Toyota is now officially the world's largest car manufacturer

Toyota Corolla Furia concept
Toyota Corolla Furia concept

9.75 million cars sold

Toyota managed to outsell GM and VW Group last year, regaining the global auto sales crown.

They were able to increase deliveries by 23 percent to a record of 9.75M cars, including subsidiaries Hino Motors and Daihatsu. In second place came General Motors with 9.29M units followed by Volkswagen with 9.07M vehicles delivered.

Toyota and Lexus European sales saw a two percent surge to 837,969 units, while in the United States deliveries went up by 27 percent to 2.08M cars, including Scion models. Toyota was able to increase its market share in the U.S. from 12.9 percent to 14.4 percent, narrowing the gap with General Motors which now have a 17.9 percent share.

Sales in homeland Japan jumped by a significant 35 percent to 2.41M cars, while overall overseas sales went up by 19 percent to 7.33M cars. Possibly as a reaction to the ongoing territorial dispute of the Senkaku/Diaoyu islands, sales in China declined for the first time since 2002.

For this year Toyota wants to sell 9.91M cars and is counting on an increased demand in the United States and a weakening yen which will make the company more competitive against Hyundai/Kia. They are also hoping on a revival in China which will offset a projected decline in Japan.

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Comments (8)

Garais877 Garais877
still around 100 people died cople years ago when toyota has recall epidemy... only for that toyota is dead to me, nothing will make me buy one...
Jan 29th, 2013 4:48pm
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sensei sensei
Toyota knows something that online fanboys screaming for companies to build certain cars that no one will buy don't know - car companies are in business to make a profit after they've maintained a steady cash flow. You gotta build a lot of crappy Corollas for the masses in order to have the cash to make cars that actually have some passion. This is also why you see exotic car makers getting taken over by larger companies. They need the cash flow.
Jan 29th, 2013 7:17am
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Han Solo Han Solo
I personally don't like any of the current Toyota Models...but I recently did a study on the B Segment Sedans in my country...Of the 7 different B segment Cars I've tested which included the Toyota Vios Sedan, Mazda 2 Sedan, VW Polo Sedan, Ford Fiesta Sedan, Honda City Sedan, Daihatsu Sirion (Myvi in Malaysia) and the Proton Saga... Surprisingly I found that the Toyota Vios was the zippiest of the lot...maybe because it only weighs 1050 kg... and the engine was pretty responsive... But the overall winner was definitely the Ford Fiesta Sedan...besides coming in second on Initial Take Off... This is just my personal opinion... a minimum sampling of 5 people only...
Jan 29th, 2013 2:47am
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eddie eddie
I would like to know what percentage of GM sales are fleet/rental cars.
Jan 28th, 2013 11:20pm
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techie69 techie69
Of course anybody exaggerating on model number plain only understand the GM and VW marketing mantra.
Jan 28th, 2013 9:54pm
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OsamaS.Husain OsamaS.Husain
Very good Toyota but make sure to well spend the R&D money and just take your time while developing a new model. no need to rush you already own most of the Cake.
Jan 28th, 2013 8:25pm
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AlexHohDesu AlexHohDesu
Being a news about Toyota, the other auto site I visit always have the typical stereoscopic neigh sayer renting(exaggeration). So I am kind-of expecting the same comments soon and will be expecting some dislike by saying : 'Congratulation Toyota, but you still don't deserve it.'
Jan 28th, 2013 6:01pm
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hunker7 hunker7
Not surprised. They have 10 cars in every segment. And they choose quantity over quality.
Jan 28th, 2013 5:32pm
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