Lack of 'respect' harmed Kovalainen - Gascoyne

Heikki Kovalainen harmed his chances of staying in formula one beyond 2012 by demonstrating a lack of "respect" to Caterham.

That is the claim of Mike Gascoyne, the team's former technical boss who now oversees the technical operations of the entire Caterham Group.

After three years at the back of the grid with Caterham, Finn Kovalainen - now managed by IMG - attempted to secure a better seat for 2013 but ultimately now faces dropping out of formula one altogether.

Gascoyne confirmed speculation Caterham is considering replacing the 31-year-old with a so-called 'pay driver'.

"We realise what the game is," he told the motor sport news website crash.net. "People (teams) boom and bust easily.

"We have come in and done a very steady job compared to other new teams and have been professional, but we've taken a step back and said 'Ok, we are not going to get there straight away, we need to manage our budgets, manage investment and build up our resources so we are here for the long term'," Gascoyne said.

It is believed the favourites to become Frenchman Charles Pic's teammate this year are Vitaly Petrov and Bruno Senna.

"It is actually a great shame," Gascoyne said. "Heikki is a very talented driver but, last year, his management did not handle him very well and he has not done himself any favours.

"He has had three years with Caterham, was paid well, and he should have shown more respect about that."

Published Jan 14th, 2013 10:04am
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inlinesix inlinesix
So wanting to have a more competitive car is disrespectful? Gascoyne is full of it.
Jan 14th, 2013 1:24pm
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Cale24 Cale24
No, talking yourself up as expecting to be in a better team the following season is, and he did a lot of that. Gascoyne is usually full of it though, but in this instance a lot of people will agree with him.
Jan 14th, 2013 3:30pm
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inlinesix inlinesix
I must have not paid any attention to Kovalainen last year.
Jan 14th, 2013 7:01pm
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Cale24 Cale24
Absolutely true. Adios.
Jan 14th, 2013 12:30pm
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