Porsche 911 (964) receives RS 2.7 conversion kit from DP Motorsport

/ Porsche 911 (964) with 1973 911 RS 2.7 conversion kit

Power increased to 280 HP

DP Motorsport has taken a Porsche 911 (964) and applied a retro RS 2.7 conversion styling kit.

Power of the six-cylinder 3.6-liter engine was increased from the series 250 HP (184 kW) to 280 HP (206 kW) thanks to a K&N air filter and a 100-cell catalytic converter. Other upgrades include a modern suspension, power brakes, ABS, power steering and air conditioning.

As far as styling is concerned, DP Motorsport is offering a front hood, bumper, fenders, side sills, rear bumper, spoiler, polished stainless steel tailpipe, lens cover for indicator and grille, along with all the necessary adapters and brackets for 6,828 EUR. For an extra 2,236 EUR the car can be fitted with contemporary Fuchs wheels measuring 7x17 ET55 front / 9x17 ET55 rear.

Source: DP Motorsport

DP 964 Classic RS – From “New” to “Old” by DP Motorsport

Two reasons to celebarate! The sportiest version of the Porsche 911 – the 911RS – has been around since 1973 – making it exactly 40 years old! In the same year, by coincidence or by a lucky turn of fate, DP Motorsport from the North Rhine- Westphalia area, based in Overath Immekeppel also began their success story. Congratulations to both of them.

This double anniversary is being celebrated by the Crew at DP Motorsport, lead by Ekkehard and Patrick Zimmermann as an opportunity to present a conversion kit specially designed to create a 911 RS 2.7 conversion based on the Porsche 964, which had already triggered much controversy and discussion among Porsche fans back at its launch in 1988. 

dp motorsport presents the new kit on a 964 that was first authorised in 1993. It comes in classic sports grey with discreet detailing in Indian Red and a slightly increased performance (from serial 250hp to 280hp). Compared to the original 1973 specifications it offers upgraded modern suspension, modern driving aids such as ABS, power brakes, power steering, a catalytic converter, smooth running and precise gearshift, improved power and last but not least air –conditioning. All of which means that it is no longer an impossible dream to drive a Classic 911 with all the comfort and efficiency of a modern 964.

The conversion kit is offered by DP Motorsport at prices starting from EUR 6.828,00 (inc. VAT). The kit includes the front hood and bumper, fenders and side sills, rear bumper and spoiler, lens cover for indicator and grill, all necessary adapters and brackets, as well as the polished stainless steel tailpipe of the exhaust system. DP Motorsport also offer a “Wide Conversion” to the 2.8 RSR. 

Contemporary Fuchs wheels (7x17 ET55 on the front axle and 9x17 ET55 on the rear axle) are vailable at the price of 2.236 Euros (inc. VAT); a performance increase of 22kW (30hp), including a 100 cell catalytic converter, K&N Air filter and test bench balancing for 2.618,00 Euros including VAT.

Prices for modifications and improvements to the interior are available upon request. DP Motorsport also offer changes to the paintwork after remodelling or even the acquisition of a basic car. 

Anniversaries can’t be celebrated any better than this…

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