Sebastien Loeb tests Peugeot 208 T16 Pikes Peak [video]

0-100 km/h in 1.8 seconds

Peugeot has released footage with Sebastien Loeb testing the sinister-looking 208 T16 Pikes Peak.

Set to participate in the Unlimited Class, Loeb's Red Bull-sponsored 208 T16 has a twin-turbo V6 3.2-liter engine churning 875 bhp (652 kW) linked to a six-speed sequential transmission sending power to all four wheels.

As a result of this setup, the car will do 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) in an almost unbelievable 1.8 seconds and needs 4.8 seconds to hit 124 mph (200 km/h). It will take 7 seconds until the speedometer reads 149 mph (240 km/h).

Loeb says the 208 T16 Pikes Peak has "the downforce of a Formula 1 car, the wide tires of an endurance racing prototype and a differential, like a WRC car. In short, it's a cocktail that gives you wings." (Pun intended most likely).

Source: Peugeot


09/05/13 from Red Bull Motorsports

When Sébastien Loeb's helicopter landed alongside the high-security track at La Ferté-Vidame, in northwestern France, the rally star believed he was in for a routine test session. After just a handful of laps in the car, he realised that this was something different, however... "The 208 T16 Pikes Peak is a rocket! It's so powerful! The first time you drive it, each gear change practically stuns you. The shifts are really brutal, and it takes a little time to anticipate the sudden jarring. You get used to it, but it was quite disorienting to begin with."

The Frenchman may have seen it all on world rallying's most challenging stages, but his words were far from blasé after his first taste of the 208 T16 Pikes Peak. "I've never driven anything that accelerates so fast!" he remarked. "In the lower gears, a Formula 1 car doesn't deliver maximum power. With the Peugeot, though, it's bang, bang, bang as you move up the box from standstill. Thanks to its four-wheel drive transmission and turbocharged engine, its pull-away performance is phenomenal! You find yourself in sixth gear at 240kph in no time at all!" Indeed, with a 0-100kph time of 1.8s, the 208 T16 Pikes Peak would leave any F1 car standing...

It is not only the gearbox which made a big impression on rallying's superstar. "Thanks to its aerodynamic downforce and wide tyres, its braking is amazing, too." he exclaimed. "In fact, the 208 package is a combination of the best of several worlds: it's got the downforce of a Formula 1 car, the wide tyres of an endurance racing prototype and a differential, like a WRC car..." In short, it's a cocktail that gives you wings...

As the familiarisation process continued, Sébastien Loeb was clearly won over by the unique experience: "I have driven many types of car in my career, but this is very, very different. Its acceleration performance and stopping power are more like those of a Formula 1 single-seater than a rally car. Its handling is fantastic as well; there's so much grip, and the all-wheel drive transmission makes it very stable. It's got huge potential."

Like any thoroughbred, however, the 208 T16 Pikes Peak will need to be broken in, since Sébastien Loeb has no intention of allowing the car to be the one in control. On the contrary! With nine world rally titles to his name, he approaches the mission with his trademark calm, however: "This track isn't very wide and there aren't any run-offs, so I'm taking things one step at a time. I don't know what the car's limits are yet but it was important to do this run on a circuit today. Now we have a better idea of where we stand and a better overview of the car's potential. After that, the challenge will be to try to feel totally at one with the car on the Pikes Peak Hill Climb itself. That will take some work..."

When the big day comes to race to the Colorado summit at an altitude of 4,301 metres, Sébastien Loeb will need to be capable of mastering every buck and kick of the thoroughbred if he is to steer clear of the many pitfalls that await him along the giddy 20-kilometre course. And that will require perfect osmosis between the French champion and his extremely powerful steed.

To give this fusion every chance of happening, Peugeot Sport has scheduled a busy test programme at circuits, on roads and at altitude as the next phase of this extraordinary project which the multiple world rally championship finds particularly stimulating: "I really can't wait to get to drive the 208 T16 Pikes Peak in Colorado!" A little patience, Sébastien. There are now less than two months to go...

Peugeot 208 T16 Pikes Peak – Technical Specification

Type V6 bi-turbo
Cubic capacity 3.2-litre petrol engine
Number of valves 24
Position Mid-rear
Number of cylinders V6 (60°)
Maximum power 875hp
Torque 90mkg
Maximum revs 7,800rpm
Top speed 240kph / 150mph
0-100kph / 0-62mph 1.8s
0-200kph / 125mph 4.8s
0-240kph / 150mph 7.0s

Type Four-wheel drive
Gearbox Longitudinally-mounted six-speed sequential gearbox with steering wheel-mounted paddle-shift

Frame Tubular steel
Bodywork Carbon

Suspension Double wishbones & pushrod/rocker arm actuation at all corners
Springs Torsion bars
Dampers Pressurised dampers
Anti-roll bars Front and rear
Steering Hydraulic power steering
Brakes Hydraulic double circuit brake system with one-piece light alloy callipers
Brake discs Vented carbon discs front and rear
Diameter (front): 380mm / Diameter (rear): 355mm
Wheels Specific 18x13 magnesium alloy wheels derived from F1 technology
Tyres Michelin (31/71x18)

Length 4,500mm
Width 2,000mm
Height 1,300mm
Front / rear overhang 1,690mm
Wheelbase 2,695mm
Wing 2,000mm (based on the rear wing of the Peugeot 908)
Fuel tank 40 litres
Weight 875kg

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