Nissan and Mitsubishi jointly launch new Japan-only kei cars

2013 Nissan DAYZ Highway STAR
2013 Nissan DAYZ Highway STAR

Nissan DAYZ and Mitsubishi eK

Nissan and Mitsubishi have developed a new generation of kei cars which will be going on sale in June.

Nissan's models are called DAYZ and DAYZ Highway Star, and they promise to bring "dynamic design and quality interior space". Mitsubishi's offerings include the eK Wagon and eK Custom which provide a "comfortable cabin space and easy handling" with "excellent fuel economy" and a "high-quality feel that surpasses that of traditional minicars."

The cooperation between Nissan and Mitsubishi started in December 2010 when the two companies agreed to work together on minicars for the Japanese market. This will continue with the launch of a second minicar which will be a "super height" (tall) wagon scheduled to arrive at the beginning of next year.

Other important kei cars sold in Japan include the Honda N-One, Subaru Stella, Mazda Flairwagon and the Toyota Pixis Space.

Source: Nissan / Mitsubishi

Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors Unveil Exterior Design of Jointly 

Developed New Minicars for Japan

YOKOHAMA/TOKYO (March 8, 2013)—Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation today announced the model names and showed the exterior designs of their jointly-developed new minicars for the Japanese market. Sales of the new minicars will begin in June 2013 under the Nissan DAYZ and DAYZ Highway STAR, and the Mitsubishi eK Wagon and eK Custom, model names.

The product planning and development of the new models was conducted by NMKV Co., Ltd., a joint venture formed by Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors to develop minicars for the Japanese market. Uniting the strengths of Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors in functional areas such as product planning, development, design and purchasing, the new models offer highly competitive attributes such as excellent fuel economy and a comfortable, roomy cabin. Collaboration in NMKV from the product planning phase onward enabled Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors to retain their separate brand identities, yet create innovative and quite different designs for their respective minicar models.

This has never been achieved before in mini-vehicles that have been produced under previous OEM vehicle supply agreements. Mitsubishi’s new models, eK Wagon and eK Custom, strike the balance among features that are necessary to achieve an “ee kei” (meaning “good minicar”), including a “comfortable cabin space and easy handling”, a “high-quality feel that surpasses that of traditional minicars,” and “excellent fuel economy.”

Mitsubishi eK Wagon Mitsubishi eK Custom Nissan’s new models were named DAYZ, where the standard “S” was reversed to become a “Z”, to indicate a new way of looking at delivering value to owners as they go about their normal days. The goal is to change standard “everyday” activities into days with added delight by owning one of these cars. The DAYZ and DAYZ Highway STAR are all-new minicars offering dynamic design and quality interior space, expressing unique Nissan traits that break the mold of what conventional minicars can offer. This was made possible thanks to it being the first case where Nissan participated in the development of its minicars from the onset of the product planning, development and design phases.

Nissan DAYZ Nissan DAYZ Highway STAR NMKV’s joint project to develop minicars for the Japanese market is part of an
agreement to expand the scope of cooperation between Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors that the two companies announced in December 2010. Both companies will continue to maximize the synergies generated through NMKV to strengthen the competitiveness of their respective minicar business. Following this first wave of minicar models, Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors are working on the planning and development of a second new minicar, a “super height” (tall) wagon, which is slated for launch in early 2014. Through NMKV, Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors will continuously strengthen their highly-competitive minicar lineups, reflecting the strengths of both companies in the areas of product planning, development, design and purchasing.

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TomasramonCorrea TomasramonCorrea
I think these kei-cars ,if priced right (the Yen has been going down lately), could do very well in Latin America and Europe.
Mar 10th, 2013 7:04pm
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9TNine 9TNine
If Nissan can bring this to Europe and charge less than the Pixo (about 7,250), I'm sure they could find a market for it here. Anyone knows how much it costs in Japan?
Mar 9th, 2013 12:19pm
1 0