Ferrari admits 'struggling' with wind tunnel problems

 Ferrari admits struggling with wind tunnel problems
Ferrari F138 front wing and nosecone detail. 22.05.2013 Monaco Grand Prix / XPB

Wind tunnels are still causing headaches for Ferrari.

The fabled team moved its entire aerodynamic testing programme to the Toyota facility in Cologne, after concluding that its own wind tunnel at Maranello needed to be rebuilt because it was not producing reliable data.

But Germany's Auto Motor und Sport claims that, as development progress with the 2013 Ferrari car seemed to stall recently, the data produced by the Toyota tunnel has also been raising eyebrows.

"It's a difficult situation," admitted Simone Resta, the project chief for the F138 car.

"Despite having our own wind tunnel, we are still struggling and are obliged to work abroad," he is quoted by Italian newspaper La Stampa correspondent Stefano Mancini.

"We hope to resolve it by the end of summer," added Resta.


Published Jul 28, 2013 3:25 am
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 Xjpro Xjpro
That's been a long time excuse for Ferrari right now.- In the mean time, they are making a ridiculous paper in the pinnacle of motorsports.- If the damn tunnel is not working, if the data collected from it, is not reliable, why don't they find the way to fix it? Are they expecting a miracle to happen? The best part is that whenever they can, they brag themselves about their brand and their cars, and keep on selling the cheap excuse of the wind tunnel.- Ferrari F1 = Fail.-
July 29, 2013 11:04 am