BMW X6 M tuned by Inside Performance

BMW X6 M Stealth by Inside Performance 30.4.2013
BMW X6 M Stealth by Inside Performance 30.4.2013

Anything but stealth-like

Inside Performance has unveiled their new BMW X6 M Stealth.

Looking anything but stealth-like, the crossover has an AC Schnitzer wide body kit and a camouflaged-inspired wrap. There's also a gloss black grille, a KW coilover suspension and 22-inch Vorsteiner wheels with Continental Sport tires.

Moving on to the interior, Inside Performance has installed a data display that shows everything from boost pressure to the current torque and power outputs.

Speaking of the latter, the twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 engine has been equipped with an optimized ECU and a stainless steel sports exhaust system. Thanks to these tweaks the engine develops more than 700 HP (515 kW) and 850 Nm (627 lb-ft) of torque.

Source: Inside Performance


Superlative Sports Activity Coupé by insidePerformance with more than 700 hp

For the German Tuner insidePerformance from Einhausen (near Mannheim) 555hp and the already sporty
BMW X6 M series stock-look are not enough. An massive improvement in optics, engineering and motor
performance ensure that the 2,5 tons car does not even fear a Porsche or Maserati. Better to say: all these
“small sports cars” should take care on the German highways to be hunted itself

With its Sports Activity Coupé (SAC) the manufacturer BMW established a brand new vehicle
segment. The BMW X6 (E71) is such a virtually useless mixture of SUV and Coupé – with only two
main targets: attract attraction and fuel destruction. While the top version X6M - made by the BMW
M GmbH - already provides 555hp from stock and has a massive look, this is by far not enough for the
German Tuner insidePerformance.
? engine optimization to more than 700hp and over 850Nm torque
? 3 Inch stainless steel exhaust-system (4x90mm)
? 1000 degree temperature-resistant special coating tailpipes „Cobalt Gray Mat“
? body kit (doors, fenders, bumpers)
? deep concave drop-center rims in 10x22 / 12x22
? Continental sport tires 295/30 ZR 22 / 335/25 ZR 22
? specially designed car-wrapping „Pixel Camouflage“
? coilovers “inox line stage 3” made by KW-automotive
? data display, twin-kidney grille in black highgloss, detail wrapping

By means of engine and ECU optimization, 200 cells sport catalysts and various technical tricks,
insidePerformance brought the 4,4, liter V8-biturbo engine to more than 700hp and over 850Nm torque. The
repeal of the speed limit lock provides even more overtaking fun. The increase in performance is also based
on the modified exhaust with a new engineered stainless steel flap-controlled 3 Inch exhaust-system. High
performance and high flow exhaust systems are one of the most important basic competencies and products
of the prestigious tuner. Stage 1 consists of the flap-exhaust itself, stage 2 also consists of downpipes and
unique new sport catalysts. InsidePerformance develops and produces modern and unique exhaust systems
for various BMW models and thereby follows serious performance and quality objectives – made and
engineered in Germany. The flaps can be controlled with the stock M button on the steering wheel. The
driver can decide whether the V8-aggregate should sound “athletically pithy” or “martially loud”. Finally,
the surface of the four 90mm strong tailpipes is individualized with an up to 1000 degree temperatureresistant special coating in various available colors – here in “Cobalt Gray mat”. Of course the exhaust is
with TUV / EU certificate / approval.

The whole exterior of the insidePerformance BMW X6 M “STEALTH” is very special. A harmonizing wide
body kit, based on the wide body parts made by AC-Schnitzer, covers the cladding of the rear doors, the
fenders and the broadening on the front and rear bumpers. In combination with the deep concave drop-center
rims, the BMW X6 M becomes 4 inches broader. A positive side effect: the unattractive gaps above the
wheel arches which can be seen in the series variant disappear. In order to attract even more attention
insidePerformance provides the bonnet with additional GTR air intakes made of noble carbon. The
remaining previously inconspicuous alpine white body shell is now covered by a specially designed carwrapping. This pixel camouflage is based on mat white while a contrasting mixture of blue and grey
perfectly meets the label “Stealth”.

Of course, such an artwork deserves betting wheels. These deep concave drop center rims are also powder
coated in “Cobalt Gray” and duly fill the broadened wheel arches. They are custom made and specially
produced for insidePerformance by the US-Tuner “Vorsteiner”. Dimensions: 12x22” on the rear axle and
10x12” on front axle. The rims are covered with Continental sport tires in the dimensions 335/25 ZR 22 rear
and 295/30 ZR 22 on front. The tuner incorporates coilovers “Inox line stage 3” made by KW Automotive.
This chassis, in combination with the series four wheel drive “XDrive” and the more than 700hp result in
driving dynamics of a super sports car. Although it almost weights 2.5 tons, the BMW X6 M “Stealth” has an
incredible driving behavior in curves. The interior is characterized by motorsport. The insidePerformance
data display is perfectly integrated into the interior and displays all necessary health data like boost and gas
pressure, torque and power and all temperatures (gearbox, oil, water, exhaust, air intake, intercooler,..).
Through this project, insidePerformance once again proves to be a leader in German car engineering
and design for BMW cars. The almost tamed BMW X6 M has now become a martial and dominant

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Comments (5)

Axden Axden
I like the X6 M stealth car, just don't like the paint work on it, they could of done better with that to make the car look better. two tone or a few colours for something like that
May 2nd, 2013 3:45am
0 0
NelisvanWieren NelisvanWieren
Nothing is going to make this look better
May 2nd, 2013 6:44am
1 0
katsudon88 katsudon88
I thought it's a mule for the upcoming X6. Lol
May 1st, 2013 12:35pm
0 0
docstef75 docstef75
I like the interior tuning program :)))
May 1st, 2013 12:07pm
0 0
NelisvanWieren NelisvanWieren
Making an utterly ugly and ridiculous car uglier and more ridiculous
May 1st, 2013 9:54am
1 0