BMW M3 Coupe Frozen Blue limited edition announced for China

 BMW M3 Coupe Frozen Blue limited edition announced for China
BMW M3 Coupe Frozen Blue limited edition 06.06.2013

Costs 1.29 million yuan (210,000 USD)

Following the launch of the M3 Coupe Frozen in U.S. last October, BMW is back with a Frozen Blue limited edition destined exclusively for the Chinese market.

Only 40 customers will be able to claim this latest special edition of the M3 Coupe after spending at least the entry-level price tag of 1.29M Yuan (approximately 210,000 USD). For this money they'll get extra treats like a Frozen Blue paint scheme, special edition badges, together with blacked out side gills, trims and kidney grille.

There won't be any changes under the hood where the M3 Coupe Frozen Blue will retain the familiar V8 4.0-liter engine producing 414 bhp (309 kW) and 400 Nm (295 lb-ft) of torque.

Source: BMW via bmwblog.com

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Comments (7)

ZA got the Best Frozen Ed, Schnitzified :-)
Jun 7, 2013 3:56 am
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Let's hope they don't go down the Lamborghini route and launch 729 "special" editions before calling it a day. I agree with Tristan though...who would buy this when the new M3 is coming soon?
Jun 6, 2013 6:09 pm
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China only? Isn't sold out already?
Jun 6, 2013 7:20 pm
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Antonio Pintas
Maybe because this one would be the last pure NA engine on a M car... and their value will go up in the future
Jun 9, 2013 4:08 pm
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I remember I read an article about BMW ended the M3s production.
Jun 6, 2013 4:47 pm
1 1
They said production will continue for six months but all cars have already been sold. But there's always room for special editions :)
Jun 6, 2013 4:59 pm
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Tristan in South Africa
Buy it, throw away your money
Jun 6, 2013 4:30 pm
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