Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen all-wheel drive due late 2014 in U.S. - report

2012 VW Passat Alltrack - 23.11.2011
2012 VW Passat Alltrack - 23.11.2011

To rival the Subaru Outback

A recent report indicates Volkswagen's U.S. division is preparing an all-wheel drive wagon based on the Golf VII.

Automotive News says Volkswagen has already approved an AWD variant of the Golf-based Jetta SportWagen which will reach stateside in late 2014. It will probably be a follow-up in terms of philosophy to the Passat-based Alltrack Concept shown by VW last year at the New York Auto Show. Aside from the all-wheel drive setup, the Jetta SportWagen is likely to come with an increased ride height and body cladding.

The alleged Jetta derivative will be VW’s method to compete in the U.S. with the popular Subaru Outback which was sold last year in 117,553 units, making it Subaru's best-selling model in United States and outselling the Jetta SportWagen by almost five to one.

Note: Volkswagen Passat Alltrack and Alltrack Concept pictured

Source: autonews.com

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this is not a Volkswagen Jetta Sportwagon! But yes a Volkswagen Passat Alltrack Sportwagon!
Aug 7th, 2013 5:12am
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Mr80s Mr80s
...as is noted below the pic, which only gives an idea of what the Jetta might like like. Anyway, "nice comment this one, I like it"
Aug 7th, 2013 12:03pm
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