2014 BMW 5-Series facelift lineup officially revealed [videos]

518d introduced

BMW has unveiled the 2014 5-Series lineup, following a string of spy photos of basically all versions.

In terms of design, there's not much to talk about but the sedan and Touring versions now have different structured lower air intakes while at the back they both sport an additional crease in the apron. In addition, the taillights are now more sharply contoured than before. The much criticized Gran Turismo variant has a tweaked front apron and rear end which has increased boot capacity by 60 liters to 500 liters.

On the inside there is additional chrome trim for sedan and Touring, while the storage compartments and cup holders are providing more room than before for the aforementioned body styles.

All models get as standard xenon headlights, with adaptive LED headlights optionally available. Other novelties include side indicators which are built into the exterior mirrors, alloys, upholstery colors, interior trims, exterior paint colors, along with Luxury Line and Modern Line packages which are joining the existing M Sport package.

More importantly, with the facelift BMW is introducing a 518d model as an entry-level diesel variant. It has a 4-cylinder mill outputting 143 HP (105 kW) and can be ordered for the sedan and Touring variants. The most powerful engine available is a new V8 churning 450 HP (330 kW), while the ActiveHybrid 5 has also been revised in the energy management which now boasts a Proactive Driving Assistant.

More details can be found in the attached press release.

Source: BMW

Dynamic ability, comfort, efficiency, aesthetic allure and a profusion of innovations designed to enhance driving pleasure – the BMW 5 Series contains all the signature ingredients of a best-selling model at the premium end of the executive segment. Indeed, consistently rising sales figures have sealed its position as the global leader in its class. Over one million units of the BMW 5 Series Sedan, BMW 5 Series Touring and BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo – whose luxurious character has earned it a unique status in the segment – have been sold worldwide since the launch of the current generation. And now another new chapter in this impressive success story is poised to begin. Precise modifications to the cars’ design, new engine variants and innovative additions to the range of available equipment as well as BMW ConnectedDrive technology all raise the appeal of the BMW 5 Series model family a notch higher still.


Design: precise modifications bring out its sporting character. 
Additional contour lines for the surround of the BMW kidney grille and newly structured lower air intakes reinforce the sporting appearance of the new BMW 5 Series Sedan and new BMW 5 Series Touring. On both variants, the accentuated width of the rear end is underlined by an extra crease in the apron, as well as slim, sharply contoured and therefore even more striking rear lights.

The new BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo boasts a modified front apron exuding presence and solidity. Its redesigned rear end creates a longer and lower-to-the-ground impression. A three-dimensional surface design for the area around the licence plate holder and a chrome strip in the rear apron add further depth to its dynamic character.

Xenon headlights are fitted as standard on all models, while Adaptive LED Headlights take their place on the options list for the first time alongside LED fog lamps. Elsewhere, the side indicator lights are integrated into the exterior mirrors. Also new in the BMW 5 Series are the BMW Luxury Line and BMW Modern Line packages containing exclusive design and equipment features. And an M Sport package tailored to each model variant can also be specified.


Functionality and premium allure taken to a new level. 
New details lend further refinement to the premium impression of the new BMW 5 Series’ interior as well as another layer to its functionality. The Control Display of the standard-fitted iDrive operating system is now bordered in the Sedan and Touring by chrome trim. Added to which, the storage compartments and cup holders in the centre console of these models have increased in capacity.

A revised rear section increases the boot capacity of the new BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo by 60 litres to 500 litres. New exterior paint colours, light-alloy wheels, upholstery colours and interior trim elements for all the BMW 5 Series models enhance their appeal and increase the scope for individualisation.


Engines: setting the benchmark for driving pleasure, introducing fresh new routes to efficiency. 
Faster, more economical, cleaner: all the variants of the BMW 5 Series come with a raft of optimised details. The result is reduced fuel consumption (in some cases significantly), yet with no drop-off in sporting ability. Indeed, some models actually offer improved performance. Plus, all the engine variants already meet the stipulations of the EU6 exhaust gas standard not due to come into force until September 2014. To this end, the diesel models come with nitrogen oxide-reducing BMW BluePerformance technology as standard.

