Lexus working on a high-performance CT200h - report

Lexus CT200h F Sport 18.01.2011
Lexus CT200h F Sport 18.01.2011

Exec says people wanted something more powerful

The Lexus CT200h hasn't been a huge success so the company is considering a high-performance model.

Details are limited but Lexus International Executive Vice President Mark Templin told Motoring "If we had had a second powertrain in that car, I think sure we would have done a lot more volume.”

While Templin insists that people loved the hybrid powertrain, he admitted the company "missed a segment of the market for people who want fast cars." As he explained "A lot of people liked the looks and liked the way it drove" but they wanted something faster.

The executive stopped short of confirming a high-performance variant but noted, in the future, the company may need to offer both an entry-level hybrid and something a tad more powerful.

Source: Motoring
Published Nov 11th, 2013 3:00pm By Michael Gauthier
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Comments (11)

StevePalmer StevePalmer
It will be interesting to see if a nurtured vehicle can grow balls and be liked. That's two steps in the evolutionary ladder. I love it when this happens. Money talks more than votes at an election, government intervention, Euro emission laws, the greens and political correctness.
Nov 12th, 2013 12:10pm
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People like the looks?? Seriously, the back of the car is the first thing they gotta change.
Nov 11th, 2013 5:56pm
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EnzoTinyu EnzoTinyu
CT350 AWD would be a 135i/A45 killer
Nov 11th, 2013 3:46pm
4 1
HermanCampbell HermanCampbell
I've been saying that for a long time! I love how the car looks, but I dont want a hybrid. Not asking for a lot, just give me that with around 200-250hp with a stick shift.
Nov 11th, 2013 3:34pm
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Decypha Decypha
Thank you. I love a company that responds to people's needs. PS the title of the article has Leuxs in it instead of Lexus. :)
Nov 11th, 2013 3:14pm
2 1
michaelg michaelg
Thanks for the heads up, it's been corrected
Nov 11th, 2013 3:27pm
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cnpgs cnpgs
Yes a company that responds to people's requests is good, but isn't anything special since a) this is more or less done by pretty much any company because b) it's in the interest of the company to make something which more people will buy, thus increasing profits ;)
Nov 11th, 2013 6:36pm
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Decypha Decypha
Not all companies think that way I'm afraid - a lot of companies still subscribe to the adage that if you build it they will come. Ask a lot of Alfa fans and they will tell you. That's one company that hasn't yet fully responded to most people's needs. They are trying a bit lately though.
Nov 11th, 2013 7:00pm
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cnpgs cnpgs
@ Decypha - well you will always find exceptions, and Alfa is a company that has been stagnant for quite some time simply because its parent company, Fiat, has been busy with the Chrysler take-over. Otherwise, companies will in general only make products which they know will sell well (through prior research, which includes asking consumers what they like) unless a) they believe their 'name'/badge is so desirable that people will buy it even if it's not so good or b) they want to create something innovative/want to show off/want to take a risk.
Nov 11th, 2013 7:17pm
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Decypha Decypha
You would be surprised at how few decisions are actually based on what consumers want bud. Take this car for instance, Lexus had the aim of reaching a younger market by releasing a hatchback that was more expensive (in my country anyway) and yet still slower than most of its competitors... call it speculation but I would think that prior research would have told them that this wasn't the smartest course of action. It hasn't been a "huge success" as the article states. If indeed there was research done on consumers prior to this car's release it must have been done incorrectly.
Nov 11th, 2013 11:46pm
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Decypha Decypha
Fiat has been busy with the Chrysler take-over since after 2008/09, Alfa has not been what people want from Alfa for over 20 years now but hopefully Fiat has a solid plan in-store to bring the brand more inline with what people want from it. Honda is a current victim of that too; they have become very conservative and are doing a lot less of what people want from them. Mercedes-Benz also did the same thing in the early 2000s when they allowed the quality of their cars to drop... they have recovered now that they have sorted that out. A few car companies don't exist anymore simply because they didn't build cars that people wanted - the credit crunch took care of a few of those. So you are right in saying that a strong brand often comes to the rescue of a company that doesn't deliver what its people want anymore but that can only go on for so long before people either lose interest or someone else starts providing them what they really want.
Nov 11th, 2013 11:58pm
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