Wolf Racing boosts Ford Focus ST up to 370 HP

Ford Focus ST by Wolf Racing
Ford Focus ST by Wolf Racing

From 250 HP standard output

Wolf Racing has developed a significant three-part power boost for the latest Ford Focus ST.

Under the hood it has the same turbocharged 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine which produces 250 HP (184 kW) and 265 lb-ft (360 Nm) in its standard configuration, but output can be raised to 285 HP (209 kW) and 326 lb-ft (441 Nm) via a stage 1 kit which brings a remapped ECU and a new air filter.

Stage 2 comes with all the goodies of the first kit and adds a turbocharger, lifting output to 300 HP (220 kW) and 333 lb-ft (451 Nm). If this isn't enough, Wolf Racing is offering a stage 3 program bundling the previous two along with a custom sports exhaust system. As a result, the EcoBoost engine churns out 370 HP (272 kW) and 409 lb-ft (554 Nm).

Other changes include a coilover suspension which lowers the hot hatchback by 50mm front / 40mm rear, as well as a high-performance brake system. Wolf Racing can also provide new side skirts, headlight covers, rear skirt attachment, roof spoiler lip and other styling enhancements as well.

Source: Wolf Racing

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Comments (2)

hunker7 hunker7
370 bhp on FWD is recipe for understeer
Mar 11th, 2013 6:31pm
1 0
Madness Madness
Especially without the proper mechanical components to tame the front end!
Mar 11th, 2013 7:19pm
0 0