Suzuki embraces the chick car, introduces the female-friendly Lapin Chocolat

Suzuki Lapin Chocolat 25.6.2013
Suzuki Lapin Chocolat 25.6.2013

Pretty in pink

Automakers tend to shy away from chick cars, but Suzuki is bucking the trend by launching the new Lapin Chocolat  in Japan.

Designed to combine "adorable style" with functional features, the Chocolat has a "very cute" exterior with HID headlights, silver accents and 14-inch alloy wheels. The model also has a bright color palette, LED taillights and ultraviolet (UV) / infrared (IR) reducing front windows.

The stylish design carries over to the cabin as there's two-tone seats, white accents and red trim around the dashboard. The car is also equipped with a multi-information display that shows an animated rabbit that stops running when you idle.

Power is provided by a 660cc three-cylinder engine that develops 54 HP (40 kW) and 63 Nm (46 lb-ft) of torque. It is connected to a continuously variable transmission which can be paired to an optional all-wheel drive system.

The Lapin Chocolat is currently on sale and pricing starts at ¥1,291,500.

Source: Suzuki via Gizmodiva


I was particular about the design Suzuki, women like to be released light passenger vehicle "Altra Pan Chocolat"

Suzuki Corporation, light passenger car which adopted a dedicated design-conscious preference of young women "Altra Pan Chocolat" to launch June 19, the "Altra Pan Chocolat" is a light passenger cars was adopted incorporating sophisticated design sense of accessories and adorable style, elements of color expression of Suites sense, the interior and exterior of feelings.

Consideration for women in terms of functionality, cut ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) on the front door glass, in the light car for the first time a premium UV & IR cut glass to reduce the scorching sense of direct sunlight and ? 1 adopted, the front glass added an IR cut function (X grade) .

In addition, for example, to adopt a display of animation rabbit to help the eco-driving, we adopted a design of feelings everywhere.
In addition, "Altra Pan Chocolat" by the adoption of idling stop stop time, was set to exempt vehicles of all models eco-car tax reduction.
At the same time, in addition to "Altra bread" is also carried out some improvements, the tax-free target of eco-car tax reduction to all CVT car NA of (naturally aspirated) engine, add 4WD to 4AT car affordable, and tried also a full complement of .

Cute feminine, design of only chocolate

Expressed the high texture and a winsome look, rounded head lamp of discharge head lamp built-in.
Front that combines the decorative plating and silver paint, who directed the elegance such as accessories, rear bumper.
Rear combination lamps which adopted the combined image and head lamp of rounding, the clear lens.
The wheel of the white, 14-inch alloy wheels only with a combination of half-wheel cap silver.
To the back door, and attached a dedicated emblem plate of chocolate mold.
Early light pink new color "champagne pink Pearl Metallic", the chocolate-only, such as "cassis Pink Pearl Metallic", body color, set all 8 colors. Two tone white roof specification (X) Together with, I prepare for all 12 types.

To based on brown with the depth, such as chocolate, the tones of the coordinated with three colors of red and ivory, reminiscent of the Suites.
Instrument panel garnish you produce a contrast with edges of red ivory.
Dedicated sewing sheet of leather-like skin that combines the quilting of brown-toned ivory, expressed the unity of the entire interior as an accent of red piping.
A combination of ivory and brown, and a leather-wrapped steering wheel which gave red stitch.
And "Chocolat" logo-only board emission meter, meter ring tone plating.
Functions and equipment to spend comfortably
First light car ? 1 , premium UV & IR cut glass (X grade)
The front door glass, as well as 99% cut ultraviolet (UV), in the light car for the first time a premium UV & IR cut glass to reduce the scorching feeling of the skin caused by the direct rays of the sun to cut infrared (IR) and ? 1 adoption

Eco-driving support functions of playful

To the meter multi-information display, I adopt an eco score rabbit scoring eco-driving degree in animation. Operating conditions of idling stop detail of the animation of the rabbit.
Can be enjoyed by connecting a smartphone, smartphone cooperation Navi (manufacturer option)
You can work intuitive smartphone Similarly, cooperation navigation smartphone with a large screen easy to watch 6.2 inches (hands-free microphone, back monitor, external terminal) .
Through the wired connection the smartphone, it can operate the smartphone apps in the display. I can work with smartphone app convenient colorful.
* If you want to connect with your smartphone, such as AUX, you will need a dedicated cable separately.
* For your safety, some operations are restricted while driving.
* Corresponding time is different smartphone model, the application. In addition, some models that do not correspond part.

Exempt car eco-car tax reduction for all models
"Altra Pan Chocolat" is equipped with idling stop system stop when all models. Both 2WD · 4WD car, it is exempt eco-car tax reduction of car.
Implementation of the "Altra bread" some improvement
And enhancement of the duty-free model of the eco-car tax reduction, added to 4AT 4WD car affordable
It is equipped with idling stop system also stop when 4WD · CVT car of NA (naturally aspirated) engine. Fuel consumption is 22.0km / L This ? 3 25.2 / L from ? 3 improved.
CVT car NA engine will be exempt of all eco-car tax reduction.
Add set to 4AT 4WD car affordable and G grade.
? 3 fuel consumption rate JC08 mode traveling (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport examination value).
Feature-rich and equipment
Premium UV & IR cut glass for the first time in the light car (front door) ? 1 adoption (XL, TL) .
Adopt an IR cut function with front glass (XL, TL) .
The adoption was adopted to "Altra chocolate bread", a multi-information display to express animation and rabbits eco-driving time, the operating conditions of idling stop.
Factory option on the smartphone cooperation navigation (XL, TL) .
Adopt the driver's seat heater (XL, TL) .
The CVT models of the G-grade, fully automatic air conditioning, electric remote control retractable door mirrors, rear wiper and washer (2WD car ? 4 ) , was a factory option on a set driver's seat, passenger seat vanity mirror.
? 6 of March 1 2013, Suzuki studied.
? 4 4WD car as standard.

Change of body color
In addition to new color of "Pink Champagne Pearl Metallic", set the "Mysterious Violet Pearl" dedicated to Lapin (XL, TL) and, to line up all 8 colors. The combination of two-tone roof specification and White (XL), I prepare for all 12 types.

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xyhaiwen xyhaiwen
I do think it is absolutely adorable & beautiful, tempted to buy one actually, if it's ever made available locally. Another similarly wonderfully aesthetic car would be the Daihatsu Copen, which has ceased production last year if my memory serves me right, such a shame.
Nov 28th, 2013 10:16am
0 0
EnzoTinyu EnzoTinyu
Buy 1 of each color to match the shoes you're wearing.
Jun 26th, 2013 4:11pm
2 0
hajimekishi hajimekishi
actually suzuki should even export this model. its too cute and fancy to keep it domestic.
Jun 26th, 2013 2:27am
3 0