In addition to Brake Energy Regeneration, the Auto Start-Stop function (also fitted in conjunction with the eight-speed automatic gearbox), Optimum Shift Indicator and ECO PRO mode, the suite of standard-fitted BMW EfficientDynamics technology now also includes a coasting mode (which disengages the powertrain), Proactive Driving Assistant to adjust the car’s speed ahead of a change in speed limit, and the ECO PRO Route function, which can be selected via the optional Navigation system Professional. Meanwhile, extensive optimisation of the cars’ aerodynamics – the drag coefficient (Cd factor) of the BMW 520d Sedan, for example, has been reduced to 0.25 – is one of the key factors in the latest advances made by the engineers in the area of efficiency.

The market launch of the new BMW 5 Series model family also heralds an expansion of its engine range. For instance, the BMW 518d has been added to the line-up as a new entry-level diesel variant. Its four-cylinder diesel with BMW TwinPower Turbo technology and 105 kW/143 hp can be ordered for both the new BMW 5 Series Sedan and the new BMW 5 Series Touring. Like the BMW 520d Sedan, the BMW 518d Sedan records impressive average fuel economy in the EU test cycle of 4.5 litres per 100 kilometres (62.8 mpg imp) and CO2 emissions of 119 grams per kilometre. And the model range now also includes the BMW 520d xDrive in both Sedan and Touring guises. This increases the number of models equipped with the intelligent all-wheel-drive system to seven (in the case of the BMW 5 Series Touring) and eight (for the BMW 5 Series Sedan). Four engine variants of the new BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo can likewise be combined with xDrive.

The top-of-the-line engine available for all members of the new BMW 5 Series model family is a new V8 unit with BMW TwinPower Turbo technology developing 330 kW/450 hp. The range of power plants available for the new BMW 5 Series Sedan and new BMW 5 Series Touring now comprises four petrol and six diesel units, and also encompasses two BMW M Performance Automobiles – the BMW M550d xDrive Sedan and BMW M550d xDrive Touring. Customers opting for the new BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo can choose from two petrol power plants and three diesels.

Further improvements have also been made to the intelligent energy management of the BMW ActiveHybrid 5. The full-hybrid Sedan now comes with a specially tweaked version of the Proactive Driving Assistant, whose talents include adapting the interplay between the combustion engine and electric motor to the route ahead.

The cars’ chassis technology – which includes a double-wishbone front axle, integral rear axle and Electric Power Steering with standard Servotronic function – has been further honed to deliver an unrivalled balance between sporting performance and ride comfort. The BMW 5 Series Touring and BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo come as standard with air suspension, including automatic self-levelling at the rear axle. The Driving Experience Control switch on the centre console is standard on all models. Dynamic Damper Control, M Sport suspension and the Adaptive Drive and Integral Active Steering systems unmatched by any rivals can be specified as options.


More innovative than ever: optional equipment and BMW ConnectedDrive. 
The host of innovations included on the options list and in the range of BMW ConnectedDrive technology allow the new BMW 5 Series model family to underline its standout position in the areas of connectivity, infotainment, convenience and safety. For example, the function of the optional Comfort Access system, which allows the tailgate to be opened hands-free, has been extended to include a closing mechanism, which means that a movement of the foot under the rear apron can now be used to prompt the tailgate to close as well as open. In addition, the new BMW 5 Series offers customers a new rear-seat entertainment system with tablet-style displays, a Harman Kardon Surround Sound system and a new version of the ambient light option with a facility which allows the interior lighting to be alternated in tone between orange and white.

The range of BMW ConnectedDrive business solutions and driver assistance systems is more advanced and richer in variety than ever. The BMW 5 Series enables a scope of intelligent connectivity unique in the marketplace, allowing it to set the benchmark for in-car use of office applications.

Alongside the globally unrivalled Concierge Service for hotel reservations and a selection of other services, BMW ConnectedDrive also offers an unusually extensive suite of office functions, including internet-based services. The dictation function, for example, provides a convenient way of entering text for SMS messages and emails during a journey. The array of search, travel, office and social media services can be accessed via the car’s integrated SIM card or the customer’s smartphone. And Online Entertainment sees BMW bringing internet-based flat rate music services directly into the car.

