Cigarette Racing Team develops a 42 Huntress inspired by the Mercedes G63 AMG

Mercedes G63 AMG inspired Cigarette 42\' Huntress 05.2.2013
Mercedes G63 AMG inspired Cigarette 42' Huntress 05.2.2013

Debuts at the Miami International Boat Show

Mercedes has teamed with the Cigarette Racing Team to develop a 42 Huntress that draws inspiration from the G63 AMG.

Set to debut at the Miami International Boat Show, the Huntress features AMG badging as well as a luxurious deck with diamond-stitched leather seats. The boat's cabin is relatively tight but comes nicely equipped with a galley and a day bed.

Power is provided by five Mercury Racing Verado 350SCi engines that each develop 350 bhp (263 kW). This enables the model to hit a top speed of up to 78 mph (125 km/h) which is pretty impressive for a 42' long boat that weighs 18,900 lbs (8,572 kg).

As we have previously reported, Mercedes has a long history of working with the Cigarette Racing Team. In the past few years, they have jointly-developed boats inspired by the SLS AMG and C63 AMG Black Series.

Source: Mercedes-Benz

Commanding Status: Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG Inspires the Cigarette 42' Huntress

On Thursday, February 14 at the Miami International Boat Show, the world will be introduced to the third collaboration between the Cigarette Racing Team and Mercedes-AMG in the form of the 42 Huntress Inspired by the G 63 AMG. (Booth B-23 at the Miami Beach Convention Center)

Uninhibited performance is a phrase often claimed, but in reality rarely achieved. However in the case of two leaders in their respective domains: Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing Team have reached new heights with the 42' Huntress inspired by the G63 AMG. The Cigarette 42' Huntress is designed with the same stringent construction that defines their renowned offshore performance boats - extremely durable superstructure, awe inspiring performance, and race-rigging — upon which its roots were built. The center console nature and overall capacity of the huntress allows this baked-in Cigarette performance to be expressed on glassy seas or in rough water environments that would make other performance boats cringe. All whilst providing space for enjoyment of a sizeable group of friends or family.

The AMG G-Class, often referred to as the G-Wagen (short for Geländewagen - "cross-country vehicle"), remains true to its heritage as being a vehicle that can be used primarily in tough off-road terrain: three electrically controlled 100-percent differential locks, ladder frame and rigid axle are characteristics that positions it in a class of its own. The injection of a V8 biturbo, hand built AMG engine with 536 hp and massive 560 ft-lbs of torque places the G-Wagen into a performer in all environments and with a bespoke interior, a true iconic luxury off-roader

Boat Specs:
Length: 42-ft
Beam: 11-ft 11-inch
Power: 5x Mercury Racing Verado 350SCi
Fuel Quantity: 500-gal
Top Speed: 78-mph

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