Suzuki announces two new concepts for the Tokyo Auto Salon 2013

Suzuki Wagon R RR Concept - low res - 28.12.2012
Suzuki Wagon R RR Concept - low res - 28.12.2012

Based on the Wagon R and Wagon R Stingray

Suzuki has announced plans to introduce two new concepts at the 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon.

First up, the Wagon R RR concept was designed to look "active and sporty." It features an aerodynamic body kit with new bumpers, extended side skirts and a tailgate-mounted spoiler. There's also tinted headlights, body-side graphics and a center-mounted dual exhaust system.

On the other hand, the Wagon R Stingray Custom was created to showcase the model's ability to be personalized. It has an aerodynamic body kit that includes a front spoiler, revised side skirts and a new rear bumper. Other highlights include silver accents, unique alloy wheels, LED lighting units and a dual exhaust system.

Suzuki will also display the Wagon R, Wagon R Stingray and the Solio Black & White II.

Source: Suzuki

To the Tokyo Auto Salon 2013 Exhibition Overview

Until Sunday, Suzuki Motor Corporation, will be held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefecture, 13 from Friday 11 January 2013 "Tokyo Auto Salon 2013 with NAPAC ? " exhibiting at the following contents to.
Suzuki booth was on the theme of "sporty and active" new Wagon R with the theme and the "dressy and stylish" new Wagon R Stingray propose a customized car. Also new Wagon R, MR Wagon, Solio is decorated in using CF each character, Swift Sport will be on display at the image of the driving decoration.

The main exhibition vehicle

Wagon R RR Concept (Reference exhibit)

  • Represent the active and sporty image.
  • Two out of the muffler fitted aero parts of the circuit and the center image.
  • I accented the red line that extends straight into the body of the white.

Wagon R Stingray customize (Reference exhibit)

  • Image representation and stylish dressy.
  • Place the LED to increase its presence in the front bumper.
  • Decorated with snake pattern door handles, side mirrors and the part of the bumper as an accent.

In addition to this, the new Wagon R, Wagon R Stingray new, MR Wagon'eko, Bandit Solio, Solio BLACK & WHITEII, Swift Sport display a vehicle decorated mounting and wrapping supplies genuine.

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