Kia announces 'Horki' brand for China with new concept at Auto Shanghai

 Kia announces Horki brand for China with new concept at Auto Shanghai
2013 Kia Horki Concept 20.04.2013 / Kia

First models arriving second half 2015

Kia has announced the introduction of a new brand for Chinese market known as "Horki" by presenting a sleek-looking concept at 2013 Auto Shanghai.

Kia's joint venture in China known as Dongfeng Yueda Kia has taken the wraps off a new China-only brand labeled "Horki" ("Hor" signifies China and "Ki" signifies driving). For this occasion they've prepared a fairly attractive concept which is based on the latest Cerato/Forte platform. There aren't any details for the moment regarding a possible production model.

What we do know is the new brand will start selling cars in the second half of 2015. These will be manufactured at one of the three Yancheng factories of the joint venture. They plan a range of vehicles which will also include alternative-powered models (hybrid and/or full-electric).

Source: Kia

Shanghai Show concept car heralds new brand for Kia’s Chinese operations

  • "Horki" name blends "harmony and driving"
  • New concept purely for Chinese market
  • Built on existing all-new Cerato (Forte) platform

Kia Motors Corporation's joint-venture in China, Dongfeng Yueda Kia has unveiled a new Chinese-market concept vehicle and a new local brand name at the Shanghai Motor Show.

Unveiled on the joint-venture's show stand, DYK have announced the new brand will be called "Horki" which combines two Chinese characters "Hor" signifying China and "Ki" signifying driving. Together they the word suggests harmony and driving. The brand also revealed a China-market only concept based on Kia's all-new Cerato (Forte) platform.

Kia announced that the new brand is aimed at better meeting the specific needs of Chinese customers and will allow Kia and its joint venture to follow a dual brand strategy with clear distinction between the passion, sportiness and style of Kia products and the practical, economic and trustworthiness of the planned Horki vehicles.

It was also announced that the new brand would make its first appearance on the Chinese market during the second half of 2015 with vehicles produced at one of the joint venture's three Yancheng factories.

No final decision on the debuted concept car has yet been made but Kia and Dongfeng made it clear that Horki will sell a range of vehicles including alternative powered vehicles. Further details will be announced later.

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