TVR could launch their first all-new model in 2015 - report

TVR Tuscan Convertible
TVR Tuscan Convertible

Second model could be launched shortly thereafter

TVR chairman Les Edgar has revealed some new details about the company's future product lineup.

Speaking to Autocar, Edgar said the company's first all-new model could be launched within two years. It will soon be followed by a second vehicle that is expected to cost between £50,000-80,000 (€58,280-93,250 / $76,155-121,850).

TVR still has a lot of work to do, but Edgar said they will produce "supercars for the common man." They will be relatively simple and offer a driving experience that isn't spoiled by electronic nannies. As part of this philosophy the cars will have a classic front engine, rear wheel drive layout.

It's too early to talk about specifications, but the company is still debating on whether to build their own engines or buy them from an outside supplier.

Source: Autocar
Published Jun 28th, 2013 6:40pm By Michael Gauthier
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TomasramonCorrea TomasramonCorrea
TVR cars have always been unusual at least and, when not falling apart, fun to drive. But in order to get anywhere ,better concentrate on building one reliable, basic,sport car and get the engine from a reliable supplier. Going to the drawing board to produce one of their own will take decades.
Jun 29th, 2013 8:19pm
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Prestige15 Prestige15
I do think the new model would be like Toyota GT-86 but with loads of power and a better badge along with pure and simple old school sports car like the GT-86. I think they should buy an engine from outside supplier for the mean time especially when they just came back, same way as the first koenigssegg used a ford engine and now using their own. Either way good to see TVR back
Jun 28th, 2013 8:00pm
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benzboy benzboy
I have always liked the TVR, thought it was cool because it was so different, never wanted to own one, However, every time I hear TVR I think of that iconic movie Swordfish with Travolta and the car seen featuring the green TVR. Good luck to this company.
Jun 28th, 2013 7:55pm
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