Turbo Chevrolet Camaro Coupe revealed at Chicago Auto Show [video]

Promoting DreamWorks' 'Turbo'

Chevrolet has introduced in Chicago the 2013 Turbo Camaro Coupe to promote DreamWorks' new "Turbo" movie which will be out on July 19.

The promotional vehicle is based on the Camaro ZL1 featuring a custom front splitter and a massive rear wing. It also has the hood of the COPO Camaro while underneath there is a supercharged V8 engine delivering 700+ hp (522+ kW) connected to an automatic transmission.

It rides on huge 24-inch wheels and has dual five-inch rear exhaust outlets. The front suspension features a custom adjustable coilover strut, while at the back it has received custom spring and shock assemblies. The entire body has been covered by a vinyl chrome wrap and has received custom front/rear LED lightning with multicolor halo effect at the front.

Source: General Motors

2013 "Turbo" Camaro Coupe

This hot ride is based on a character in the new high-velocity 3D comedy from DreamWorks. Turbo is about a snail obsessed with speed, and this Camaro is instrumental in transforming him into a racer. Follow their journey when it hits theaters July 19, 2013.

This Camaro is fully customized with lower rockers and fender flares in a wide body design configuration, a front splitter and rear diffuser, and a GT concept rear wing spoiler. Lighting the way are custom front and rear LED lighting with multicolor halo effect for the front headlamps. The body is painted black with a vinyl chrome wrap, dark tinted to look like black chrome. The front tires are 24-inches by 10-inches with a front wheel and custom offset, the rear are 24-inches by 15-inches.

Powering this super ride is a supercharged 700+ HP V8 engine with automatic transmission. There is a custom created intake assembly for supercharger housing. The rear exhaust outlets are five-inches in diameter, with two per side.

Additional vehicle features include:
- Custom COPO hood assembly
- Low profile hood pin system
- Front suspension: custom adjustable coilover strut assemblies
- Rear suspension: custom adjustable rear spring and shock assemblies

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Comments (5)

jimcbride jimcbride
Why is a supercharged Camaro the star of the movie "Turbo"? Why not call the movie "Supercharged", or use a turbocharged Camaro? DUH!!! This is a total embarrassment to all cars with forced induction! My EVO would have been pleased to star in this movie!
Feb 8th, 2013 9:54pm
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mikemikemikemike mikemikemikemike
A snail is the star of Turbo. Both because turbos are synonymous with speed and because of their similar appearance to a snail.
Feb 12th, 2013 8:16pm
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4everRS 4everRS
I am totally amazed at how inept some of these commenters are. All this car is supposed to do is draw attention and promote a movie. Anyone who thinks this car was designed for real use is quite foolish
Feb 8th, 2013 9:17pm
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acrane7073 acrane7073
This car looks ridiculous and is totally impractical since you can't see out of it.
Feb 8th, 2013 6:12pm
0 1
GTurbo GTurbo
Guaranteed, no short driver can drive this monster! This ain't no Bumble Bee, that's for damn sure! Even for the tall driver, how is he/she going to see past that 'Turbo' bonnet air-scoop?! One for the Mad Max crew! Menacing doesn't even cover this car's road presence. Can't wait to see the featured animation from Dreamworks!
Feb 8th, 2013 5:54pm
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