Tesla Supercharger network to cover most of Canada & U.S. in a year

Promises to offer a lifetime of free charges

Tesla's Supercharger network has been relatively limited but the company is hoping to change that by announcing plans for a major expansion throughout the United States and Canada.

By the end of next month, Tesla will triple the number of Supercharger stations in service. The new stations will provide coverage from Vancouver to Seattle to Portland as well as Austin to Dallas. There will also be four additional Supercharger stations on the East Coast as well as new stations in California, Colorado and Illinois.

Within six months, Tesla's Supercharger network will expand into Arizona and connect Ottawa to Montreal. There will also be several additional stations in Texas, Florida and the Midwest.

In a year, Tesla hopes to their Supercharger network will stretch across North America and provide coverage to "almost the entire population of the U.S. and Canada."

Besides expanding the network, Tesla is developing an improved Supercharger that will enable the Model S to be recharged in just 20 minutes.

Source: Tesla

Tesla Dramatically Expands Supercharger Network, Delivering Convenient, Free long Distance Driving Throughout U.S. and Canada

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwired - May 30, 2013) - Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA) today announced significant expansion of the Tesla Supercharger network. Supercharging enables Tesla Model S drivers to travel long distances, for free, indefinitely.

The expansion of the network builds upon the success of the Tesla Supercharger network that covers California and Nevada on the west coast and the Washington, DC to Boston region on the east coast. The Tesla Supercharger network has enabled an estimated 1 million miles of driving since going live in October 2012. Superchargers are designed for city to city travel, enabling Model S electric vehicle drivers to travel for about three hours, take a 20 to 30 minute break to grab lunch or a soda or coffee, and get back on the road charged up. For free.

With the accelerated rollout of the Tesla Supercharger network, Model S drivers can expect:
Triple the number of Tesla Supercharger stations by the end of next month, including additional stations in California, coverage of the northwest region from Vancouver to Seattle to Portland, Austin to Dallas in Texas, Illinois and Colorado. There will also be four additional eastern seaboard stations, expanding the density of the network to provide for more convenient stopping points.

Within six months the Tesla Supercharger network will connect most of the major metro areas in the US and Canada, including expansion into Arizona, additional stations in Texas, Florida, and the Midwest, stations connecting Ottawa to Montreal, and across North and South Carolina into Georgia. It will also be possible to travel diagonally across the country from Los Angeles to New York using only the Tesla Supercharger network.

A year from now, the Tesla Supercharger network will stretch across the continent, covering almost the entire population of the US and Canada. The expansion of the network will mean that Model S drivers can take the ultimate road trip -- whether that's LA to New York, Vancouver to San Diego, or Montreal to Miami -- without spending a cent on fuel.
In addition to the expansion of the Tesla Supercharger network itself, Tesla is improving the technology behind the Tesla Supercharger to dramatically decrease the amount of time it takes to charge Model S, cutting charging time in half relative to early trials of the system. The new technology, which is in beta test mode now and will be fully rolled out to customers this summer, will allow Model S to be charged at 120 kW, replenishing three hours of driving in just over 20 minutes.

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ScottCampbell ScottCampbell
A small business, like Apple showing everyone how it is done! Made in the USA!
Jun 3rd, 2013 9:13pm
0 0
David-Van-Remortel David-Van-Remortel
You know Elon is a Canadian right? Lol
Jan 10th, 2015 8:28pm
0 0
Dolomight 74-86 Dolomight 74-86
Time is finally catching up to big oil.
Jun 3rd, 2013 12:59am
0 0
SorryMyBadEnglish SorryMyBadEnglish
Gas engines are soon history.
Jun 1st, 2013 3:41pm
4 2
The only thing that I really hate in this car is the huge screen inside! The screen makes the interior looks ugly. Other than that the is great.
Jun 1st, 2013 12:04pm
0 1
CDspeed CDspeed
When your in the car or dirving it the screen is very nice, but it does cause the interior to look very minimalist. So I don't think the screen causes ugliness, it makes you realize how bare and a bit detail-less it is. The Model S's interior would look a bit better if it had more detail like a BMW 6-series Gran Coupe or Porsche Panamera's interior.
Jun 1st, 2013 5:20pm
1 0
jerry05cod4 jerry05cod4
this dude!! single handedly taking on the corporate car makers and moving the industry foward...his hyperloop project also sounds ridiculously awesome!
Jun 1st, 2013 2:12am
6 1
tbrodie tbrodie
He's my hero. W-A-Y ahead of his time.
Jun 1st, 2013 9:37am
6 1
tomi.ro tomi.ro
no, he is in the right time, only the other corporations are dragging us behind, asking loans over loans from the goverments, and producing s**t. this guy made his fortune really fast and different, so his mind wasn't corrupted by traditional business model.
Jun 1st, 2013 11:50am
5 1