th, 2014 9:44pm
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