2014 Bentley Continental Flying Spur leaked

2014 Bentley Continental Flying Spur
2014 Bentley Continental Flying Spur

Official launch tomorrow

The first official images with the 2014 Bentley Continental Flying Spur have surfaced the web.

Set for an official unveiling tomorrow, the facelifted Flying Spur will make its public debut next month at the Geneva Motor Show. It sports an evolutionary design with some of the styling cues seen on the GT and GTC models.

The front fascia has been revised while at the back the taillights are horizontally positioned. The mirrors have also gone through some changes, along with a more upright front grille and lower door handles. The roofline seems modified while the doors have been updated. Overall, the car adopts a sportier silhouette and comes with an improved interior cabin with materials of higher quality as well as additional tech including a new infotainment system.

Most likely the engine lineup will be borrowed from the Continental which means it should be offered with a V8 4.0-liter twin-turbo with 507 HP (373 kW) and a 6.0-liter W12 with 575 HP or 625 HP (460 kW).

Source: autowp.ru

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Comments (21)

studiodb studiodb
Minor tweaks to the design (like changing the angle of the front grille a few degrees) etc. has really turned basically a stretched Continental GT into a true model of its own. Impressive.
Feb 20th, 2013 3:44am
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AllTheWay AllTheWay
The rear looks good but I feel the should change or try to change the Oval light to a rectangular to mach the rear lights frame.
Feb 20th, 2013 1:40am
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Afrikar Afrikar
This car is well designed, definitely giving the RR Ghost a run for its money. VW nice on the Flying Spur, lets see what BMW will do with the Ghost
Feb 19th, 2013 5:32pm
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edd_lg edd_lg
I don't like it, it looks dated.
Feb 19th, 2013 5:13pm
0 2
fQation fQation
i was hoping for revolutionary design , dont get me wrong it looks great but come on it looks 80% like the old one ...sigh
Feb 19th, 2013 4:53pm
0 2
rambo_005 rambo_005
Bentley Flying Spur. There is no 'Continental' in this car's name.
Feb 19th, 2013 4:12pm
2 0
It has unique design cues to differentiate it from the GT, something that was lacking with the previous flying spur. Is this Luc Donckerwolke's first design with Bentley? I think it looks great!
Feb 19th, 2013 3:46pm
2 0
CDspeed CDspeed
I like it, it has traditional Bentley lines yet it's very trend setting and new at the same time.
Feb 19th, 2013 3:30pm
1 0
quattrosport quattrosport
Much better. Looks great.
Feb 19th, 2013 3:00pm
4 0
N20_Purge N20_Purge
Love it, much sleeker than the one it replaces.
Feb 19th, 2013 2:38pm
6 0
Madness Madness
The sculpted rear arches are pure class!
Feb 19th, 2013 2:28pm
4 0
hunker7 hunker7
new rear is brilliant, very good looking car.
Feb 19th, 2013 2:09pm
4 0
w0bble w0bble
I cannot remember the last time something was just released on wcf everything always has to leak Common get it sorted
Feb 19th, 2013 2:05pm
0 7
BrianWCF BrianWCF
Then you have selective viewing habits because the previous posts before this story were: 2014 Volvo S60, V60, XC60, V70, XC70 and S80 facelifts revealed 2013 Holden VF Commodore Sportwagon and Ute break cover If the infos/pics do not come from official sources, it is technically leaked.
Feb 19th, 2013 3:16pm
7 1
w0bble w0bble
it just seems a little suspicious that one day after the last flying spur teasers the pictures accidently get leaked. wouldnt it be possible that the car companies do it on purpose to create more hype. my statement was a little overexaggerated, but i still feel that a lot of high end luxury and sports cars get leaked.
Feb 19th, 2013 5:07pm
0 0
BrianWCF BrianWCF
There's no doubt that manufacturers intentionally leak materials but we can't know for sure. So we have to report it as we see it.
Feb 19th, 2013 10:28pm
0 0
adrian.padeanu adrian.padeanu
As Brian said, unless it's official, it's a leak. Period.
Feb 19th, 2013 5:08pm
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SouthAfrica SouthAfrica
With Bentley cars e.g. the Mulsanne, you got to take time before you can tell whether the car is nice or not,in terms of exterior design. Sometimes you can't (Shudnt when it comes to Bentley) tell where your view immediately.
Feb 19th, 2013 2:04pm
1 7
bpab.ua bpab.ua
is very beautiful! There are many more differences from the coupe
Feb 19th, 2013 2:04pm
3 1
Decypha Decypha
A bit undecided, I may have to give it more time. The new rear seems more classical in a sense. I do appreciate that it is more than a Continental GT with four doors - design-wise atleast.
Feb 19th, 2013 1:56pm
9 1
ertahaz_hossain ertahaz_hossain
Daymmm! Love the new rear. Looks much more classy than the last model. Better off as a Ghost competitor.
Feb 19th, 2013 1:54pm
5 0