The optional Navigation system Professional makes use of an optimised menu display and allows access to Real Time Traffic Information. A new controller with a touch-sensitive surface now allows the use of characters to program in a destination or access other functions of the iDrive operating system. BMW offers Intelligent Emergency Call as standard in a large number of markets.

The BMW 5 Series builds on its leading position in the field of driver assistance systems with the introduction of the glare-free High Beam Assistant and the BMW Night Vision system, which includes human and animal detection and the Dynamic Light Spot function. From November 2013, the optional Traffic Jam Assistant will also be on hand to make life easier for the driver, significantly increasing the scope for relaxation in monotonous motorway tailbacks. This system automatically keeps the car in the same lane, even when the road bends around a corner. It is part of the Driving Assistant Plus option, which also includes Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go function and Collision Warning with braking function. The cruise control function, underpinned by radar sensors and a camera, reacts with even greater precision to the driving situation at hand and also to stationary objects. Another feature available for the Sedan and Touring from November 2013 is the fully automatic Parking Assistant.

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Comments (13)

crimple7 crimple7
In my considered opinion the Gran Turismo has improved at the rear. The taillights are splendid. However, the front remains offensively ugly and in the next million years I will not be able to fathom why BMW designed it to be so hideous in the front. They had a multiplicity of options and they chose the Elephant Man! The wagon is middle-of-the-road. I'm certainly not lustful about its looks. The sedan is a bit of an anti-climax. The facelift underwhelms. It does have the effect of making the car look less friendly. The playful "let's go for a spin" grin is gone and replaced by "get out of my way or I'll bite you" look. I feel that the front fascia does not gel as well with the headlights as the pre-facelift version. They needed to alter the shape of the headlights. The 2014 Merc E Class facelift is much more daring. Furthermore, if I was in the market for a BMW 5 Series it would be the M5. The headlights and the front fascia gel so well. For me, a car must look right. Aesthetics first, closely followed by reliablility and performance. I need a car that inspires me in the morning. It must have the right look. It must be a cohesive appearance. The sedan's front looks too much like afterthoughts stitched together. I'll go as far as saying the front of the pre-facelift sedan looks more cohesive.
Jun 5th, 2013 10:11pm
0 0
Ed-Win Ed-Win
The seats look great as well as... oh wait, nope! That's it! I personally think they need to change their front fascia to something a lot better.
May 20th, 2013 11:48pm
0 0
Teddy Teddy
No Plastic surgeon in the world could perform a facelift and make the 5-series GT good looking....... Joke of a vehicle, and why did they make the sedan look more like the 3 series?? makes no sense.
May 20th, 2013 4:20am
0 0
peterjames7 peterjames7
I hope all that chrome is just on that trim spec because most 5 series are black and all that chrome will look terrible in black.. wheres m sport version?
May 19th, 2013 5:42pm
0 0
automobile007 automobile007
impressive how they've hardly changed the 5GT yet it looks so much better
May 19th, 2013 5:30pm
2 0
ifudge ifudge
So the idea behind the facelift is to make it more similar to the car in the class below it? I feel this is somewhat ill-conceived. Where's the sense in making the 5 look more like the 3? They should be moving it forward again.
May 19th, 2013 4:01pm
1 0
?ukaszHampel ?ukaszHampel
Of course one can see cosmetic differences, but well would be to show with photographs before the facelift.
May 19th, 2013 12:27pm
0 0
CanOzcivelek CanOzcivelek
Now with the new bumper with chrome trims, this and the 3er looks even more alike. Interesting. But I like this car (sedan).
May 19th, 2013 11:57am
0 0
afterace2 afterace2
the GT looks far better now!
May 19th, 2013 11:41am
3 0
Danyutz Danyutz
You forgot to mention the touch iDrive controller.
May 19th, 2013 11:18am
1 0
16000rpm 16000rpm
Too damn wide grille and too damn much chrome
May 19th, 2013 5:56am
1 0
peterjames7 peterjames7
Looks like they have squared the car off more than spu pics suggested....interested to see in real life
May 19th, 2013 4:25am
0 0
HEPennypacker HEPennypacker
pointless chrome strips on the lower bumper and rear of the car.
May 19th, 2013 3:04am
1 1