Porsche defines 'motionless driving' [video]

A 911 used as a projection screen

Porsche is showcasing the concept of "motionless driving" via projection-mapping technology in its latest 911 video.

Porsche is promoting the new generation of the 911 (991) through a clip showing that even from a standstill the coupe has what it takes to stir up emotions. This concept was demonstrated by Porsche Center Padova at an event where the 911 served as a projection screen.

The 911 family received a new member earlier this month when Porsche launched the GT3 Cup version which will compete exclusively in next year's Porsche Mobile 1 Supercup. Prices start from 181,200 EUR (without VAT).

Source: Porsche

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Comments (2)

GTurbo GTurbo
Visual artistry on auto emotive canvass. Remember Lightning McQueen's love interest in Pixar's animation classic, Cars? A 911 bodystyle seen as a female character says it all really; a thing of beauty.
Dec 27th, 2012 5:28pm
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Ceramic Rabbit Ceramic Rabbit
This was done with a Reventon last year, still cool though.
Dec 27th, 2012 6:33am
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